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  1. New sex law (serious thread)
  2. NWS = Not work safe.
  3. Do It, or Don't Do It?? EXCELLENT POLL QUESTION
  4. *Attention Vaginarium Visitors*
  5. Sooo.. my chick is turning 30 in less than a month
  6. !!!put your pics in the correct sections!!!
  7. best way to pick a girl ??
  8. my current hot or not match list
  9. need help with girl........
  10. 2 issues
  11. need some advice from the fellas!!!!!
  12. Opinions on Bisexual women
  13. Ideal Breast size???
  14. Advise me please.
  15. Positions?
  16. Relation problem, partners before me
  17. Birthday ideas
  18. To be shaved or not to be shaved?
  19. Just curious
  20. Turn on /Turn off
  21. Kissable parts
  22. Sex
  23. Hairyness
  24. Poll for everyone
  25. Ideal Height???
  26. Here's your chance
  27. Can I post pics out here?
  28. School girl
  29. Where Da PICS At?
  30. Serious question
  31. Interview with *DJSAD*
  32. Question: What is the ideal dick?
  33. g/f cant cum
  34. The "Area Code" Rule
  35. this is really a great idea
  36. pictures
  37. Nice lil Video **NWS**
  38. He wouldn't do it
  39. What happened to the Ripper?
  40. I just shaved my balls.
  41. What kind of...
  42. What is it about the opposite sex...
  43. to the guys looking at porn
  44. It's me again
  45. Bitch session thread
  46. 1 ideal body type?
  47. Need some advice on womens thinking
  48. please read this thread about the vaginarium
  49. Super Power
  50. What 3 things
  51. have you ever nailed a girl and felt bad about it?
  52. Admin- help
  53. Sexy clothes
  54. What is your fav sex position and why!!!
  55. How much sex in a day?
  56. Relationship Questions
  57. V-Card horror stories
  58. for the guys
  59. Condoms
  60. Gfriend cheated on me with five guys
  61. for the guys-threesome's
  62. Biggest age difference
  63. for the girls
  64. Q: For Woman: Lasting Power
  65. Orgy anyone?
  66. Would you be this candid in person?
  67. 10 posts
  68. To The Girls - Viewing porn = cheating?
  69. For those of you who like The Sims...
  70. Does Size really matter
  71. Have any of you guys ever benn cheated on
  72. Tongue ring or not
  73. Thong or no
  74. How do you guys feel bout this
  75. Question for women
  76. Getting over a girl
  77. distinguishing between the moaners and the fakers
  78. Roll Playing
  79. How fast can you take a girl to bed?
  80. What u guys think?
  81. Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
  82. Smile!
  83. Do any girls here masturbate?
  84. GF problem
  85. First date problems
  86. pubic hair coloring
  87. two hot latinas
  88. Vasectomy
  89. favorite/sexiest part[s] of a man or womans body??
  90. Legal Age??
  91. Long Relationships and Mending broken Hearts
  92. Shooting for distance
  93. I need a hand
  94. Biggest Penis
  95. Atte: Women RE. Cunnilingus
  96. Long Distance Relationship Woes
  97. A question for married and divorced alike.
  98. Passion
  99. do you little friend has a name?
  100. Is there any other guy here like this...
  101. What's in a name?
  102. Note: Don't "clean up" on roomates pillow
  103. Naked Pictures
  104. Best way to masturbate?
  105. Arousal: Who is better off?
  106. Shaved My balls tonight
  107. Alright, I've got 10 posts...
  108. Another question for the girls
  109. Remember that guy that posted the pics of his co-workers?
  110. Guys: Would you do this?
  111. birth contol
  112. Stupid tattoos
  113. If you had the chance . . .
  114. Are You All That In The Sack???
  115. i just want to give props to mfinley
  116. Poll: Cum
  117. Am I retarded? Why can't I attach files?
  118. How fast is to fast in a relationship?
  119. Girls: What makes you excited?
  120. 10 posts, still no pics?
  121. Your way or my way
  122. Deleted Thread??
  123. How long have you gone without sex/masturbation?
  124. For the NEWBS of Webrats!!
  125. Girls: Another question about guys
  126. Sex injuries
  127. Best Divorce Letter Ever
  128. Fingers...
  129. question for the guys
  130. Anyone tried the backdoor??
  131. Slept like a baby... (kinda weird/caution at work, talks about sex)
  132. question for the girls
  133. How much sex is too much sex for girls?
  134. Getting girls to have threesomes
  135. Watching girls go at it
  136. Female Orgasm vs. Male Orgasm
  137. 3 day rule
  138. Women Problems?
  139. I got a footjob tonight...
  140. Warning Warning Read This Now!!!!!!!
  141. Do you think Roachy may play for the "other team"? Plz Read.
  142. Beastiality
  143. How long are your sex sessions?
  144. what makes a good kisser??
  145. im a whore *bike*
  146. bit of a problem
  147. for the guys
  148. Question for the ladies!
  149. Please help my cousin.
  150. How do you like your pubic hair?
  151. For the Ladies: How old is too old?
  152. Don't you hate it when...
  153. Sad
  154. A game for all...
  155. Fisting
  156. You sense another
  157. Need Advice
  158. Fantasy or Reality??
  159. Cheating
  160. How do I get rid of hickies?
  161. What a letdown...
  162. cheating with a twist....
  163. Ya think something might be wrong?
  164. So I just watched "Amazing Race 5" last nite...
  165. The Most You Ever Made A Girl Cum
  166. Virginity re-defined???? WTF?
  167. Any cool good looking women in Los Angeles?
  168. advise?
  169. The best sex position
  170. Looking for girls in dallas area!!
  171. i love sex..
  172. Broken Members...
  173. Did I just mess up big-time?
  174. Girlfriend wants to "flirt" with other guys
  175. fear factor
  176. Augmentation
  177. Would you hit it?? *NWS*
  178. Humour me....
  179. foreign objects
  180. q for women, your favourite toy(s)
  181. Virtual Orgasm.. Can you play this game? *NWS*
  182. Just Say No
  183. Fat ass, small thong...
  184. How long are your masturbation sessions?
  185. Protection, His or Her Responsibility
  186. Question for the ladies...
  187. What do I do
  188. Mad At Friend Or Mad At Girl
  189. lubrication problem
  190. Girlfriend getting fat
  191. When did you stop having wet dreams
  192. Sexiest thing anyone has ever told you...
  193. What the kinkiest thing...
  194. What is it with shaved?
  195. Face or Body?
  196. request
  197. is it wrong to be attracted to your gf's sister
  198. asian girl
  199. britney spears sex tape...
  200. Set-up with someone, friend cuter!
  201. Dumb-Ass Newbie Question
  202. 3d cg sex 5 into two do go
  203. Ladies: What exactly does it mean when you call a guy your boyfriend?
  204. more hardcore?
  205. How do you like your blowjobs?
  206. Cool site-A step up from the ordinary
  207. Help a girl out here..
  208. asthmatics
  209. Girlfriends sister
  210. Newbs
  211. Things they like that freak you out
  212. Ass or Tits?
  213. The rope's wet and there's a toothbrush stuck in my hair
  214. Very important question for the ladies
  215. Dodge emblem... Ram or Vagina?
  216. Brazillian holiday...
  217. Aftter Having a Baby
  218. I need a friend
  219. The oldest question in the book
  220. sweet martha
  221. Once in a lifetime?
  222. So, what's the real deal?
  223. For the MEN: How young is too YOUNG...
  224. Hottest DJ Alive!! *NWS*
  225. In reference to "Hottest DJ Alive" *NWS*
  226. I need HELP!!!
  227. Lights out
  228. For any Lesbians out there.
  229. what causes a UTI??
  230. Is visual stimulation necessary?
  231. For Women
  232. What have you never tried but want to?
  233. Should I hold off on sex?
  234. Multiples
  235. Ned Beatty
  236. What to do if you..
  237. Automated download script
  238. Work and Relationships...
  239. Top 10 Nip Slips FLASH Animation...
  240. Dirty Talk
  241. What do you think is sexy? What get's you excited?
  242. Does it really matter?
  243. I almost died after sex today...
  244. Female being on top..
  245. About Shannon- Who is she and why can't i have a blowjob?
  246. What do you think about.....
  247. What olympian would you have sex with?
  248. Who do u like, who would u bang...
  249. What do you and your partner do for foreplay?
  250. To bang little sisters friend, or not to bang?
  251. the reverse problem
  252. Ok. My dick is going to fall off.
  253. you aint gonna believe it
  254. what porns do girls like?
  255. Ever happen to you?
  256. Jealousy
  257. women of the olympics NSFW
  258. porn is good for you!
  259. Got another footjob...
  260. I have a question for ya!
  261. Spot the Virgin
  262. Food in the Bedroom
  263. When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?
  264. Sex or Something Else Quiz
  265. Has this ever happened to you?
  266. Relationship question..........
  267. Orgasm question
  268. Would you date a pornstar?
  269. Does looking at pictures at naked women make you a lesbian?
  270. question to the guys watching porno
  271. Here's Little Story You'll Like....
  272. *How To* - SEARCHING - Read This Before Asking...
  273. Blonde vs Brunette
  274. To tell or not to tell
  275. After Sex Routine??
  276. I could use some advice :*(
  277. Could you wait?
  278. Are you a perv?
  279. Why I will always be single
  280. What age
  281. curly hair
  282. Is this common?
  283. Living in the dorms
  284. I'm Lov'n It
  285. What's the WORST Sexual Experience You've Ever Had?
  286. Strip Poker
  287. Men: So my friend got his nuts cut...
  288. I need advice, my g/f won't..
  289. Just curious....
  290. why your images dont work and options
  291. Need Advice
  292. new section the lounge
  293. Need advice: Doing my girl while she's on her period
  294. I will be taking some time off from posting.
  295. got a question
  296. Blow her mind...
  297. Sex Jokes
  298. Nair 4 Men...
  299. Spots on the wall...
  300. Quick how to
  301. Which condom do your think is the best
  302. Which Ass is Best?? POLL!! w/ PICS!!!!!!!
  303. Why can't I post attach.?
  304. First time..
  305. For the women....Why?
  306. forgetting to take birth control...
  307. Hairy or not?
  308. Love...
  309. Controlling Partners
  310. Just being happy
  311. What happened???
  312. Partner swapping
  313. How important is this to you?
  314. What's the fascination?
  315. what was it
  316. New Erotic Story
  317. The 5 senses
  318. Sneak Peek at BEWBIES for the n00bs!!!!
  319. some girl
  320. Organizing Sex
  321. Smoking
  322. Circumcised or not?
  323. I have a question...
  324. hevi
  325. Question for the ladies
  326. Letting Someone Watch?
  327. Hair Down There!
  328. What is....
  329. An ideal situation?
  330. This is funny [NWS]
  331. theGOODguy
  332. Please a Woman
  333. Frat or Not
  334. Has anybody tried penis enlarging tools?
  335. 3D Porn *NWS*
  336. who would you do...?
  337. Treats for Troops
  338. The dirtiest joke ever as told by Cartman!
  339. Masterbation Horror Stories!! HAHAHA
  340. Alright, this is really begining to be a problem
  341. Tired of the same routine..
  342. Fantasies...being with the same sex
  343. TGP Surfing Tools!
  344. Men shaving upper body.
  345. A question for the ladies -- Physique
  346. Girl Question
  347. Everyone Look Here!!!
  348. GF is now gone for good
  349. Husband from hell trial.....
  350. preference
  351. question for the guys...
  352. member pix
  353. Tara Reid...
  354. help, have paid, but unable to access adult lounge.....
  355. TURN YOUR TV ON FOX RIGHT NOW!! 4:23pm (Update - Screenshots POSTED)
  356. Sex and Pain
  357. First time
  358. Spank Me, Baby! Ladies and pain....
  359. Ladies and Guys: do you ever do it during menstruation?
  360. Im 19 now, should I get rid of pictures of old GFs
  361. Sexual Items
  362. How often do you actually have an orgasim from sex?
  363. Question for the ladies: Height
  364. Funny Stuff
  365. Orgasms
  366. Sensual Lotions and other good stuff
  367. best or worse breakup and rejection lines ....
  368. Need an Advice
  369. Whats the perfect breast size?
  370. Do you have a Fetish?
  371. problems coming
  372. New guy looking for help.
  373. Question
  374. A Big thank you to mfinely, CD, RTG...and all
  375. How early is too early?
  376. How old were u when u first had sex?
  377. Sex bets
  378. Dilemma need advice. Warning long.
  379. to much man juice?
  380. Question: UK & European Ages of consent
  381. Is it ok to have sex when you are staying with friend or family?
  382. Couples? Same Room Sex?
  383. Favorite type of girl?
  384. What should i do?
  385. Favorite sexual position?
  386. How often do you masturbate?
  387. Whats your words for "masterbation"
  388. Why is it that Ron Jeremy is so popular?
  389. can somebody tell me...
  390. For the Girls! SPIT OR SWALLOW
  391. Male multiple orgasm a myth?
  392. Ladies this Prince is looking for his queen!
  393. STD's
  394. Truth or dare anyone?
  395. girl virgins
  396. Whats your biggest sexual turn OFF?
  397. Prince Albert's NWS
  398. Going Down on the Ladies: have any advice?
  399. For the Ladies: Squirt or not?
  400. some dateing help for guys
  401. Question for the ladies.
  402. Adult Lounge Open To All Limited Time
  403. mm question for the more experienced
  404. Married women+implants=divorce?
  405. Squirters???
  406. blood (nasty)
  407. Is Cybersex adultery?
  408. My 1000th post is next so be prepared for the best thread ever.
  409. What sould I do???
  410. Serious question time...
  411. pregnant sex
  412. Need help from the ladies or guys
  413. Locked threads suck...
  414. bleeding?
  415. fastest sex?
  416. Strap-Ons: For real?
  417. Ladies: How rough do you like it?
  418. Trading Pink Realestate
  419. What Life is like for a doormat.. semi-*NWS*
  420. Confucius on Sex...
  421. What Type of Vibe....
  422. GF arguement
  423. Girls - how easily do you orgasm?
  424. "Airbrushing" - origination of the term...
  425. GF doesn't like doggystyle??
  426. need some ideas for good kinky bets
  427. Tell us about your first visit to a sex shop
  428. Need a place to upload pics
  429. question for girls and guys
  430. how to masterbate for girls
  431. TMJ & BJ's
  432. If a guy masturbates......
  433. Voyeur / amateur
  434. Question for the guys....faking it...
  435. Sex when g/f's roommates are home...
  436. Need help! Lost sex drive?
  437. Sex life questions, stories to tell, wanna read???
  438. Virginity and Guys
  439. What's your favorite song to get it on to?
  440. Trading sex for....
  441. Am I a FREAK? "NWS"
  442. Sex for the lazy *NWS*
  443. Anyone here masturbated at work??
  444. Sex for money/material possessions...poll.
  445. which do u like?
  446. What happened??? *UPDATE*
  447. Med question?
  448. Survey: The State of Your Pubes
  449. Literotica Fans
  450. Darwin does Dallas
  451. My opinion/rating of the adult lounge
  452. First Loves
  453. Cock Rings
  454. What GeTs yUo Girls Wet qUickeSt?
  455. SeXBox mod; a whole new meaning to "sex in video games"
  456. Schoolgirl or plaid skirt fetish
  457. Are Glory Holes for real?
  458. girls: tongue for guys yes or no
  459. This little piggy....
  460. can a girl
  461. Whiskey Dick...
  462. ALS Bikinis
  463. Fooling Around
  464. Strip Club
  465. Ladies: Perfect Size for sucking?
  466. Your Sister is Hot!
  467. Forget ordinary sex toys, get some with bling
  468. Is oral worse than sex
  469. How do i give oral to a girl who dont want it
  470. Hi Guys. First Time Poster
  471. Is phone sex bad?
  472. If a woman cracks onto you while drunk should you.....?
  473. Blue ballin'
  474. So heaven is actually a place on Earth?
  475. Online Personals
  476. Has anybodyever done it with a cousin?
  477. Sex & Pregnancy
  478. orgasm
  479. Girls and faking it...
  480. [For the ladies] Let your cell phone turn you on
  481. Sharky's parting shot: NSW
  482. The nurse from *link deleted*
  483. Best places to have sex
  484. Is this normal?
  485. Favorite part of the opposite sexes body?
  486. Love making music...........
  487. Takin a break: Whats it mean to you?
  488. Advice for Virgins
  489. Good news and bad news guys...
  490. Two stupid sex questions
  491. caught in the act.
  492. Length or Width Poll
  493. Game spittin
  494. NEED Help Desperately
  495. Threesome advice please
  496. Help needed
  497. Money Shot
  498. How long do you last?
  499. Funny thing: Ode to the Whores :)
  500. How to tell a girl she gives bad head
  501. Let's Be Honest People
  502. How about the Opposite: Most Humiliating Quote Heard During Sex
  503. Different Area Codes
  504. How to make her love me again
  505. Anyone here donated sperm before?
  506. is it possible to suck your own cock?
  507. requesting some tips i guess
  508. Brokenhearted :(
  509. penis enlargemnt pills?
  510. apperently i need more advice...
  511. guys ;_;
  512. a little advice for ol' nate please
  513. How to get a girl to trim/shave?
  514. head and guys
  515. ladies, do you.....?
  516. easily aroused??
  517. wearing bra's 24/7
  518. nude
  519. Sexy music
  520. Guys Watching
  521. Help me stop
  522. is it ok to masturbate if you have a girlfriend/wife
  523. Poop shoot
  524. What do you do if your girl isn't interested in sex?
  525. Public Hair
  526. Shave your ass?!
  527. Ladies, What Tickles Your Fancy.
  528. Toy box
  529. Threesome preference
  530. Flavor anyone?
  531. Fetishes: Ah, Internet, you are too extreme for me
  532. Jack off?
  533. You will learn to hate me
  534. Ladies...where does your mind wander
  535. Should I do it? or just wait?
  536. Advice on Advice
  537. moved to a new town, lonely. how do i meet people?
  538. Okay boys...how long did you last the first time you had sex??
  539. squirting
  540. The Next Move
  541. She won't touch it...
  542. Screwed
  543. Sex Music
  544. Imbarassing
  545. What do you prefer? A grower or shower
  546. Long lasting
  547. Can i have some advice?
  548. tongue rings?
  549. Is it just me
  550. Phone sex?
  551. the pump???
  552. Really Scared
  553. Roast Beef
  554. suggestions of foreplay
  555. Prostate Play
  556. Dealing with Cheating / Work?
  557. Escort Services
  558. Question for the boys
  559. How often do you have sex?
  560. need advice...
  561. how much do you spend on porn
  562. crying upon orgasm
  563. Relationship Ending
  564. Hey Ladies? Just in here wondering whats your fav way of masterbating
  565. Jack off before?
  566. it wasnt that enjoyable
  567. Naked NWS
  568. gf bleeds when fingering
  569. Should i go for it?
  570. Whats the best way to get a girl?
  571. Going limp after a while..
  572. The biggest problem of my life
  573. HOW to Dump her without destroying her life
  574. Married....but brought a girl from KY. out here and...
  575. Adultry?
  576. Uncircumcised guys and oral sex
  577. is this normal?
  578. akward sex long!
  579. What is the best condom out there?
  580. HELP!!!!! Red bumps on penis???????
  581. Foreplay fun
  582. Do it with a stripper?
  583. When your gettin a bj
  584. need advice very badly
  585. Need help getting deepthroat
  586. Just friends
  587. How do YOU do it? (mostly for guys, but ladies opinions welcome)
  588. Long Distance crap
  589. Aria Giovanni - Hottest star?
  590. Bumps on my you know what
  591. Are the rumors true?
  592. How much sex is normal for a young married couple?
  593. What would you have done...
  594. amazing free xxx mega site, no cc.
  595. mixed signals, lack of communication...long
  596. Is spying good for you too?
  597. How to overcome shyness/approaching girls at clubs
  598. Need Help
  599. So I got caught with porn on my computer at work...
  600. goopy stuff!
  601. head
  602. Can I get into legal trouble for posting pics of an ex girlfriend?
  603. No orgasm.... HELP! Need a woman's insight here!
  604. Hooking up with a Underage vacationing Chick in another Country(is it legal ?)
  605. Are we perves ?
  606. Female Squirting and/or Gushing
  607. Ok seriously I'm sad
  608. Bar talk
  609. help!
  610. can't cum..
  611. Walk me through this one....
  612. Guys: have you ever tasted your own semen?
  613. Well, I lost my virginity...and now my thoughts on it
  614. Question
  615. How to last longer through oral and sex....
  616. i have a problem
  617. Anal lubrication
  618. Ok so your Married Where do you draw the line ?
  619. Question for the Ladies, is faster really better ?
  620. Help needed
  621. Lil Advice
  622. Have you ever cheated in your marriage ?
  623. Is this true?????
  624. Stumbled upon it, need some advice plz
  625. Help with the G/F
  626. Bit of help please - Like recent other stories
  627. Ever Use Erotic Products in Your Relationship?
  628. What should I do??
  629. What is the Cutoff age for sleeping with a girl under 18 ?
  630. Reciprocation problem here!
  631. Jock Itch
  632. Anyone have a solution?
  633. Question for the Single Guys !
  634. Unique Situation
  635. Some tips to be a better lover
  636. How far is too far?
  637. How do i get rid of the shy bug.....
  638. Help
  639. need some advice
  640. Help PLZ!!
  641. first time.
  642. Betrayed...
  643. My first time.
  644. best shaving method
  645. Threesome
  646. Snug Condoms
  647. my girlfreind is a chicken
  648. girlfriend complained of pain
  649. Help Please
  650. Single parents
  651. Is something wrong with me??
  652. First Time... Help me out
  653. Moving in together w/out baggage(would be nice)
  654. anyone know about jelqing?
  655. Ladies in here!! i need some help
  656. The next step? yeah or neah
  657. Advice on taking her virginity
  658. Dont You Guys Ever Get Tired?
  659. so grossed out, i wanted to gag.
  660. have you ever hit on the wrong girl?
  661. Cravings
  662. Slight uncomfortable pain in my "area" while at work...
  663. Please Help Me Too Understand!!!!!!
  664. When your woman does a 180 - cheating lies and drama to follow
  665. Woman wants to be controlled, need help
  666. Oral sex linked to mouth cancer
  667. drunken raping of a 17 year old boy ( its not what you think )
  668. Have a little dilemma...
  669. A friends older bro..
  670. lasting longer
  671. dressing up
  672. Which one?!?
  673. Help, split between two people
  674. I have a wombat in my chimney
  675. Sticky situation..what to do?
  676. Scents after sex
  677. hey i'm new but i need some serious help!
  678. kinda personal but please help
  679. nothing but home base?
  680. Dealing with the past
  681. im going insane...... need advice
  682. Salvia
  683. You Gotta Give me some Help here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  684. Dating the Ex's Roommate
  685. triple flips?
  686. Exhibitionist
  687. Erotic massage oils
  688. proof that free i pods/freegamingsystems is real
  689. I wish I was kidding, but........
  690. love question...
  691. sweep her off her feet
  692. Wife Desires Fantasy to Become Reality
  693. we want it, but we're afraid
  694. Im going crazy!
  695. Hello, She left me before ever giving it a chance
  696. Flirting.
  697. My first time...and it sucked
  698. Condom procedure?
  699. tips tricks on giving a great orgasim
  700. sweeping HIM off HIS feet
  701. tips & tricks on GETTING a good orgasm
  702. Relationship problem
  703. New to Dating
  704. Girls... Fingering Oneself? Is It Like Tickling Oneself?
  705. Shaving: Razors vs. ?
  706. internet sex?????
  707. breast milk
  708. So I was 69'n with a girl...
  709. new positions/moves
  710. I have had this dsyfunction forever!!!!!!!!
  711. Check this out *NWS*
  712. irregular peroid after taking the pill?
  713. this is how to start sex - asian way
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