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  1. this is a welcome note
  2. This is a serious thread
  3. I wonder
  4. Imports vs Domestics?
  5. Gay marriages
  6. Marijuana legalization
  7. Abortions
  8. Homosexuality
  9. Lethal Injection
  10. Obesity
  11. You Knowwhat I HATE?
  12. Why Einstien is wrong
  13. Religion and Our Government
  14. Does a person's soul have weight?
  15. Best Acoustic Guitar Brand?
  16. Existence of God
  17. 10
  18. Genetic Engineering
  19. pet adoption
  20. Abuse
  21. Morality
  22. Affirmative Action
  23. Torture
  24. in or out
  25. Company Outsourcing
  26. Hate Crimes
  27. dislike of a genre of music = racism?
  28. Vhemt
  29. Who are you voting for?
  30. whats goin on here?
  31. post whores?
  32. What is the bible to you?
  33. Corporal Punishment in schools
  34. Dose the Media have the right?
  35. Prostitution
  36. White Privilege
  37. SuperPower
  38. Evolution and Creation
  39. reparations?
  40. right to bear arms
  41. Suicide
  42. Extra-terestrials
  43. illegal inmigrants
  44. Sexual Education
  45. Political Compass
  46. Ever hear of this place?
  47. file sharing
  48. what to do if depressed
  49. Is there Two sides to your Nature?
  50. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  51. do you believe in fate?
  52. reincarnation?
  53. Internet Ethics...
  54. US Currency
  55. spam?
  56. This is messed up and very sad... Link inside.
  57. What the common man thinks of war in Iraq
  58. Funeral of President Regan
  59. Monster
  60. Automatic Citizenship to Newborns
  61. I'm scared to buy anything off of Ebay...
  62. U.S. to hand over Saddam to Iraq
  63. when will my account be activated
  64. "one nation under god"
  65. so how about them pistons
  66. Racism/Intolerance
  67. US flag
  68. flag burning?
  69. Rest In Peace Paul
  70. suicidal notions
  71. best Rush Limbaugh guest host?
  72. Who are YOU voting for
  73. Must Watch Vid!!
  74. So Iraq is sovereign
  75. Phobias
  76. slowness of webrats
  77. Do you consider offbeat religions organized?
  78. The "under God" debate got me thinking...
  79. alcoholism anyone?
  80. Piece of paper?
  81. What is it about yourself?
  82. Which President in YOUR choice? (Take this quiz)
  83. Castration
  84. Gun Carrying
  85. Interesting BBC Movie on Bush
  86. Smu??
  87. If you could go back in time and change one thing....
  88. Private Military Companies
  89. What/who would you die for?
  90. WMD reports?
  91. Can we file this under 'no shit' (9/11 commission findings)
  92. Road Rage.
  93. where are the topics?
  94. Ambiance/Mood/Atmosphere etc...
  95. Bush--All the bad things he has done
  96. Gun Control in America
  97. Cybercheating...opinions
  98. Paypal Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
  99. Traci Lords's Book..
  100. A Manslaughter case in my area..
  101. Metallica : Some kind of Monster
  102. driving through Jasper texas
  103. Private / Public
  104. Accomplishments / Failures
  105. Picking up hitchhikers...Yes or No?
  106. Reputation point tantrum...
  107. Marijuana?
  108. Who would you kill for?
  109. Humanity vs. Spirituality -- Ayn Rand & others
  110. Sex-Ed in Schools
  111. Foutain of Youth
  112. Thick or thin
  113. Iraq, a very clever terror attack?
  114. Stephen King's The Dark Tower
  115. How much of your life is public domain?
  116. Is there a such things as quasi-catholic?
  117. The Country You Live In...
  118. Making amends...
  119. Alcoholism
  120. Searching for your birth parents
  121. Downloading Music, Downloading Porn
  122. Question for Bush Supporters, and no I do not mean that bush
  123. **President Bush Video Thread Discussion**
  124. Life and Greed
  125. Money
  126. All your overtime are belong to us!
  127. Recycling
  128. Would it make a difference if...
  129. Governor James McGreevey
  130. Military involvement and the President
  131. billionaire against bush
  132. National Anthem
  133. key stroke logging... eavesdropping
  134. how israel influenced the war decision
  135. NRA makes effort to become media
  136. Gay Marriage
  137. jealousy
  138. Seeking Advice: Motorcycles
  139. 9/11 Pentagon hit by a Boeing 757 or was it???
  140. Where Were You On 9/11?
  141. More Police Violence
  142. Russia
  143. Fox News - Fair and Balanced?
  144. '94 Weapons Ban about to end
  145. Movie: Hero
  146. Morality
  147. Puppy takes the law into his own paw.
  148. What's the best song to fuck to?
  149. I wonder what one vote is worth?
  150. Get out of Iraq
  151. Boo Hoo
  152. Wmd
  153. Who are you voting for?
  154. Presidential War Records
  155. What scares you about George Dubya?
  156. Islam
  157. Personal Gun Policy
  158. what do you think about this site?
  159. What's the most important issue in the upcoming election?
  160. Our political state-of-mind.
  161. the Islamic Face of Terrorism.
  162. jfk
  163. waco, tx
  164. Bush on O'Reilly Factor
  165. would you change your mind about who you are voting for?
  166. Muslims seem to have had enough.
  167. Your Reason For Living
  168. So the first debate is over...What do you think?
  169. Most important amendment
  170. Who won the debate?
  171. Retirement
  172. Please Ignore This
  173. If George W. Bush hadn't been elected...
  174. Crawford, TX Newspaper Endorses Kerry
  175. Did the VP debate ....
  176. does the constitution needs to be...
  177. electroral college
  178. would you change your vote if.....
  179. WMD in terrorists' hands
  180. Polish President responds to Kerry
  181. KRS ONe's comments on the 9/11 attacks... disgusting!
  182. The legacy of Che Guevara
  183. Putin supports Bush
  184. vote swapping?
  185. Thought I'd share this. I thought it was moving.
  186. Commercial on MTV, what do you think?
  187. Blackmail
  188. Rumsfeld shakes hands with Hussein!
  189. What If Your Child Was Gay?
  190. 9/11 Report Suppressed?
  191. No proof of WMD?
  192. Keep talking Teresa...
  193. Did Saddam Hussein use WMDs on his "own people"?
  194. Edwards and his hair
  195. What actually happened to Kerry in Vietnam?
  196. Landlords and grow ops
  197. BushRelativesForKerry.com
  198. MAJOR stock market UPDATE..
  199. Apologies.
  200. Media
  201. Outsourcing?
  202. Congress Stripping Power from the Judicial Branch
  203. Feed this ad to the wolves, biiiatch!
  204. Voting for our candidates
  205. Should we pull out of the UN?
  206. Why Truman Defeats Dewey - and Bush Beats Kerry?
  207. Very Controversial Video
  208. Living Room Masturbator Charged with Public Indecency
  209. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  210. FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts
  211. Whats your thoughts on this
  212. Bin Laden speaks
  213. The Wisdom Of Ann Coulter
  214. What are your thoughts on automatic weapons?
  215. Tell me your thoughts!
  216. Are You An Informed Voter?
  217. who and when will be the next president?
  218. Vietnam
  219. Official Webrats Presidential Vote
  220. Plane that hit the Pentagon??
  221. Kerry carried almost 90% of the minority vote - why????
  222. Real Time with Bill Maher
  223. Who cares about the deficit???
  224. Welcome back to office, Mr. Bush. You've fooled a majority of the people, again.
  225. Something I think everyone should read.
  226. national identity card...
  227. New Information on the frontlines, after the elections...?
  228. arafat death
  229. a scary story....
  230. from a soldier...
  231. Rednecks rejoice
  232. health insurance...
  233. cloning...
  234. euthanasia....
  235. animal testing..
  236. when does life begins? ....
  237. work and constitutional rights
  238. moral values...
  239. cliff notes... cheating?
  240. does distance change....
  241. Politics
  242. Powell Resigns
  243. heaven and hell?
  244. catholic priests....
  245. speaks for itself
  246. religion...
  247. tobbaco and suicide...
  248. are you pc?...
  249. Am I the only one weirded out by this?...
  250. females and religion...
  251. corporal punishment on children...
  252. cremation vs. burial..?
  253. federal reserve
  254. Irs and fderal taxes
  255. car (truck) support ribbons...
  256. Are you American?
  257. Gop
  258. What is your biggest fear?
  259. Gay Marriages (your thoughts)
  260. Hazing
  261. Be someone else for 24 hours? Who?
  262. Could you kill someone if...
  263. Nice Guys Finish Last?
  264. What superhero would you be?
  265. Another good conversation starter
  266. Elderly People and Driving
  267. Why I'm A Lurker
  268. Remembering Pearl Harbor
  269. More Topics
  270. Why I won't Join the army
  271. us humanitarian side
  272. natural resources (oil)
  273. being equals..
  274. Legalizing Pot
  275. What are your beliefs? What is your Religion (or whatever you may consider it)?
  276. THANK YOU Mr. Bush
  277. Scott Peterson sentenced to death.
  278. welfare...
  279. three most significant moments in the last 100 years?...
  280. minimum wage...
  281. Lovely, two bombs lost by airport security
  282. Is George Bush the antichrist?
  283. The Purpose of Government
  284. 4th-Grader Arrested For Having Scissors At School
  285. More "Zero Tolerance" Insanity...
  286. What does this story mean to you. (a brisk read)
  287. Students break the speed of light?
  288. Where did our country go wrong?
  289. 22 people killed in Mosul Dining Hall.
  290. Existance of Oppression in Modern Society
  291. A message from the resistance
  292. Christ's Second Coming
  293. Welcome Home.....someplace ?
  294. The "Rebel" Flag
  295. Homeland Security to ban cigarette lighters in airports Feb. 15
  296. Duck And Cover: Here Comes A 'Cloning' Thread
  297. Your View of Cults and Religions
  298. Advertising
  299. why we are not happy?
  300. would you want your youngin's looking at this?
  301. More and more... "Zero Tolerance" Insanity...
  302. Where Is The French Government, Now?
  303. Overall EOTH.
  304. Search for WMD in Iraq has ended.
  305. Bob Marley's body to be Exhumed.
  306. '68 GCA declared racist by the JPFO
  307. daddy government...
  308. What does that 2nd amendment mean to you?
  309. U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran
  310. When/Why do old friends grow apart?
  311. Privatized Social Security - Is it a good idea?
  312. why democrats love poor people?
  313. why democrats do not believe in god?
  314. This Red, Blue Crap Has To Stop
  315. why democrats want to take away your arms?
  316. Why Republicans want to dominate the world.
  317. Why do Republicans horde their money?
  318. when democrats lost their sense of reality?
  319. My "hypocritical" responses.
  320. What do you think of Michael Moore?
  321. news story...
  322. Freedom
  323. another crazy story...
  324. peta...
  325. moral dilemmas #1 sexual harrasment and the pres..
  326. moral dilemmas #2 the value of a promise..
  327. moral dilemmas #3 a fat man...
  328. moral dilemmas #4 A Father's Agonizing Choice...
  329. moral dilemmas #5..... A Callous Passerby
  330. is torture...
  331. sale of organs...
  332. aclu...
  333. tax free "institutes"
  334. Election Day Crimes...
  335. commercialization of holidays...
  336. Boys arrested for stick figure drawings - Is this really necessary?
  337. Organ Donation, what is your opinion?
  338. Dick and Bush misleading? Noooo...
  339. Leaders mark Auschwitz liberation
  340. Two dead, two hurt in Jeep plant shooting
  341. Wisconsin Bar Owner in Billboard Brouhaha
  342. kkk...
  343. personal safety (or security) vs. perosnal fredoms (or inconveninces)
  344. forms of discrimination...
  345. and i never tought about this...
  346. How can the Democrats justify this treatment of Rice??
  347. china?....
  348. hats off to the iraqui people...
  349. That's what you get for looting?
  350. U.S. students say press freedoms go too far
  351. waco...
  352. Email From Iraq
  353. Girls sued for delivering cookies.
  354. Couple accused of torturing and starving children.
  355. Bush claims burder of taxes shifted to the rich
  356. Keep your money!
  357. moral dilemmas (follow up to Juana!'s series)
  358. unnusual punishment...
  359. free speech? first admenment?
  360. Nuclear Threat ....N.Korea !
  361. St. Paul couple kept girl in a kennel, police say
  362. name on the news
  363. animal cruelty/human cruelty
  364. Religion Pushers
  365. Letourneau, ex-pupil plan to wed April 16
  366. Moral Values in America
  367. First, Bowling for Columbine, now SuperSize Me
  368. Why Does the US support Pakistan instead of India
  369. Conjoined twins seperated.
  370. Assisted Suicide...thoughts??
  371. american education...
  372. constitution party...
  373. Attempted Suicide
  374. Do old people deserve to live?
  375. A ward churchill lecture...*gag*
  376. Art and the mentally disabled.
  377. Courthouse shootout leaves three dead
  378. BTK serial murderer caught?
  379. Immigration and Language
  380. Do you think this is reasonable?
  381. In response to the Texas Shooting...Article by John Lott
  382. find the antonyms here:
  383. Counter Recruiting
  384. New Bankruptcy Bill
  385. Courthouse Shooting in Atlanta
  386. THANK YOU mr. bush part II
  387. Drilling for oil in Alaska soon.
  388. You NEED to read through this thread!!! Philly government disregards rights.
  389. Cuba, why the embargo now?
  390. help end the iraq occupation, defend why we are there or debate us iraq relations
  391. Fate of Terri Schiavo Rests With Judge
  392. Can my friend go to jail?
  393. Queers and Jesus
  394. Red Lake Massacre
  395. GOP Governors Cut State Workers' Rights
  396. And they say they're about "choice"...
  397. PETA is at it again....
  398. Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News
  399. One paper got it right, it ain't the gun's fault...
  400. Candice Bendek
  401. Some people don't think before they act...
  402. Fornication and Jesus.
  403. Edge Of The Hole Rules
  404. The Right to Die
  405. a lot of questions from a german :)
  406. License loss in IL
  407. Gun Owner stops burglers...
  408. Brainwashing 101, commentary on colleges
  409. To the owner, or the head mod?
  410. Assassin asks to attend Popes Funeral
  411. Who do you guys think will run for prez in 08?
  412. WTF is this BS?!
  413. Local Gov't Gone Wild
  414. "Pro-Choice" is called out by Black preachers...
  415. Fearmongering from the left this time
  416. If the dems let this pass....
  417. Store owner shoots robber...
  418. A frightening analysis...
  419. Think about this next time you buy gas...
  420. Attention all Liberal Democrats. I am a Bush supporter and I want to learn some facts
  421. The .50 Caliber Reduction Act
  422. WA - King County CAO act = bullshit
  423. Latest Ruling on the GCA of '68
  424. Does arguing politics get you anywhere?
  425. 'Bout them glorious Tax Cuts
  426. More anti-gun bias from the media...
  427. Should alcohol be illegal?
  428. Blaming and Over-Regulating Inanimate Objects
  429. Creation or Evolution? Or perhaps something else?
  430. A Conservative Theory of Evolution
  431. Debarking: Necessary or Animal Cruelty?
  432. Bush moves to open national forest land to business
  433. How Real ID will affect you (AKA National ID)
  434. LOL kinda funny. and smart
  435. Those of us in Cali, check out this propoosition
  436. Please sign this petition
  437. Thoughts on Afterlife
  438. NATO: useful or relic?
  439. Dave Chappelle Checks Into South African Mental Hospital
  440. Military base closings.
  441. Bill Cosby
  442. Church of the Mighty Dollar
  443. not feeling the pain of a death
  444. Capital Punishment
  445. unbelievable
  446. Zen
  447. News "Forsake the Troops"
  448. Iraq stuff you WON'T see on the news
  449. Abortion Doctors vs. Murderers
  450. Patriot Act Takes away freedoms, Support The SAFE ACT!!
  451. New Bill Proposed in the House of Representatives...
  452. Schiavo autopsy
  453. Amendment banning flag desecration?
  454. Abuse on primates in testing lab
  455. WTC collapse an inside job?
  456. An attack on freedom that could affect WebRats!
  457. Supreme Court ruling
  458. swearing...
  459. 18 U.s.c 2257
  460. Greatest American Ever?
  461. Supreme Courts Rules on Ten Commandments
  462. Another anti-christian college teacher. What a suprise.
  463. Sandra Day o'connor stepping down
  464. Kofi is smoking the good stuff
  465. Karla Homolka
  466. Taliban claims to kill ‘captured’ American
  467. American Servicemen Ordered Out Of London
  468. Man's case re-opened 10 years after execution.
  469. Evolution Vs. Creationism
  470. Who or what is God???
  471. smoking ban. . . for drivers?
  472. Why no guest postiongs?
  473. When the time comes.
  474. Can they change my pay?
  475. The Blue Lagoon....child porn?
  476. Flip-Flop With the help of Texas Ruling
  477. Concealed Carry Gun Permit Saves a Life
  478. Union Limits - Yay or Nay
  479. messed up in the head like whoa
  480. is the government getting too controlling?
  481. Did aliens drop off Adam & Eve to colonize?
  482. Is America really a democracy?
  483. Online Piracy...
  484. From a Black Man who thinks
  485. What do you think?
  486. Get Us Out Of The UN!!
  487. Miers withdraws nomination to Supreme Court
  488. Child care at home or in facility, and is it safe?
  489. Right to Procreate
  490. Looking for a Marine's advice
  491. Cash Settlement?
  492. Public prayer.
  493. Lincoln worst president ever?
  494. What's the world coming to?
  495. Income Taxes
  496. Pot Leagel can this be for real?
  497. Is Homosexuality and disease Gods/Evolution's way of limiting population?
  498. Writers?
  499. Spam, what should be done
  500. worst company ever
  501. Holiday Vs. Christmas
  502. do not shop at shop 4 tech
  503. Hollywood's New Zombie: The last days of Blockbuster.
  504. People's Beliefs in God
  505. Sound from movie?
  506. Humans are Becoming Genetically Less Intelligent
  507. Homosexuality
  508. Augustinian Philosophy: Does God Exist?
  509. Sin
  510. How old?
  511. Greatest Living Briton
  512. shot heard 'round the world
  513. war in iraq: something you should read
  514. Sin - Fornication, Lust and Homosexuality
  515. Copyright
  516. Where is humanity going?
  517. Greatest Living Frenchman
  518. Question about Internet Domains?
  519. Mesothelioma from asbestos - Are you at-risk?
  520. whats your countrys gratest achevement?
  521. "Tony Blair is an out-and-out rascal, terminally untrustworthy and close to being unh
  522. Ridiculous Censorship
  523. how do you deal with stress
  524. Moussaoui
  525. How screwed am I??
  526. War in Iran?
  527. I spend too much time here
  528. Site Malware
  529. Security in the modern era
  530. laws on hidden cameras in the workplace
  531. Support the troops or move to Iraq
  532. God or Dr Phil
  533. My ass got banned.
  534. conspiracy?
  535. Website Hoax or Real?
  536. Where do you see US politics heading in the future?
  537. China next super power?
  538. Cellphone forums
  539. What should we do about North Korea?
  540. Question for Finley...
  541. NYU Grad Student Seeks Survey Respondents
  542. Religion: Reason or Excuse?
  543. senselesness and advertence
  544. Racial Profiling
  545. someone tell me more about these 'hostile intentions' from iran.
  546. Thought provoking politically slanted video
  547. No Link - possible undermind of Bush
  548. CCW, College, and the recent VT situation.
  549. Equality in America...Yes or No?
  550. whose voting next week
  551. Guitar players.....I need help!
  552. Congratulations to the Democrats
  553. Rumsfeld calls it quits
  554. Reiki....Any users?
  555. democrats in power now
  556. Democrate Calling for Draft
  557. When is enough enough?
  558. mci
  559. time warner
  560. Discontinue the human race; also, become an Anti-Supernaturalist
  561. Webrats vs the other competitors.
  562. the WW3 thread got me thinking
  563. I just farted
  564. Errorsafe Messages! "why"
  565. Execution of Saddam
  566. Airport security
  567. 20,000+ more troops?!
  568. NAFTA SuperHighway
  569. Call your Congressman say no to North American Union and NAFTA
  570. Suitcast Nukes (Fact or Fiction) not just another 24 episode
  571. Get off Bush's back!!!!
  572. Bush's real agenda (Skull and Crossbones Society and NWO)
  573. Anna Nicole Smith - FOUND DEAD!
  574. Think Freedom isn't valuable?
  575. Is Barack Obama a new type of politican we need in 2008?
  576. torture in the USA
  577. Why are we aiding and educating illegal alians?
  578. Pensacola Attorneys: "Pornography = Prostitution"!
  579. H.R. 1022: New Assault Weapons Ban
  580. Your Forum Supermods And Mods...
  581. I have to share...
  582. God & Religions
  583. The core meaning of 300 is more historically accurate than critics realize!
  584. How do you support the troops?
  585. Theoretical Parking Lot Accident
  586. God Save those Briton Sailors and Marines!
  587. Peak Oil - The end of the Industrial Revolution
  588. Tsunami
  589. virginia tech shooting
  590. Security: Is it a myth? Is an Armed Public the Answer?
  591. Imus is an idoit but....
  592. What are these freedoms we are fighting for?
  593. Blatant example of racism alive in america.
  594. Don't pump gas on May 15th!
  595. Lunch with Warren Buffet...
  596. Schwarzenegger to pardon Paris Hilton?
  597. Where is this liberal media?
  598. Need advice for a strange fella
  599. Who will vote for Ron Paul?
  600. bar names
  601. Who will vote for Mitt Romney?
  602. Who will vote for Rudy Giuliani?
  603. Don't approve of George W. Bush? read this....
  604. Senator Ted Stevens - The Big House
  605. If you like fox news, DON"T read this....
  606. China .vs USA
  607. I hate the universe
  608. For those against sending more troops to Iraq
  610. FOX and the 100 dollar bill
  611. I support Ron Paul. Here is why.
  612. long post, new blog I'm going to be posting on Bush & politics
  613. ATTN: Zand_stein
  614. The Most Suprising Democracy, You Will Never Guess...
  615. Alicia Silverstone PETA Ad - *NWS Link*
  616. ATTN: Backdoor Jesus - I got into charactor too...
  617. Is it ok to beat someone down....
  618. When will they learn.......
  619. Dont approve of Blackwater? watch this
  620. Another Indication of Fascism
  621. George Steinbrenner is an idiot. Please post more reasons
  622. Music Piracy and the RIAA
  623. Anyone but Hilary 2008
  624. Juan.©amaney, come on in!
  625. Anyone but a Republican...........
  626. Gore Derangement Syndrome
  627. Dont know what to do about a weird situation that happened at work. advice please
  628. Gun Control?
  629. Stephen Colbert to run for President!!!
  630. Project for the New American Century?!
  631. The Abrahamic Curse & The Peace Process
  632. Universal Healthcare--2008?
  633. Wow... did you guys see this?!?!
  634. American Petroleum Institute
  635. Those who made bush president are as follows:
  636. Iraq war spending
  637. Religious Conservatives - An Oxymoron?
  638. The Battle of Little Big Horn: Facts and What ifs
  639. Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back from injured soldiers
  640. Was the 2000 Presidential election result affected by any haste in the vote count ?
  641. Troops in Iraq for the Long Term
  642. If you are tired of hearing about 2000, lets look at 2004
  643. Iran not as dangerous as once thought.
  644. This baffles me
  645. Daddy's little girl
  646. Changing stripes and picking them.
  647. Global Warming: A Socialist Myth to make you feel guilty....
  648. Bush Admits to Role of Humans in Global Warming
  649. entrapment?
  650. AWSOME!!!!! "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act"
  651. Apartment Advice
  652. Yes, Global Warming is fake
  653. REAL ID to be mandaded by federal Government
  654. This is what a Police State Looks like
  655. The Story of Stuff
  656. Global Warming - A thread for all those who know better than scientists
  657. Thank god, Bush is helping with oil prices...
  658. When the State becomes God
  659. My first protesters
  660. What can I say to convince a Mitt Romney supporter to come along the Ron Paul train?
  661. Hillary
  662. Misinformation - Medieval Warm Period and the last hope for those that deny reality
  663. No Fun And Stupidity At Its Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
  664. Exxon, again, breaks profit records
  665. Don't believe in global warming, then explain a mass extintion happening now!
  666. The population Bomb... The end of all 'successful' species
  667. McCain in the hot seat; Romney "suspends" White House bid
  668. Looks Like Someone Grew Some Brains!
  669. Another native american thread!
  670. 140 Afghans Killed in 2 Days of Bombings
  671. The Obama Delusion
  672. What have you done for your country recently?
  673. Interesting read about corruption and your health regarding Aspartame's
  674. Puppy killed by military
  675. To those who said the National/Real ID act isn't real
  676. Deja Vu- defined
  677. Human vs animal
  678. China
  679. Winter Soldier - for anyone that maybe on the fence about the war
  680. Psychology Study
  681. Oil in Alaska: Drill it now or save it for a rainy day?
  682. Politics and Racism
  683. Jevons paradox
  684. Modular Housing
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