Hey guys and girls,

I've been dating a girl for almost half a year now, we're living together and things seem to be going well. However, I sometimes get that 'feeling' that she's not faithful to me. She's great to be with, we have a great time together, and she's always first to initiate when it comes to sex, so there's no signs from any of those areas. But, for some reason, there's small changes in her behavior that make me wonder...

For example: she always comes home at 4:30pm, never changes. but, one night last week she came home at 5pm. now, i don't think this is a big deal, but after about an hour of conversation she mentions that she's blazed out of her mind. this is then followed by a happy recounting of how her co-workers, her boss and she sat out getting smoked out, and how she spent the entire day with some dude who was "on the phone with his gf all day" (aliby?) getting baked the entire workday while driving around "delivering and selling art" (she works in a gallery). then, her first question is am I mad that she was late? when i say no, she asks are you mad that i got high? which doesn't make any sense, since we've smoked out stupid amounts of time. what's the weird part, is that later on that night, when i'm falling asleep i roll over on top of her arm, and after she grunted i ask if she's ok. to which she replies, yes i'm just so glad i didn't have to go to work today. after i ask, i thought you were working all day, she says no, i was at work all day, it's just not the same thing.

today she left for a business trip for the rest of the week, travelling with sales people who she claims are "all couples" but that's w/e i'm not gonna go investigate this. still, the drive takes 5 hours, they leave at 2 and she doesn't call until 11pm; yet the same girl freaks out when i don't call her for an hour while i'm having a drink at the bar after work with a work-friend.

am i being irrational, or is there something not right about this?