If need a key for this pm me and let me know. I will send you a key.

keys: john_KLSBLICENSEPROC54EDE34F4BC36E0A2D642C15A3E4E0 C1
alice_KLSBLICENSEPRO42E0952122EC8E40AC9B02FEC4B72D A21

About KLS Backup 2006 Professional v1.8.0.1:
KLS Backup 2005 is a powerfull backup and synchronization program that allows you to back up your data to local and network drives or FTP server. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or in standard Zip format. KLS Backup 2005 offers advanced version management, making it possible to find and restore any backup version within seconds. The synchronization feature allows you to easily synchronize the contents of two different folders.

Main features:

Backup from: local and network drives, Windows Registry, FTP server, MySQL database.
Backup to: local and network drives, FTP server, CDRW.
Predefined backup items: Outlook Express profiles, Mozilla and Firefox profiles, Windows settings and more....
Advanced Archive Version management.
Local/Network folder synchronization with Local/Network folder/ZIP archive (NEW)
Local/Network folder synchronization with a folder on an FTP server (NEW)
Easy-to use user interface for beginners and advanced options for experts.
Standard ZIP compression.
Full, Incremental, Differential backup modes.
Detailed logs, sending logs in email.
NT Event Logging support.
Flexible restore options.