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People Just Love Battle Royale Games

If you can’t find joy in landing on a gigantic island with 99 other people and scrambling to kill one another, then I don’t know what your problem is. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently became the first ever video game to pass 2 million concurrent players on Steam, but aspiring copycats, namely Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, are also doing well, having reached an impressive milestone of their own. Find out what it is!Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Free On EA’s Subscription Service

Are you an EA super-fan that for one reason or another decided to avoid playing Mass Effect: Andromeda? Wow, that’s kinda weird. But you’re in luck, because the publisher have thrown the latest instalment of the epic space opera RPG up onto their PC and Xbox One subscription services, EA and Origin Access. Also, they fixed the character faces so that probably means everything is better than it was at launch, probably. You tell me.New Virtual Reality Developments

Do you love the idea of virtual reality but hate the idea of hooking it up to an expensive PC or PS4 to use it? Well Facebook today announced a bunch of stuff at their Oculus Connect event, including two brand new Oculus VR headsets: one of which doesn’t require a PC or smartphone to function.
Also, Remember the criminally under-appreciated FPS, Titanfall? Developers Respawn Entertainment also announced today that they’re working on a super secret VR project coming in 2019, although they clarified that it has nothing to do with Titanfall or Star Wars. Color me interested! And green. Because it will probably make me feel sick no matter what it is.GameSpot News returns tomorrow with even more video game news wrap-ups, so see you then!