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    Forum Rules

    • Be respectful of other posters.
    • No trolling. EXCEPT in the bottom of the hole
    • Please keep somewhat discussions tasteful.
    • Please post in English. I don't have a problem with other languages but most of the people here speak English.
    • Only one username is allowed per user.
    • No spamming, this includes PM spam, it's okay to have a link back to your webpage in your signature but any off topic spam will be deleted. That includes 'helping people' by advertising your site to them or soliciting other memebers. This also includes links that have a referral ID in them. If you continue to be a pest you will be banned. While these forums are free for you to use they cost me a lot of time and money... Spam makes it harder for me to pay for the forums. Keep that in mind if you're thinking of spamming.
    • Being banned means that you can no longer post to the Forums and ALL your messages will be deleted along with any mention of you.
    • Being banned also means you're banned for life (MAYBE) and if I suspect you signed up under a new user that will be banned to (if I'm mistaken I appologize)
    • Post to the correct forum! That means NO DOUBLE POSTING. I have instructed the moderators to delete double posts.
    • It's okay to go off topic but if a discussion get's REALLY off topic go post it to the The Hole
    • Use an appropriate thread title.
    • Personal attacks will not be tolerated. if you make a threat towards someone you will be banned!
    • All Buy/Sell/Trade related posts MUST go in the Buy/Sell/Trade section.
    • There is to be no advertising in signatures. If you have a site and make money from it, don't post it in your signature.
    • Invading another message board/forum is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
    • Manchester United is the only futbal team you are allowed to talk about
      any mention of another team is a BAN!!! go red
    • you may not post outside links before you have 1 star under your name. (at mods discretion)
    • all hot females who live/visit texas must go by waldos house and give him pleasure
    • Juan can post in whatever fucking language he pleases because only HE has allowed Waldo to be laid by not taking his date that one time in Vegas.
    More rules to follow as we need them.
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