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  1. Handsome kitty has an adorable way of asking for treats.
  2. Mom is Husky mix. I'm 95% sure dad is Polar Bear.
  3. Mother's day.
  4. The newest member of my little family.
  5. "Oh, goodness. You're really given' me a scare!"
  6. "Oh, hello there!"
  7. Cone extension has caused cat.exe to malfunction. Uninstall to resume normal function
  8. He is ready for his walk
  9. rolling out!
  10. My squirrel-obsessed dog never even noticed
  11. Your engine is running a bit ruff, but I think I see the problem
  12. Reddit, meet Tipsy
  13. Riley and his best friend Teddy
  14. A new mother on mother's day :)
  15. Maggie stole the show in my bridal portraits last month (x-post r/dachshunds)
  16. Bob the Pumi puppy - look at those ears
  17. Simba is making due since his bed was stolen.
  18. So hard to get out of bed some mornings.
  19. I fit?
  20. All She Wanted Was To Play With Her Tail. OMG! This Is Adorable.
  21. Puppy Love
  22. baby on board!
  23. His older brother is Cat Dracula. This is Frankatstein. I can't wait to hear what my
  24. She makes this dumb face all the time
  25. Meet Our Newest Family Member, Rufus!
  26. How to calm down a shrieking kitten.
  27. What's for breakfast??
  28. Someone gets tired out at the dog park.
  29. Birds with Arms
  30. Incredible untouched photographs
  31. This pony wants to take a nap
  32. Happy Floof
  33. Shiba Romance at Sunset
  34. I caught an intruder on my lawn
  35. I don't think cats plan things out
  36. Crazy Little Nugget.
  37. Adorable Family!
  38. 5 months of progress
  39. I work from home. This is my assistant.
  40. Lion cub
  41. Red panda giving high fives
  42. She always sits like this for car rides.
  43. My chicken looks so dignified in her diaper.
  44. Attack!
  45. 2nd day home from the shelter and he already loves snuggling up in our bed
  46. Balls to the Wall
  47. At the clinic I work at we sometimes fill latex gloves with hot water to warm up smal
  48. This guy who never passes up an opportunity to cuddle his kitty.
  49. Somebody got a new box!
  50. One happy Pup!
  51. It's hard work being a dog!
  52. My SO's 12 year old cat who still looks like a kitten.
  53. Just be cool
  54. I don't deserve his beauty
  55. When your dog has better eyeliner than you...
  56. Hanging your head out the window.
  57. Piglet with the zoomies
  58. Ben and his puppy dog eyes
  59. Nope nope big murder floof nope nope nope
  60. I'm still waiting for you..
  61. Mouse taking a nap in a flower.
  62. The look I got when I stopped rubbing his belly
  63. The Firefox is a cowardly creature, surrendering at the first sign of conflict. [xpos
  64. I'll exercise too, human!
  65. "If you can hear me, Lord... Send help."
  66. Look at this puppy I met yesterday!
  67. Behind blue eyes
  68. I was gonna say something funny like "bla bla underwater quest" but this photo is jus
  69. A bobcat and its bobkitten.
  70. Yawns are contagious (x post from r/cats)
  71. The Most adorable road hazard ever! Agreed?
  72. It was love at first sight. Adopted her on the spot.
  73. Pork Bun is a curious little chinchilla.
  74. My college had a pet therapy day for finals week
  75. One-way relationship
  76. The claws
  77. Haaaaalp! Get back here!
  78. Polar dog says hi!
  79. She felt so ashamed. So we spruced it up!
  80. Big blue eyes
  81. He's missing a sock...don't tell him!
  82. Thou shalt utilize the dog park at your (and your dog’s) own risk.
  83. Thou shalt not pet, soothe, or share soft energy with a nervous, fearful, anxious, or
  84. Cat being chased by a ghost
  85. Bacon and her bacon bits
  86. Staffys have a knack for making the uncomfortable appear comfortable
  87. Otter mama with her 1 day old pup
  88. Missed by a hare
  89. The Ten Commandments for a Well-Behaved Dog (and Other Tips From Yours Truly)
  90. Nugget has the prettiest eyes!
  91. A baby duck swimming in a sink
  92. oh my gosh my roommate took a photo of my cat giving him the most decadent come hithe
  93. He likes to hold his own feet
  94. Pouncing in 3....2....1....
  95. Two of a kind, adorable!
  96. My disabled neighbor takes his dog out for a walk 3x a day no matter the conditions
  97. The Shock!
  98. Dexter welcoming me home...
  99. Looks like she's playing the drums, isn't true? Kitty dreaming!
  100. I've been wanting to share my sweet boy for so long Reddit meet Munch!!
  101. Energetic kitty.
  102. Came home to my roommate's dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightni
  103. Our thing we found alone and emaciated in the fields of Pixley, CA
  104. Doge Swim
  105. Puppy's first time at the pool
  106. ...and one drawer of ferrets.
  107. Puppy Head Tilts Are My Biggest Weakness
  108. A chimp holding a tiger cub.
  109. Mozzarella pig!
  110. Mitsie the floppy-eared bunny runs on a leash in slomo
  111. This is Charlie, he's more of an outdoor cat.
  112. Wet Floofle
  113. Dog is very excited to see his owner
  114. Special Agent Dale Cooper
  115. small floof does paddle
  116. Cuteness overload
  117. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Bartholomew McClaws Von Poopington.
  118. Dog hates thunderstorms :(
  119. Owlbino.
  120. Majestic cow cat
  121. Little ball of fur
  122. Nap time
  123. *BLOOP* *BLOOP* Cat Pong
  124. I was never a cat person, but this little cutie stole my heart. Reddit, meet Vladimir
  125. Black Or White
  126. Let's goto the School :) Ready?
  127. Albino Owl
  128. Tiny owl finds cover
  129. "Ok, I'm ready to go shopping!"
  130. Sweet home for eating bananas
  131. "Human, what the hell did you do?!"
  132. Baby fox playing with a husky.
  133. He's so glad it's finally spring :)
  134. My roommate and his Kitty Bjorn
  135. Our foster grey being a cutie
  136. Took my wolves to the vet today
  137. Tongue out Tuesday
  138. My SO's cat hat kittens, this ones my favorite
  139. My friends dog graduated puppy school
  140. A little screech owl that was found alone in a park. Not as cute as most pics in 'aww
  141. Those are some smelly paws, dude!
  142. My cat got caught stealing my queso and he is so disappointed in himself.
  143. if I'd like to see a picture of their pets
  144. Man finds his stolen dog after two years
  145. 50 days old lab pup I adopted
  146. consider what is in him ... it's a unique expression!
  147. Took the puppy out for a drive today
  148. Happy
  149. Kitten jumps into hands then bites
  150. Just adopted this little lady.
  151. Samoyed dining at the table
  152. I want this job
  153. kitty kitty kitty
  154. My jobless roommate who doesn't pay rent keeps hogging the shower in the mornings. Lo
  155. Baby Sloths! For anyone else who is having a rough day
  156. MRW I have my first sip of coffee in the morning.
  157. I just adopted my first car! Meet Charlie and his wonky paw
  158. Why there isn't "bring your cat to work day"
  159. I'll just sit there
  160. Dramatic rescue of a trapped weiner dog
  161. Dog Waits on Ice Cream Truck
  162. Look at those little paws
  163. My new puppy has a favourite blanket.
  164. The tiniest of fistbumps
  165. My brother is an airline mechanic. Yesterday he thought he heard a weird noise while
  166. I befriended a pair of ducks a few months back. I wake up to nuggets.
  167. Just adopted little Lilly, her cuteness isn't the only thing that will make studying
  168. This guy pops his head over the fence to say hello when ever we walk past
  169. Puppy love
  170. I was asked to watch over a few kittens
  171. A corgi snuggle bundle
  172. Watering the dog
  173. Baby Giraffe
  174. My friends dog reminds me of Dug from Up
  175. In honor of someone leaving their account signed in on a school computer, here's a ti
  176. Penelope is a muffin.
  177. She keeps showing up at our house. I think she likes us and wants to stay.
  178. Baby Hippo Ear Wiggles
  179. My cat dreams big dreams of becoming Toothless the Night Fury.
  180. The calm before the Mailman
  181. cuteness overload
  182. Cute Giant
  183. Leopard kitten is all tuckered out.
  184. Little foxes
  185. DCD Sandwich
  186. Kitten's first time hearing the birds
  187. Bunny Pack
  188. Some cats like boxes. Some cats like bags.
  189. Kung-fu sugar glider.
  190. Ingenious cat toy.
  191. "I could get used to this"
  192. Funniest cat selfie I've seen yet!
  193. Don't poke the bear
  194. Every morning she waits for her human taxi to take her to her food.
  195. Smile... Its weekend
  196. This is One of the baby angora bunnies I bred....soooo cute
  197. Ferocious.
  198. Curious little owl.
  199. stopped unloading to get the phone and this happens
  200. Look at those teefs!
  201. Baby goats in pyjamas
  202. Look at this doofus
  203. Happy
  204. A blown dried cow
  205. Happy sleep
  206. This guy picked my pocked in Miyajima, Japan
  207. You Can Feel The Connection :')
  208. We woke up like this
  209. My friends hunting dog
  210. Mr. Lover Lover
  211. Touch the buzzy
  212. Puppies and a capybara = total awwwww overload
  213. Pinwheel of Puppies Enjoying Dinner
  214. My boyfriend's cat, Marty. He loves being held like this.
  215. "We'll always be friends forever, won't we?"
  216. "Hello Mr. Stevenson. I'm here to take Cindy to the prom."
  217. Human pls
  218. weekend mood
  219. My boy Charlie
  220. Target acquired
  221. World's Best Sheepdog
  222. First day with my new humans
  223. If digging is wrong, I don't wanna be right"
  224. Such smile. Very happiness.
  225. Here's a very shiny baby pygmy hippo
  226. This porcupine loves to be pet.
  227. Mlem
  228. "What is this sorcery?"
  229. Before him, I thought I knew what love was...
  230. Little sausages at play
  231. Bernese Mountain Dogs At Play
  232. Reminder: There are more than 2 presidential candidates
  233. Pull the lever Kronk!
  234. Photogenic dog
  235. Cat guards the ATM
  236. My girlfriend took our puppy for her first car ride. I think she liked it.
  237. My one eyed goober
  238. Meet my new adopted kitten Meeko!
  239. CatDog
  240. "Hurr durr Im a human foot!"
  241. cute puppy..........
  242. My favorite alarm clock
  243. I fits. *legs up*
  244. Police in the Netherlands had to return this baby goat to the petting zoo it escaped
  245. Thumb sucking kitten
  246. This is Appa, the new addition to our family
  247. When we didn't think our foster dog would survive a major surgical procedure, we adop
  248. Vicious.
  249. Latest recruit of the US military
  250. Getting ready for their first round of shots
  251. Peekaboo
  252. He loves to cuddle.
  253. Hey! Stop that!
  254. My dad found my cat sleeping so he covered him with a blanket to make sure he wasn't
  255. My ridiculously photogenic dog Hatchi
  256. Mlem
  257. Please Human, I beg...
  258. Puppy Pinwheel
  259. "Mom, pls"
  260. I pet you, you pet me.
  261. Found this kitty on the streets of Detroit
  262. My two baby bengal cats!
  263. Rico's first day home!
  264. Meet Sabrina, The City Cat
  265. Puppy eyes
  266. Illuminati
  267. King of the jungle
  268. I dog-sit this little guy... I'm 6'3"
  269. Oh so comfortable
  270. Meet Effie saved from a kill shelter.
  271. Lil' Lizards Having a Meal Together
  272. The difference between cats and dogs
  273. Best Buds.
  274. I am your puzzle now.
  275. Friends with cuddle benefits.
  276. This woman makes bears for mice
  277. Mid-sneeze
  278. By my side for the last 12 years or so, he is entitled to all the salt and pepper gre
  279. Cat Holder
  280. "What kind of black magic is this?"
  281. They see me rollin'
  282. Doughnut frosting
  283. Years gone but brothers together.
  284. Cutest mauling ever.
  285. Baby elephant makes it to first base
  286. I work the night shift at a kitten nursery. Here's a picture I took right before I le
  287. Scare-to-walk blind dog is now walking with brilliant invention by the owner
  288. Willow & Calcifer; feral kittens I rescued after they got stuck in our fence.
  289. One day I'll be able to carry you.
  290. "Let me wash you!"
  291. Cat With a Wiggle Button
  292. Ceiling cat in his natural environment
  293. baby sloth
  294. Aww-ter
  295. My friend has a new addition to her family! Meet Pierce!
  296. Did you say "fish"?!
  297. She doesn't like the taste of bees
  298. A big tiny hug
  299. Eagle catch Deer
  300. Forgot her actual birthday. But she turns 14 around about now. So er... happy birthmo
  301. Its Market Day
  302. Clap clap clap
  303. Hello!
  304. The perks of being a small dog
  305. Big brother
  306. He turned his seduction levels up to a maximum. Hello ladies...
  307. Stray cat made herself at home and gave birth
  308. Went to see the barn cats today
  309. Smaller than a card
  310. First time loaf with added floof
  311. 7 lbs of fury
  312. Here puppy
  313. Can I Sit With You While You Poop?
  314. Went to PetSmart for cat litter. Stayed for 30 minutes because of this guy.
  315. "These are a few of my favorite things..."
  316. I'm backpacking in the rural areas of the Republic of Georgia. This random mountain d
  317. A lot of aww in our household at the moment
  318. Love between cat and dog
  319. Nature is brutal
  320. My boyfriend caught my rescue cat watching me sleep
  321. Update: Pet Parent Level: MASTER
  322. My foster kittens formed a heart.
  323. My pal Homer, moments after his first ride with the top down
  324. Double the Fluff
  325. My friend's two beasts at 4 months old
  326. "u wot m8?"
  327. Wrinkly Floof
  328. We named her "Piper, Destroyer of Hearts and Shoes"
  329. Your ear is so tasty!
  330. Let me be on camera too!
  331. Tried to get a classy shot of my pup, he decided to fall off the bed instead.
  332. Kissing Booth
  333. Our dog Huxley looks insane when she runs
  334. My best friend got a cat today..
  335. Mighty roar!
  336. I'd love a drink
  337. Winnie has a constant look of surprise
  338. Cat people problems
  339. Happiest lizard
  340. Ratu, a Sumatran rhino, with her calf born on 12 May at a sanctuary in Lampung, Indon
  341. My GF dresses up like Princess Arial and reads stories and sings at parties for littl
  342. "where did you go human?!"
  343. Fluffy Duckling
  344. just our dog chilling in a hoodie
  345. This dog is living the good life
  346. It's so hard to say no to this face.
  347. Red Panda Monday
  348. what... we're just playing...
  349. Goodmorning,a bright start your day with a smile .
  350. I was very tired so I took a break
  351. The ducks love him
  352. no I do not want to go with you
  353. This is Tiger. He is at least 17 and still brings me dead birds on a weekly basis.
  354. On the Prowl
  355. Brother and Sister
  356. Don't you hate it when you're trying to clean and pandas just keep getting in the way
  357. Found a tiny floof in the Sahara desert
  358. I love you, human.
  359. Reddit, meet my new kitty Pablo!
  360. Hit and Run
  361. You Stole My Chair!
  362. Fat Cat attempting to roll over
  363. Oh so comfortable
  364. Samoyed smiley face
  365. Duck Playing Fetch
  366. Follow the leader!
  367. Why you no throw stuck human?
  368. Kitten makes friends with cameraman
  369. It's finals season
  370. "Stop taking my leaves!"
  371. Give me
  372. Watch out! He's gonna get ya.
  373. From a recent trip I took to fox village
  374. Warthogs and Mongooses have a symbiotic relationship where the mongooses will help cl
  375. My smiling girl, Delta.
  376. Capybara loving on a kitty
  377. Such grace, such poise.
  378. When sleep calls...
  379. Her name is Batman. She used to be feral. I have never been more in love, or more all
  380. Platypus Are So Cute
  381. Kasper my newest family member.
  382. Just having a lazy Sunday
  383. The (Bat Man) Will Make You JUMP JUMP!..
  384. This little guy told his Dad that he wanted to learn how to train his dog and his Dad
  385. Found a kitty napping on bagged soil at Home Depot.
  386. Reddit, meet Daisy!
  387. Half husky, half greyhound, all cute.
  388. This is Walter, he runs things around these parts.
  389. "Pet me woman!"
  390. My SOs blind, 15 year old dog is still as nimble as ever
  391. Finally
  392. This is my baby Glen Coco. When I woke up suddenly from a bad nightmare last night he
  393. "If it fits I sits" Kangaroo style
  394. He just loves the watermelon
  395. I wake up to this smile at morning
  396. Meet Crash. He went full derp...
  397. My landlord wont let me get a dog so I got my first Cat! Meet Arlo. She's really cool
  398. Found this little girl in my backyard almost two years ago and we've been inseparable
  399. Don't be fooled, she's an asshole
  400. "Stand to Attention!" (x-post from /r/MostBeautiful)
  401. Tiny quack
  402. Kitten vs electric toothbrush (x-post /r/CatSlaps)
  403. First swim
  404. Baby otters at mealtime
  405. "Maaaa. Pick me up!!!"
  406. Prairie Dog
  407. I am better now :)
  408. Tiny Nope
  409. Two sausages, one bun.
  410. Golden Retrievers Family!!!
  411. Not all who wander are lost...
  412. Dig dig dig, splat..
  413. Been battling depression in my own. Until I got my puppy Jotaro. Feels good to be lov
  414. Baby Fennec Fox
  415. My Corgi puppy wasn't the biggest fan of his first bath.
  416. Who's your road trip buddy?
  417. "You can each have one french fry"
  418. "Pet me woman!"
  419. Oh no... whew!
  420. Are you a good boy? Let's be friends. I love you!..
  421. Damn this is cute
  422. fetching the paper
  423. Finger Monster...
  424. Sweeping with kittens
  425. This is my duck. Her name is Chicken.
  426. Wait! Let me play
  427. Fostering for the night so she doesn't have to be euthanized.
  428. Little tippy taps
  429. Even a cone of shame can't come between these girls.
  430. I'm Nova. I've seen some things.
  431. moooo
  432. Until about an hour ago this was my computer bag.
  433. Keep Refrigerated. Use within 21 days
  434. Off to the cat dimension
  435. Beautiful kitten with gorgeous eyes my wife found.
  436. Is it morning already??
  437. Sid the Dog from ice age
  438. Faces of a dog catching a fry.
  439. Short thirsty Elephant
  440. When all your friends are sharing pics of their kids on Facebook
  441. Woke up with this little thing between my legs
  442. A new addition to the family
  443. This derp is happy in his element/watermelon
  444. Cute capybara gives birth to even cuter capybara pups
  445. My old man
  446. A Staircase of Cute Kittens
  447. This tired fella literally tumbled into my life today
  448. Small otter dump
  449. Usually how I find her when I wake up. Watching the sun rise.
  450. A chimp and a baby tiger.
  451. Baby rhino with its momma
  452. This lady has been with me for 16 years (I'm 21)
  453. Sitting for his first portrait
  454. Husky set of dad jokes
  455. Slithering down the steps
  456. My dog chew a hole in the ball. Here's how she's been walking around.
  457. This is how he sits everyday
  458. Like father like son (cats)
  459. Camping in a hammock
  460. little baby otter drinking from a bottle
  461. I want to give kisses too!
  462. Yes? May I help you?
  463. roar!
  464. Adorable puppy eating a watermelon!
  465. Hugging Buddies
  466. This is Hank.
  467. Corporate accounts payable, Carl speaking.
  468. "Yes, I know... I am the handsomest boy... Do go on."
  469. Thought I'd Share My Best Bud with the World
  470. He couldn't be happier right now
  471. I've made a huge mistake
  472. Me and mini me
  473. Sleeping on the counter
  474. Playing dead
  475. Came home last night to find Jerry like this.
  476. Tummy rubs
  477. Charlie's (first selfie) he see himself.
  478. Turns out deer are pretty awesome
  479. Dog having a great day. :)
  480. Kitten excited for a treat
  481. Duck in a sink
  482. Gorgeous new cat at the humane society I work at
  483. What's inside drawer number one?
  484. We should have named her Mozilla
  485. No Lives Lost In Four Cat Pile-Up
  486. Gracie has been my foster for a year, everyone seems to pass her by. I though pro pic
  487. This big boy is our neighborhood mascot
  488. My dog always brings me a pillow when I get home
  489. Still learning how to stairs
  490. Always wanted a kitty. This is who I chose. Rescued him at 3 years old from a local s
  491. Smiling dog
  492. Floyd loves his bunny
  493. I've trampled the laundry. Come and see. I've shred your new novel. Come and See. Lea
  494. The Fox and the Hound
  495. I think I rescued my spirit animal.
  496. Latching on like a friggin champ
  497. Kneading in the wind
  498. My Border Collie, you will be missed- dogs are more honest than any human being with
  499. My puppy Wayne
  500. More kitten cuteness from the kitten nursery that I work at.
  501. They are good friends............
  502. I found a kitten outside yesterday
  503. Aren't they adorable?
  504. The big dog stole my bed....do something
  505. D-mo's first backpack!
  506. Still more graceful than I
  507. Unexpected friends
  508. Deaf and old and my one true love
  509. Wait for me!
  510. My husband and our baby
  511. Post-bath recuperation
  512. Can I have my picture taken too?
  513. He wears goggles. His name is Goggles.
  514. "Don't even think about it"
  515. Excited puppy!
  516. Puppies playing a game
  517. He grew into those ears.
  518. It's raining. She's miserable. Why.
  519. Chicken Enjoying a Hair Dryer
  520. This is how my cat sits in laps
  521. So much innocence in one picture
  522. Sir Mully Squirrelsbane the morning after his coronation
  523. Sick in bed today. She's been staring at me all morning
  524. "Oh I didn't see you there, little guy!"
  525. Found this porkchop under the car today
  526. Maru and a paper bag
  527. Found these babies in a friend's garage. Meet Odin and Freyja!
  528. This is Nana the earless Pit Bull
  529. Let me love you!
  530. My daughters fawn friend
  531. Daddy can we go outside?
  532. My dog, George, taking a nap
  533. Bunny eats a banana
  534. Best friends
  535. Grumpy little hedgehog.
  536. I'm a flower
  537. Darling newborn horned frogs in Texas
  538. This cat has beautiful eyes
  539. Copy Cat
  540. She wanted to drive and I said no.
  541. Smug smile because she's not in trouble.
  542. As long as we're sharing kittens found under vehicles, here's ours. Meet Axel!
  543. Puppy breath is the best
  544. Are we there yet?
  545. Hmm, dis looks interesting...
  546. Your wood ermine
  547. My neighbors just got a new painting
  548. Not sure who's happier to be at the beach, me or her!
  549. Khajit has no wares, only noms.
  550. Gave this little buddy a new home
  551. Butt to butt buddies
  552. A "My greeter" update.
  553. A cuddle of puppies around with me and showing love
  554. Pocket full of aww
  555. Meet Bjorn, he just got his last shot after being rescued out of a dumpster
  556. Mr. and Mrs. Moon Moon
  557. Don't touch that cake! Okay, touch the cake.
  558. Selfie with complete family
  559. Puppy not annoys cat
  560. I have a new friend that I found chilling alone at the railway
  561. This is Brick. He cares not for dignity, only comfies
  562. I am a Crocodile
  563. Take your dog to work day
  564. We rescued Petrol from underneath a car covered in, well, you guessed it. Now everyti
  565. Soo my roommate's brought this little guy home without telling me.
  566. British Owl is very British indeed
  567. My 14 year old buddy :)
  568. Our 7-year old, 3-legged cat Itsy - Hunting her tail :)
  569. Mlem
  570. Walking the Staffy Pup
  571. Meet Champ :) (found out it's a female, regardless keeping the same name.)
  572. I adopted a kitten a couple of months ago. Meet Alastor!
  573. How my girl greets me in the backyard
  574. Mom's friend rescued this guy from under a car in the middle of a parking lot.
  575. I like mud
  576. after lunch nap
  577. The Panther and The Lion
  578. Kitty drinking tap water
  579. "Hooman, I require your complete attention"
  580. Happy Dance
  581. A couple of big cats just having a ball
  582. The look I got when I said it's time to leave the beach
  583. Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain in game of thrones, recently got a new dog...
  584. This Is My day...
  585. Trying to understand the sound of whistle
  586. Cats with Cars are a thing? Meet Tang!
  587. Taco wouldn't relax in the car so I told my GF to let her do her thing
  588. My kitten has been sleeping in a bowl to keep cool
  589. Jasper the giant cuddle monster :F
  590. The view outside my window this morning
  591. This is Haus, a family dog that saved a 7 year old girl from a dangerous snake.
  592. hungry Kitties begging for food
  593. Ultimate Derp
  594. Happiness.
  595. "No, I will NOT eat my vegetables!"
  596. "I love you, human, but I neither trust nor like this monstrosity of yours"
  597. The start of a beautiful friendship.
  598. Went to see my kitty today, still cute as ever.
  599. Sad Dog & Lonely Cat
  600. pocke-size pal
  601. Munchkin cat
  602. just sitting on the dock of the bay
  603. My girlfriend and our pup are two of a kind
  604. She's a lil' goofy, but I still think she's gorgeous.
  605. How to pet a wolf
  606. Dwarf hamster!
  607. I too have a label maker.
  608. Meet Mack! Our 7 year old basset hound/ German Shepard we adopted.
  609. There's some thunder outside
  610. Cat Dump
  611. He may be old and gray, but he's still the most handsome and regal pooch I know.
  612. He's going to be so big when he grows up!
  613. My cat is a ballerina
  614. Some of the cutest animals on the planet..... Enjoy
  615. This mine...Nooooooo!!!!
  616. Shiba floof.
  617. Blind dog playing fetch.
  618. Mommy dog reunited with her pups.
  619. when my dog forgets gravity goes down and not to the left
  620. Playtime with the puppy
  621. Sassy
  622. "The human needs my help"
  623. Cat air swimming sink bath
  624. Told Bear to go fetch a stick to throw in the sea...he comes back with this
  625. "Hello ladies"
  626. This is Merlin. I think his tail was dipped in dark magic.
  627. She's still learning how to use the water bowl correctly
  628. Here's Doggy
  629. Adorable Labrador with an Adorable Story
  630. My little guy just pulled out a thooth and doesn't seem to know where to place his li
  631. When you see it...
  632. Look at my jellybean toes!
  633. Those little stumpers
  634. My pup turns 2 today! So grown up!
  635. Pups sleeping together
  636. Baby deer scritch
  637. Bun and kittens
  638. Firefighter giving cat oxygen after a fire. The cat is fine! [OC]
  639. Poe and Sage having a quiet moment of not chasing each other around the house.
  640. Bath so warm he fell asleep
  641. Cat and rat
  642. Priscilla, Poppleton, Primrose, & Pinkerton
  643. Miso and Nori enjoying the spring sunshine
  644. The sunrise was majestic this morning.
  645. You can see the devil in the little one!
  646. This is the look I get when I eat anything near her.
  647. Hey, wait for me!
  648. Not lost, just visiting
  649. Two unlikely best friends
  650. I don't have a label maker - I just use masking tape
  651. "She'll never find me here."
  652. Look who was hiding under our grass
  653. The tinier the critter the more concentrated the aww, right?
  654. Fluffy kitty
  655. Dik-dik Pic
  656. Play with me!
  657. This dog is serious about his yoga.
  658. At first I was mad that someone had only left a note rather than helping. Upon furthe
  659. Sleeping on the beach- Lincoln City, OR
  660. They know they're not supposed to be under the deck... but how can I deny them when t
  661. My dog recently had her leg amputated due to a cancerous growth on it. This is her st
  662. Putting a hat on a bear is impawsible
  663. It's like they know they're being recorded
  664. Exhausted after the park!
  665. Still so thirsty.
  666. My 15 year old. We've been through a lot together, but she's still kicking
  667. Enjoying his trip to Home Depot
  668. Today my account turns 4, and my best friend turns 18
  669. Please cuddle with me
  670. I know what I'll do: I'll put the clean clothes on the table instead of the couch so
  671. Dog and fox are best pals
  672. Puppies greeting their owner
  673. This is dog. I farm potatoes.
  674. This is Hachi!
  675. Dancing dog
  676. Twitchy
  677. happy puppy
  678. 4 years ago today I got to bring my best friend home for the first time, here she is
  679. He's had enough of his slow feed bowl...
  680. You have my undivided attention
  681. My friend's border collies are real posers...
  682. Brought home this cute little floof today. Meet Bento!
  683. I told you guys I take her to her food every morning; so here's a montage!
  684. Cat and Owl are really good pals.
  685. How many biscuits u needz
  686. Heard some meowing under my deck and found this little guy. I'll call him Fred.
  687. My Disney Princess Moment
  688. He's had a ruff day
  689. Good luck finding where I shat!
  690. I'm either petting him to insanity or losing my mind trying to find out where he fell
  691. Pet me now
  692. What?
  693. Kitten falls asleep to kisses (• ? •)
  694. You don't need to see sports to enjoy sports.
  695. Found this little guy in my driveway
  696. "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."
  697. Taking the puppies along for the ride
  698. A baby Pudu, the world's smallest deer
  699. Mane event
  700. Aussie pup after a long day
  701. Catty Cake
  702. Mac came along to supervise revision
  703. Just picked up this little guy!
  704. My Girlfriends Cat is a Lil Poof ????
  705. This is my puppy, Squirt.
  706. My hamster, Pancake, eating a pancake.
  707. Sleep tight
  708. Get well soon litlle Murderfluff !
  709. This is Finley. She loves the garden.
  710. Smiley, tubby, and cute
  711. Ollie took a selfie
  712. A friend's kitty after meeting the new kitten for the first time.
  713. This is my 11 year old dog.
  714. 3 month old brother and sister bonding
  715. I need to have a seat and rest my little feets.
  716. William used to love to travel, no matter the budget, whenever he had the chance he w
  717. My wife sent me this pic to prove that our cat was missing me while I was away.
  718. Enjoying his time in the pool
  719. Reddit, meet Henry
  720. Bengal cats
  721. Crazy beautiful eyes
  722. Reddit meet Charlie :)
  723. Went to the store, came home with a baby raccoon instead
  724. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's cat
  725. Red panda being fed
  726. First bumping in fear
  727. Sharing a little puppy love.
  728. Norwegian cat
  729. Happy mommy and her eleven puppies
  730. Daniff doing his best to be delicate
  731. 404 Title Not Found
  732. We adopted him two weeks ago......I guess he runs the place now.
  733. OMG
  734. They regularly sleep like this, it's adorable!
  735. If you plant them, they will grow
  736. My cat Ico turned 14 today.
  737. Meet Brutus! We adopted him yesterday!
  738. 3/4 floof, 1/4 tongue
  739. Cat Refuses To Play With Her Husky Friend
  740. He thinks he's still a baby...
  741. Ready set let's gooooooo!
  742. a handfull of fluff
  743. Mom, hold me!! Pleeeeeeeezzz!
  744. A stunning example of owl camouflage
  745. When there's only one box...
  746. Stealing a sock
  747. Sleep well sweet princess
  748. I have no idea how this happened, but did I mention how much I love you?
  749. A Lion cub loves his caretaker
  750. Long day at the park
  751. The adventures of Ellie and Nellie
  752. kitty confused by disk drive
  753. Pizza makes him happy
  754. I'm innocent
  755. Owls love rubs too.
  756. A friend painted our dog for us as a wedding gift, how do you think it turned out red
  757. Just got the newest member of our family. Meet Sashimi!
  758. True friendship
  759. My boyfriend has never wanted a cat, but he came pretty close to bringing this one ho
  760. Kitten (x-post from /r/MostBeautiful)
  761. What a few years can do.
  762. Up Close
  763. can u c me tiny human
  764. Rub my belly, human.
  765. This is what she does if you stop petting her
  766. 21 day old Frenchie
  767. Albert turned into a blob.
  768. I heard the death screams then looked out to see my girlfriend's cat caring this terr
  769. Dogcopter was his favorite game as a puppy
  770. All revved up
  771. Best Friends
  772. wakey wakey
  773. Baby elephant playing with girl
  774. My parents left for vacation and she hasn't moved for over an hour
  775. Reddit, meet Nola :)
  776. She's extremely over this long car ride.
  777. Fox pup
  778. Caught this at my parents house, just cruizin' with mama
  779. Look at all those freckles!
  780. Picked this guy up last week. Meet Murphy!
  781. Injured Tortoise Receives World’s First 3D Printed Shell
  782. This sweetie was at my cousin's graduation. His name is Sam.
  783. Soon to be next family member.
  784. Sleepy pumpkin butt
  785. If you don't have a best friend, you really otter.
  786. “No, not that one.”
  787. Two Unlikely Best Friends
  788. Hat kitty is confused
  789. Caregiver from a Nature Park and Elephant Have a Special Friendship
  790. Sshhhh! She's sleeping
  791. My gf found a kitten and her older cat claimed it as her own.
  792. Don't stop
  793. Smart dog fetches ball from pool with raft
  794. When you're on that 9-5 grind stuck in traffic but you're just a puppy
  795. I found a baby something. Please help me, what is it?
  796. Scar has 3 legs, 1 kidney and 1.5 ears. He also has 2 big beautiful eyes
  797. We adopted an 11 year old kitten!
  798. Cornered by kittens
  799. Little kangaroo doesn't want to let go of his new friend.
  800. Alright jim, put on a serious face for the camera
  801. Ears for days...
  802. This is my new housemate Sir Henry
  803. A quartet of tabby kittens
  804. She comes here everyday for years, yet nobody knows who she belongs to.
  805. Deer in Japan does not give a damn
  806. A couple months later..
  807. Tiny floof loves her mom
  808. I'll haz both, pls
  809. Dr Katz
  810. Must get that chewy toy
  811. Reddit, meet Züri, our 13 week old mini bernedoodle! (Not to be mistaken for a stuffe
  812. Elephant demands hugs
  813. My black lab puppy met the vacuum for the first time
  814. Puppy wants cuddle
  815. A young warthog
  816. Bobcat mama and kittens checking out a house in Calgary
  817. This African Civet has no idea how to drink milk
  818. My indoor cat always feels a little anxious outside. His older sister is always there
  819. The best birthday gift ever! Say hello to my 7 week old German Shepard, Eevee.
  820. My dog spent 9 hours at daycare. I think he got into the special brownies.
  821. What my Husky does when she can't get inside
  822. I added a new member to my little family! Everyone say hello to Wild West Wyatt!
  823. What kinda torture is this hooman?!
  824. Friend of mine getting attacked by tiny rescued murder fluffs
  825. So much love
  826. Why I keep dying in Uncharted
  827. I said, don't touch me!
  828. Happy squish
  829. Boy with his best friend.
  830. Clouded Leopard cubby cub
  831. They do exist
  832. My brother just sent me this photo, with the words "dreaming of fish"
  833. First baby picture
  834. Just helping out
  835. Is it walk time??
  836. Just chilling
  837. So darn cute.
  838. How can I ever be sad when Woody is this happy?
  839. Don't let his face deceive you, he's a little puppy tornado
  840. Kiss your shiba
  841. A woman heard meowing while she was driving and came for help so I went out on my bre
  842. Dog takes a bullet for owner
  843. Newly hatched ugly cute penguin
  844. My friends puppy makes this face when you cook spaghetti (no lie)
  845. Foster kittens - Lana & Ray
  846. Rub Her Belly And She Becomes A Vampire
  847. This is as far as he got this morning before backing up and going back to sleep.
  848. What a cute little panda cub
  849. Someone threw a perfectly good cat away.
  850. Getting all the chicks
  851. Happiest fox on earth
  852. Kitten uses dog's ear as a sparring partner
  853. Harvey fell in love with his first snow
  854. Ganging up on the big guy
  855. It was Bring Your Dog Night at the Seattle Mariners game last night. He stared at me
  856. He's so fat and fluffy!
  857. My Shiba and Her Pup Just Had a "Moment"
  858. I'm currently rehabilitating a baby deer - she's fascinated by tv!
  859. No such thing as too many toys for this guy...
  860. Purrfect fit.
  861. Today, I met a floof.
  862. Bunch of puppies
  863. A baby fox was brought to our local vet. Looks almost like CGI on this pic.
  864. Kinda small
  865. Nom nom nom
  866. Turtle
  867. Canine bouncers
  868. Just adopted this 10 year old sweetheart yesterday. Reddit, meet Ginger!
  869. My girlfriend and I are working on introducing the kitten to the cat.
  870. I caught him before a sneeze!
  871. Don't have the heart to tell them they're adopted
  872. A patient of mine today. The more I look at him, the cuter he gets.
  873. Taking a Walk through a Local Neighborhood, Ran into This Little Guy
  874. The conch says, "Noooooo"
  875. Turn the water on
  876. Bender's first birthday party
  877. Our dachshund Sophie meets our Great Dane Butler
  878. where is dad??
  879. Woke Up Next to This Handsome Fella
  880. Little Cooper survived parvo like a champ!
  881. When the belly rubs are too good to eat the source
  882. Boop.
  883. I got myself a kitten to help with my depression, and its working wonderfully. Meet C
  884. Lily was attacking a doily. It got stuck on her tooth.
  885. Can you tell my cat thinks he's handsome?
  886. The look I was given when he woke up. "What the fuck happened last night."
  887. This is not my cat, but she sure wants to come in.
  888. My girlfriend just got a new kitten. Meet boots!
  889. Puppy tub
  890. Baby copies dog for a treat
  891. The peel is the best part of the banana
  892. This is Bahgeera and his slightly inbred brother, Bahgoofa.
  893. Reddit, Look what I narrowly missed with the mower yesterday!
  894. Happy little beaver.
  895. Cats in Hats
  896. Capybara Island
  897. New friend at work. ^_^
  898. Been stomping through the mulberries
  899. Nothing to see here... just us bottles.
  900. Sophie the pug is so angelic.
  901. Our new puppy Scout
  902. Girl goes for a stroll with little rhino
  903. Got my first pet at the age of 27, this is Bellatrix!
  904. Yes, I'm cute...
  905. Our kitty had 5 little jellybeans
  906. This is Jeff....and he likes Pizza
  907. I love lamp.
  908. I've only had him for a few months, but he's already my best friend.
  909. I think we all need more baby beavers in our life
  910. Don't Worry Guys, I Got the Stick!
  911. Thanks, now the focus is blurry..
  912. Siberian Husky
  913. This is a baby otter in a boot. That is all.
  914. Black cat after bath
  915. "My food... Mine!"
  916. My daughter won't sleep in her toddler bed, at least someone is getting some use out
  917. Kitten inside a box.
  918. Pure joy on a hot day
  919. An interesting drinking strategy
  920. Adorable cat-fives
  921. Pet me!
  922. Her first trip to the Oregon Coast.
  923. 90 pounds of handsome
  924. Loki after his first big walk out!
  925. Hannibal is getting too big for his tower.
  926. My son was born yesterday. She is patiently waiting to meet him.
  927. This fluff loves his human in a pot
  928. "Daddy's home!"
  929. secret bunny meeting
  930. Adorable Baby Raccoon
  931. My little Anakin, ain't he a cutie?!
  932. Noodles likes to shake hands when meeting new people
  933. I'll see your baby beaver in a boot and raise you a hedgehog in a muffin tray
  934. Saw this little guy while working on lawns this morning
  935. First car ride!
  936. This chipmunk is an absolute glutton
  937. Found these little pumpkins living under the stairs at my work.
  938. Those stares
  939. Ouroboros Cataphractus
  940. My friend's chow puppy
  941. "I've made a huge mistake"
  942. She's cold.
  943. Onward!
  944. Wait...will you read me a story?!
  945. Hermione actually held still long enough to be photographed.
  946. Rawr!
  947. My friend's pig just had some piggielets!
  948. A dog playing with a deer
  949. Hey, that tickles
  950. Two baby polar bears playing with a big, red ball.
  951. Working on her "pounce and kill" skill.
  952. Friend got a new puppy. Had to do it.
  953. "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them."
  954. Found this happy guy in my garden
  955. I don't think that's how the headrest works
  956. I got a new phone, so I can finally take decent pictures of my Bengal, Cheetara
  957. Little lynx kitten.
  958. Rescued this floof today, she's unimpressed
  959. New Puppy! Meet Benny
  960. I don't know how Beans hasn't been adopted yet. And it's his birthday today!
  961. Rowena got scared at the vet.
  962. This is Crixus.
  963. Chiefy
  964. Wow seriously?! Capybaras are awesome!
  965. Snowball the hepcat
  966. Saved a month old crow from cats! He's called Samuel.
  967. Doggy daycare got this shot of my sister's dog, Olaf.
  968. So I adopted my very first dog today, and it's everything I'd ever hoped it would be.
  969. It's just one of those days...
  970. Moved in with my gf this week. Meet our little roommate
  971. Mud daubers are fucking weird
  972. Dr. ordered a Shiba Pup Dump
  973. I also saw a baby deer today at work
  974. Meet Andy!
  975. Bubbles!
  976. Got this letter at work today. I'm going to miss this generation.
  977. Pupper bowling
  978. Cat and lynx are relaxing together
  979. As per a specific request, I give you Kittens In Socks
  980. This is mine !
  981. Found this fuzz ball in a dumpster
  982. A raccoon riding a bike
  983. Huskies helping their human work out
  984. Happy reindeer
  985. I think this is a cool idea!
  986. Tigers can love too...
  987. It's time to wake up, sleepyhead
  988. I saved a baby groundhog from a dog today - I delivered her to the wildlife rescue in
  989. Pit Bull & Piglet
  990. Piglet Playing With Her Older Brother
  991. Strike!
  992. Our little Pippin, looking all grown up!
  993. We found some baby bunnies nesting in our front yard!
  994. The way my girlfriends dog looks at me melts my heart
  995. Oh yeahhh, right there
  996. This is Nirvana. She's a rescue cat and she is my companion to help me with my PTSD.
  997. Busted!
  998. 5 days ago Jack was a scared, nameless kitten we found running across a divided highw
  999. Bunny Popcorn graduated with a certification as a "hare dresser" .
  1000. So they really do make this face...