I am the most connected person with the group who are control the whole banking and money system ever appeared at the public.
All of what you guys are seeing (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions, etc.) is just a signal from the group behind.
That signal is very clear, the changing in Global Money System.

The reason Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies going to false and false quickly because of 2 reason:
1. The global currencies money reset. There will be a brand new money system will replace the current one.
2. The environment, mining bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies is extremely harmful to the environment.

If you want to know more about the Global Currency Reset, read this:

On the bright sight,
Bitcoin used to be cheap just like Zimbabwe money note now...

If you want to become rich, you just need to listen to me. Go buy a Zimbabwe note, there will be a group going to buy 1 million GBP per Zimbabwe note very very soon.

It is only cost around 20 usd per note. Remember Zimbabwe money note is very very limited and it all printed and finished long ago already. It is rarer than gold, silver, etc.

Imagine there is a news on the media like that? Zimbabwe money note picture used to be laugh for the entire world will be brought back !!! And this time it is much much more fun and entertainment.

I highly recommended all of you going to buy Zimbabwe money note right now, or you will miss the once in lifetime, and this chance will never comeback again !!!

more information about this topic: https://angelteam.wordpress.com/2017...rate-and-more/

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