Welcome to another episode of Steam Punks, the GameSpot show where we go through the top PC Steam games each week, cutting through the clutter and showing you the best hidden video game gems.
The charming RPG Minit kicks off the show this week, where you're asked to complete your quest with the restriction of 60-second lives. It's not the first RPG to explore this time mechanic, but Minit sets itself apart with its incredibly focused design, and its unbridled creativity in its quests, characters, and wealth of secrets.
Next, we take a look at The Adventure Pals, an off-the-wall, Cartoon Network-inspired action platformer which Jess finds very comforting to play. The difficulty echoes something along the lines of a Kirby game, and there's a lot of joy in seeing what kinds of bizarre things the game can surprise you with.
Then, we go into the free-to-play realm with Airmech Strike, a MOBA twist on the Airmech series which has just graduated from Steam Early Access. Even if you've got genre fatigue, the fast-paced, shoot-em-up nature, along with some actual real-time strategy components might be enough to win over that part of your brain. With its focus on 1v1 and 2v2 matches, along with simple fact that you get to fly around in a transforming robot, Airmech Strike a low-investment game that is worth giving a shot, even just to watch some AI opponents explore.
Finally, we take it down a few notches and relax with Train Valley 2. This Steam Early Access tycoon puzzle game lets you play at your own pace in order to think about the logistics of a rail network and create the most efficient infrastructure possible. It's got a lovely, calming low-poly graphical presentation so if you like your micromanagement tasks to be a little more chill, Train Valley has got your back.
Minit is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Adventure Pals is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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Steam store links: Minit | The Adventure Pals | Airmech Strike | Train Valley 2