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Thread: Dumb questions about a 64 bit os..

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    Dumb questions about a 64 bit os..

    So someone was nice enough to post links to the Windows XP professional GAMER edition.......

    I have questions about going to a 64 bit os, however...

    Will it be backwords compatible with games written in 32 bits?

    Will there be any advantages using a 64 bit platform, when everything is written on a 32 bit os?

    Will the memory avalible on the 64 bit os still be used with 32 bit programs?

    And if I do this, am I just going to partican a drive to run my xp media when surfing and other non-game releated applications.....

    Lastly, anyone running a windows professional os? What do you like about it and what are your dislikes.....?

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    Re: Dumb questions about a 64 bit os..

    Amongst my collection of hardware I've got one pc with 64 and one with 32. They're both newer hardware so I've not had any real driver issues. Overall the industry has yet to adopt 64-bit with stellar enthusiasm IMHO. Especially for already released products. But due to the 32 compatibility built in, I've yet to experience a 32 app that won't run on the 64 platform.

    There's tons of debate on tech forums with specifics on RAM utilization, execution times, and basically anything you'd ever want to know. Grab some coffee, Google windows x64 and have a ball.

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