I had a friend a couple of years back that had his dish system hooked up to an old 486 system. He had a cable running from his DirecTV box into the back of an add-on card in the computer. I believe the adapater was a PCI or ISA card. He said he used two different programs, for which I can't remember now. He had a CVS card in his actual DirecTV box.

My question is can I do this with Dish Network today with a brand new HD-DVR Box? Also I noticed that the HD-DVR has a S-ATA Port, Ehternet Port, & USB Ports. I am building a HTPC with 1TB of space running Pentium D 3.4 Ghz. I will allow for PCI cards only. Can I use something like this to program the HD-DVR Dish Network box? I do have tech skills as I am an IT guy. I can write scripts, but I am definetly not a programmer! LOL.

Anyways I am just wanting to figure out the simplest easiest way to interface a system that will either use my HTPC or will be independent. The system must re-program and stay active at all times to re-program automatically anytime the card shuts down. Is this possible?

I know I am asking a lot, and if I have to do some work so be it.