When Deadpool 2 hit theaters, you might have assumed it would be impossible to somehow load in more dirty jokes or gratuitous violence. How wrong you were, though. While the film is certainly raunchy, perhaps even more so than the first Deadpool, there's always room for more.
That's proven by the Super Duper cut of the movie, which has been released on Digital HD. This version of Deadpool 2 first debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and will arrive on Blu-ray on August 21.
The new cut of the film adds 15 minutes to the running time. That includes not only scenes completely omitted from the theatrical cut of the film, but alternate lines of dialogue, new and longer fight scenes, and even some new music choices. Of course, the new material also includes the fabled "kill baby Hitler" deleted scene that the film's writers discussed back when the movie hit theaters--and it's even more bizarre than you might have imagined.
There's a lot more to be found in the over two-hour running time, though. Finding every single little difference is a difficult task, though. Thankfully, GameSpot has done the work for you. After studying both versions of the film closely, we've found every change made in the Super Duper cut. Save yourself some time and let us guide you through this new cut of Deadpool 2.

The first change comes when Deadpool faces off with the Chinese gangsters at the beginning of the film. Upon crashing through a window, he apologizes and says he thought this bar full of villains was an "anal bleaching party." In the theatrical cut, he simply counts the men in Spanish before they open fire.

After being pumped full of lead by the gangsters in the theatrical version, he quickly jumps up to fight back. In the extended cut, though, he plays dead for a bit.

He also tells the bartender that smoking is bad for her, because Deadpool cares.

This is where the changes get more difficult to point out. Different angles and takes are used throughout this fight scene, showing Deadpool dealing even more mayhem.

The scene at the funeral in Sicily is extended, as Deadpool says "Let's see Captain America do that" after firing a ton of bullets.

Additionally, the fight in a Tokyo bathhouse is also much longer in this cut, featuring far more carnage. And when he comes face to face with a massive man's groin, an alternate line is used. "Looks like you left a little landing strip there," Deadpool says. "I like it." In the theatrical cut, he made a joke about being molested by his Boy Scouts leader.

The strip club scene is also extended and includes nudity that was cut from the theatrical version.

After reuniting with Dopinder, the cab driver asks if it was a mission accomplished. "In a George W. sort of way," Deadpool jokes, referring to the former US president.

Deadpool's pep talk with Dopinder, who wants to become a contract killer, is also quite a bit longer in the new cut.

In the theatrical version, Weasel says Wade smells like someone "s*** in a Civil War wound." In the new cut, he instead says, "You smell like sour kraut left in the warm rain. Like wet garbage and hot urine. You smell like a dog ate kitty litter and farted his way out of the living room. You smell like Rush Limbaugh's couch cushions after shark week."

When Wade says he's happy David Bowie is alive, Dopinder almost spoils that particular celebrity death for him, before being waved off by Weasel. In the theatrical cut, the two simply nod at each other, agreeing not to tell Wade about Bowie's demise.

After being made to mop up Deadpool's urine, Dopinder questions Weasel's contract killer lessons, which he doesn't do in the theatrical version.

While Deadpool attempts commit suicide by blowing himself up in the theatrical cut, the extended version includes two other failed attempts. In one, he takes a dive into a polar bear habitat at the zoo.

The other attempt shows Deadpool drinking a bottle of drain cleaner on a building, before hopping off to his hopeful death--which fails.

A scene removed from the theatrical version shows Russell's arrival at the evil mutant school.

The dialogue between Deadpool and Colossus when they first get to the X-Mansion is altered.

As Deadpool explores the mansion in Charles Xavier's wheelchair, he makes a different joke after noticing all of the painting that are hanging. "All these old guys on the wall," he says. "Who lives here, Calista Flockhart?" In the theatrical cut, he says, "All these elderly white men on the walls, should've brought my rape whistle."

There is also an additional joke when Deadpool gets mad at the lack of X-Men cameos. "You'd think the studio would throw us a bone--one that doesn't end up in my mouth," he says. "The first movie made more money than the guy who invented pants."

Cable's arrival in the current year is moved up quite a bit in the film, and that scene plays much longer as the two rednecks--played by Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk--go on at length about the paper products they use in the bathroom.

Back at the X-Mansion, there is a new scene of Colossus working out in the yard.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is going through the X-Men refrigerator and replacing the paper labels on foods with velcro. It's all an attempt to show Colossus he's become nicer--he hasn't.

While the theatrical cut shows flashbacks to Russell being tortured at the mutant school, that scene plays out in its entirety in this version of the film.

In the theatrical version of the film, Wade is wearing Cerebro when Colossus comes to tell him they have a mission. In the new cut, he's actually reading an erotic novel titled "The Canadian Mounted" and smoking.

Once at the mutant school, Deadpool calls the creepy employee a long list of names. However, the extended cut adds one more: Miguel.

When consoling Russell, Deadpool had a different line in the new cut. Harking back to the words of Blind Al earlier, he tells the kid, "A wise woman once said to me, 'Speak up, I can't hear you with the pity dick in your mouth.'"

When told Russell would be sent to the Ice Box detention facility, Deadpool had some unkind words for the location. "That place makes Hitler's anus look like Waikiki," he jokes. As we'll learn later, he's kind of hung up on Hitler.

After being tackled by Colossus for firing on the mutant school staff, Deadpool calls the metal giant "Shiny Gandhi" when told he's not X-Men material.

The scene in which Wade is shown to his cell in the Ice Box is extended, giving the Merc plenty of time to joke about his new home. "I see myself as more of an east coast Hufflepuff," he says. "I've made a critical error on my Airbnb reservation. This is not what the website looked like at all. I love the decor, though. I had no idea hopeless was a color."

There's also an alternate line once Russell enters the cell. In the theatrical version, Wade says, "Another disgusting mutant off the streets. We'll sleep well tonight. Let's get a taco." In the extended cut, he says, "Another disgusting minority off the streets. We'll sleep well tonight. Let's get a bagel."

After getting his powers back in the Ice Box, Deadpool looks at the camera and says, "Donde esta la biblioteca," which he believes means "I don't bargain." It does not. This is a callback to his fight with Chinese gangsters earlier in the film.

During his first fight with Cable, Wade asks the soldier different questions about the future. "Is Dubstep still a thing?" he wonders. "Do people still homebrew? Does Dopinder ever find love?"

When talking to Deadpool about building a team of heroes, Weasel has some big plans for who they should pick. "A team of some highly-skilled motherf**ers," he says. "I'm talking some Ocean's 14 s**. Rogue Two, John Wick 3, but with the original directors."

Domino's introduction is extended to include more of her and Deadpool fighting over whether luck is a superpower.

Peter also gets more of an introduction, in which we learn he has both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Cable explaining people's threshold for pain to Weasel is extended. Weasel still has no threshold whatsoever.

After the massive failure of the X-Force skydiving entrance, Deadpool has a very funny line. "Whoever planned this stunt was smoking a lot of jazz cabbage, I'll tell you that much," he jokes.

While fighting on the prisoner transport truck, Cable tells Deadpool, "There's nothing I can't kill." In the extended cut, the response calls back to the Tokyo bathhouse fight. "As Scoutmaster Kevin used to say, there's a first time for everything, son," he jokes.

After Cable unloads a clip into Deadpool, the Merc gets an alternate line where he simply says, "Whoa, those bullets are super fast."

In the alternate cut, when Cable asks Wade if he'd stop those who killed Vanessa if he could go back in time, he says, "No, I'd buy them all a bouquet of handjobs." Then he says, of course, he would. But he wouldn't kill a kid. The scene also includes Wade farting after he and Cable come to an agreement. Who doesn't love a good fart joke?

Another scene dropped entirely from the theatrical cut finds Russell and Juggernaut after they destroyed a big and tall store while looking for matching outfits. Sadly, there was nothing in Juggernaut's size.

When the movie returns to Deadpool and the team in the car, headed to the X-Mansion looking for help, an alternate line is given. "And that is just the first five steps to a prostate-assisted orgasm," Deadpool jokes.

The entire sequence in the cab is also extended, as Deadpool continues to rail against what he believes is Cable's racism, while Domino gets a few more lines of dialogue about what a mistake this all is.

Once at the mansion, it's revealed that the X-Men are still using the velcro labeling system he implemented in an earlier deleted scene.

Meanwhile, back at the mutant school, Russell and Juggernaut arrive. While the scene is almost identical, it gives the headmaster the line, "They will not replace us."

When Deadpool and company arrive, there's an alternate line when the Merc sees the teddy bear attached to Cable's belt. Staring at it, he says, "I've been meaning to ask you, what's with the dirty, disgusting hobo bear?"

As the team begins their attack on the school, the hip-hop song in the theatrical version if replaced by Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle."

The scene of Domino fighting Juggernaut is extended in the new cut, showing her putting the playground to good use.

When Colossus rescues Deadpool, the Merc does more than make dirty hand gestures as thanks. He also attempts to perform oral sex on him, before Colossus stops him.

Colossus and Juggernaut's battle is set to a different song in the new cut. The new track is "Fight Dirty" by Guignol & Mischief Brew.

As he's dying, after taking a bullet from Cable, an alternate take of Deadpool's goodbye to Negasonic Teenage Warhead is used. In it, he tells the teenager that he liked her hair better in the first movie. "I think everyone did." Additionally, Yukio offers a different "Hi Wade" than the one used in the theatrical cut.

During his goodbye to Russell, Deadpool says he can have his superhero suit. "You might want to get it steam cleaned, especially around the pants," he says. "And let it out a little in the waist."

When Wade is reunited with Vanessa after his death, the cover of A-Ha's Take Me On isn't used. Instead, the song Ashes, which Celine Dion recorded for the film, plays.

In an alternate take, Vanessa gets new lines when explaining heaven to Wade. "It's pretty f***ing awesome up here," she says. "I can have anything I want!" He wonders, "Can every day be International Women's Day?" She quickly shoots back, "It is heaven."

Before they part, sending Wade back to the world of the living, he asks her not to have sex with Elvis. In the theatrical version, she asks the same of him and Colossus. In the new cut, though, she simply says, "Ooo, too late!"

After going back in time and saving the day without dying, Deadpool says goodbye to Negasonic. In a rare moment of appreciation, she replies, "Our door is always open." Naturally, he can't have actual feelings and fires back, "That's kind, but I'm not ready to date again. Let alone two women."

There are a few changes in the post-credits, as well. The first happens when Deadpool goes back in time to save Peter from dying with the rest of the X-Force. In the alternate take, he tells his Sugar Bear, "X-Force is just a marketing tool designed by Fox executives to keep Josh Brolin employed."

After killing the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Merc had a lot more to say to Logan in the new cut. "Look, eventually you're going to hang up the claws and it's going to make a lot of people very sad," he tells Wolverine. "But one day your old pal Wade's going to ask you to get back in the saddle again. And when he does, say yes."

Ryan Reynolds, the actor, gets an alternate line after reading the Green Lantern script--before Deadpool puts him out of his misery. Looking at the script, he says, "God d***, that's beautiful." It was not.

The last major addition is an all-new sequence in the credits, in which Deadpool goes back in time to kill baby Hitler, though it proves to be more difficult than he expected.

One final scene revisits Deadpool trying to kill baby Hitler. Instead, he says he'll just send Cable back to do it and changes the baby's diaper. He really is a kid person.