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  1. The "I opposed gay marriage until it was extremely politically dangerous not to" star
  2. Things i trust more than Hillary
  3. Let's all wish Hillary a Happy Mother's Day!
  4. Double standards, anyone?
  5. 1/4 of all Hillary Clinton links in a Google Search are for Clinton Scandals. It's ti
  6. Caution
  7. Where'd they go?
  8. Who are we voting for again?
  9. Anybody who would marry this creep and put up with his bullshit for so long clearly w
  11. Watch till the end for a surprise. Video source in comments
  12. Hillary's against free speech: (1) She sponsored a bill banning violent video games f
  13. Secretary Of $tate
  14. This man is the same age as Trump. This is what Hillary does to you.
  15. A Good List
  16. Coming to a general election near you
  17. "I'd love to see a woman president..." –Donald J. Trump
  18. Quickly reminding everyone: Hillary Kkklinton
  19. Got my Hillary sticker in today!!!
  20. Damn Emails!
  21. This is what happens when you read Hilary's autobiography
  22. This is a guy in my towns truck. I figured you all would like this.
  23. "Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate EVER!"
  24. If I have learned one thing from this primary...
  25. “I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adoles
  26. Oh the irony
  27. New Clinton Slogan
  28. High Sparrow Needed: Can't do four years of this!
  29. There are NO coincidences....
  30. Remember, she isn't a whore
  31. The Donald is coming for you
  32. I'm so READY FOR HILLARY, that I donated land to her campaign.
  33. Mark Cuckerberg editing your content for Shillary on the Internet
  34. Crooked Hillary shit herself
  35. Always listen to your parents
  36. Super scary!
  37. Yes We Can!!!
  38. Count On Me
  39. Am I right?
  40. Grow your career the Hillary way!
  41. We put Olly to sleep. Now lets put Hillary into Prison!
  42. A tribute to the lord of slime, "Hillary the Carpathian"
  43. Those pesky handcuffs
  44. Hillary buying votes from Redditors at $5M each!
  45. Meanwhile at Hillary rallies...
  46. Wrap it up folks!
  47. Berners and Trumpeters: we can do this.
  48. What Correct The Record has been spending its money on: Buying private subreddits
  49. Be careful who you call ugly in middle school
  50. Hillary's supporters be like
  51. It's happening!
  52. FBI Director Comey: I don't know what a "Security Inquiry" means
  53. Thought this sub would appreciate my bumber sticker
  54. This just in. What we're doing is just a political move, there isn't a fair way to en
  55. I'm counting on it, bitch
  56. No - No - I meant what I said...
  57. Oh the Irony
  58. When she assails Trump for not releasing tax returns but won't release her Wall Stree
  59. It's Always Sunny was way ahead of it's time
  60. I submitted a FOIA request to the Clinton Library for information on Bill's doodles.
  61. Just doing my part to spread the message! [slither.io]
  62. Hillary Clinton. Upvote to see this on Google images when searching Hillary Clinton!
  63. Sheldon doesn't buy $hillary's bull$hit
  64. 1 week banned for referencing "the record" good to know CTR has mods in /r/politics
  65. Frank Underwood For President
  66. Hillary's face when she says "nothing" damaging is in wall st speeches - breaks eye c
  67. On the topic of HRC and her speeches...
  68. Don't you think she looks tired?
  69. Hillary just STUMPED Trump!!!! Its OVER!
  70. Sigh.
  71. /r/HillaryClinton must be a safe space, no downvoting there... ?_?
  72. Gotta delete that evidence
  73. Got my new bumper sticker!
  74. Verified Hillbot tells Bernie supporter to jump in front of a bus, poorly defends her
  75. TIL: People only dislike Hillary because of media smear campaign ... just in from $hi
  76. Got stuck behind this patriot in traffic
  77. ???? Only in Americaaaaa ????
  78. So the truth can't live in r/HillaryClinton?
  79. Hillary and Obama have a conference call on the coronation
  80. #ImReadyForHer... To go to prison already
  81. Aloha Snackbar! Pretty sure this beats the KKK photo
  82. $hillary knows who primary war victims are
  83. Hillary up to no good with Gaddafi's son...
  84. I made this while high on edibles. I suck at titles.
  85. Only stand for what is convenient to stand for
  86. Words of wisdom!
  87. Hillary finally picked her running mate!
  88. We hit ONE MILLION pageviews for the month of May already! IMPRESSIVE!
  89. Wow, thank you Murphy Bot!
  90. You have a choice.
  91. After the NV convention, I decided to revise Madeline Albright's quote
  92. Even Emilia Clarke hates Shillary
  93. Wearing this to today's golf tournament
  94. "It's not that I like the Empire. I hate it, but there's nothing I can do about it ri
  95. Her supporters.
  96. Could you?
  97. Crooked Kraken
  98. The election in one pic
  99. That's why I support marriage for lesbian and gay couples.
  100. Actually Got a Shill to Admit it
  101. Crooked Hillary is about to end up in the dog house!
  102. Genetics is a bitch, like Hillary.
  103. Hillarita
  104. Hillary shills literally copying and pasting phrases between accounts.
  105. Had to Create a Tic-Tac-Toe Program for a Midterm, Nailed It
  106. What a racist
  107. Her true face
  108. Dumped out duplo blocks for my son. Any ideas what this means??
  109. I'd be willing to be Jabba the Hutt is less crooked than HRC
  110. Yubaba from Spirited Away sort of resembles a caricature of Shillary
  111. Yep, seems about right...
  112. Hillary Clinton. If you vote this up, it'll show up on Google Images when someone sea
  113. Spread this like wildfire!
  114. The two faces of Shillary
  115. Hillary fan applauds potential assassination attempt on Bernie Sanders
  116. Hillary Clinton has stolen numerous speeches from Bernie. She is the ultimate BERNIEB
  117. Picking up a chair is literally worse than dead civilians
  118. Should Sanders supporters now vote Trump?
  119. Finished reading Hillary's autobiography today
  120. Just my dog and I on a walk..
  121. Breaking News from Hillary campaign: Bill is eager to take over Michelle Obama's scho
  122. I was just banned for 7 days for this comment. Seems indirect CTR/shill identificatio
  123. #HillaryLostMe when she couldn't manage two email accounts
  124. Look at her face
  125. Hillary dressed like her hero
  126. Hillary
  127. FOR
  128. Prison
  129. Nice ad choice, Reddit!
  130. This is terrifying.
  131. Fuck you Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  132. You guys did it!!!
  133. That's what I like to see
  134. Nice
  135. Will ya look at that!?
  136. One of the scariest things yet
  137. loL WE DID it reDDIT111#!!!
  138. We did it Reddit!
  139. Hillary turtle
  140. God damn it you guys
  141. So will you guys just like give karma to anyone who posts this?
  142. I'd argue this is better than the actual picture
  143. Perfection.
  144. This ended up being too perfect on mobile
  145. Hillary is often confused.
  146. A Hill-Billy Presidency!
  147. holy shit they did it. those sons of bitches actually did it
  148. Almost.
  149. I make gifs. Here's one of #CrookedHillary giving Abraham Lincoln a lapdance.
  150. It's time to take the dog out-back.
  151. oops :(
  152. The symbolism in my town.
  153. Coming from r/all, I like this idea even better.
  154. Nice!!!
  155. Who thinks it's wrong 'cause I'm flippin' and cashin' in with? Well if you do that's
  156. Look what you glorious bastards did to the front page
  157. #MakeUhmericuhSlavesAgain
  158. Hillary wants to wipe this image with a cloth! Don't let it!
  159. Clinton News Network's dilemma
  160. KKKillary is dreaming if this post is going away!!!
  161. Thank you for reminding me why I love reddit.
  162. If her purchased lawyers are as sad as the purchased trolls, we should see Hillary in
  163. A complete list of all presidential KKKandidates under active FBI investigation (FIXE
  164. A complete list of all presidential candidates under active FBI investigation (x-post
  165. I took a picture with Crooked Hillary!
  166. Daily reminder of the photo Hillary wants deleted.
  167. Oops
  168. Does she have a brain?
  169. Never forget
  170. $Hillary will never be free of it...
  171. test post please ignore
  172. All it knows how to do is LIE
  173. NeverHillary
  174. Clinton
  175. KKK
  176. Hillary
  177. I have come to conclusion what this sub is about
  178. I saw this the night of the primary, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.
  179. $hillary Fan Chases Off Subscriber, Can't Make Up Their Mind About Safe Spaces
  180. Ask not what this shitpost can do for you.. Ask what this shitpost can do for Shillar
  181. Who's With Her?
  182. for the benefit of Australian users.
  183. Hillary & Debbie... "Somebody said 'get the nomination'... so they did"
  184. Let's bring her down!
  185. Thought I'd contribute
  186. Hillary cheering on her supporters
  187. Where are Hillary's transcripts? x-post The_Donald
  188. I hiked for 69 hours to get this photo! Amazing!
  189. Hillary Clinton wiped the Internett with a damp cloth, and almost made this picture d
  190. New notification
  191. The neighbors are no joke
  192. Im just posting this for the excessive amounts of karma...
  193. It All Makes Sense Now...
  194. "She's often confused."
  195. My face when I get caught exposing classified emails
  196. Spotted at Times Square! [Crooked Hillary in the wild part 2]
  197. Stephen Colbert's take on Hillary
  198. How I imagine things look behind closed doors as the FBI continues investigating our
  199. Crooked criminal
  200. Hillary's hypocrisy is so obvious even facebook knows it
  201. Prison Break - Billary Clinton Edition (Made this for the twitter trend)
  202. Guess I have to wait 30 days to try for a permaban
  203. In case you havent seen this 100 times today. A gift from The_Donald
  204. There is a special place in hell for this evil soulless woman.
  205. How I imagine Hilary will handle the indictment
  206. Hillary's relationship advice
  207. For future reference: This is what losing your cool looks like
  208. What's the polls say?
  209. Hahaha
  210. I designed a new bedroom for Crooked Hillary
  211. This is, literally, the HRC sub at the moment.
  212. #DramaAlert
  213. I Googled Vince Foster to read details about his contraversial suicide. Which one of
  214. CNN is being ridiculously hushy about Clinton-related news today; page search reveals
  215. Another lie.
  216. You can't make this stuff up: Hillary supporter says that she can say or do ANYTHING
  217. In case anyone has doubts about her email
  218. A few minutes in MS Paint, and I created a new campaign logo.
  219. George Takei has been shilling for Crooked Hillary. Find the pay off. Make him pay fo
  220. Some Bullshillary
  221. Well, that explains the yoga
  222. Hillary Hindenburg
  223. The average Hillary Supporter
  224. My reaction to all the recent news on Hillary's impending doom
  225. A Hilary supporter's explanation for the audit.
  226. Current state of /r/hillaryclinton
  227. I got banned (again) from the Holy Land of Shills for posting this...
  228. Hillary Admits shows some of her "deleted" emails
  229. Dear FBI: It's time to get the real show started!
  230. Your typical #HillaryMen
  231. Hillary's new hashtag is #ManEnough4Hillary. How about #SyphilisForHillary?
  232. Perfect response from the Sanders camp.
  233. Got a 7-day ban on /r/politics for linking to /r/ShillTopia. The mod who banned me is
  234. This lumbersexual stock photo model is man enough for Hillary. Are you?
  235. Got banned from S4P this morning for posting this. Feels great!
  236. Social engineering Hillary's password
  237. The Donald has one thing to say to Crooked hillary
  238. Reminder!
  239. Hillary's email security precautions. Hacker-proof!
  240. Crooked Hillary
  241. MFW the front page of /r/politics and /r/HillaryForPrison look the same
  242. Trump and Bernie supporters celebrate in different ways to the news of a Trump/Sander
  243. Sat down for a friendly game of Monopoly and noticed something weird.
  244. I just keep thinking this in his voice.
  245. Scumbag Hillary
  246. I made this.
  247. When delusional Hillary supporters tell themselves that everything is always about he
  248. The beautiful "discussion platform" that is /r/hillaryclinton
  249. /r/politics mods banned NebraskaGunOwner over his criticism of their use of megathrea
  250. I literally just want karma
  251. When Trump and Sanders supporters unite against Shillary
  252. Clinton has just released her main speech transcript!
  253. Uh Oh! Crooked Hillary's favorite picture fell over after being ignored for 24 hours.
  254. Something is stalking Hillary Clinton
  255. $hillary for prison
  256. Anyone up for Friday night poetry reading?
  257. If hillary focused on her emails like she focused on breasts maybe this sub wouldn't
  258. #The1Percent
  259. Sure, tilt the H. Also use crosshatch plaid for the background... it looks totally ha
  260. I’M
  261. HER
  262. The only thing she's accomplished...
  263. Goddamn third-party app ads...
  264. One of the many ways n00b Hillary Clinton could have been pwned. Man-in-The-Middle at
  265. It worked out perfectly
  266. Hillary Ready to Serve... Time
  267. Well, here's a good reason to vote for Hillary...
  268. #HillaryDontKnowFISMA
  269. Took them less than 15 minutes to ban me.
  270. We did it reddit!
  271. So fucking close!
  272. Hillary
  273. My mother in law now things I like old white ladies...thanks?
  274. Hillary explains why she should be president
  275. Hillary tries pandering
  276. So disgustingly Hillary-ous!!!
  277. It sort of worked
  278. Me right now
  279. #HillaryDontKnowFISMA
  280. Don't believe anything you see
  281. For real tho...
  282. When Shillary Tries to Relate to Youth Voters
  283. How Hillary Clinton views the FBI
  284. Officer Barbrady, breaking the news to Hillary on her FISMA violations.
  285. (OC) Hillary: The Movie - Unofficial Poster
  286. FOX choose the best picture of Hillary for their segment.
  287. Did somebody say RICO?
  288. After the OIG report came out and proved the lies.
  289. You're no longer allowed to post facts in Hillary's sub.
  290. Only a mind twisted by magic could be so damn stupid.
  291. Clinton cancels Thursday campaign event in N.J.
  292. But muh vagina!
  293. r/HillaryClinton right now
  294. MRW I take the isidewith.com quiz and it says I agree with Hillary 44% of the time
  295. A reminder that these are the "diverse" editors of the Huffington Post who decide if
  296. Hillary's Favorite Harry Potter character
  297. Keep crying, Hillary
  298. Why don't you have a seat Mrs. Clinton.
  299. Shillary's freudian slip
  300. Zoom in
  301. :)
  302. Another angle of Bernie 'sleeping', add slander to Hillary's offenses!
  303. Yes, in fact it is suggested.
  304. Clinton Campaign Reveals New Response To Email Controversy
  305. Best description of a Hillary supporter I've ever seen in my life
  306. FBI after you? There's one thing to do!
  307. Here come dat FBI
  308. Hillary orders supporter to drop child in gorilla habitat to get her out of headlines
  309. I entered for a chance at dinner with Hillary (why not?) and was immediately hit with
  310. No bias here. According to MSNBC, there's no story to be had with Hillary jeopardizin
  311. The censorship over at /r/hillaryclinton is getting absurd.
  312. Slither.io knows the truth
  313. I liked it better when he was working for Hydra
  314. Sexism
  315. Hillary Reaches Out to the Youth
  316. Shills claim this is off-topic!!!?!?!
  317. Pretty sure this is one of you.
  318. Hail Hitlary #neverhillary https://www.lulzyshirts.com/products/hail-hitlary-t-shirt-
  319. Leaked Image From Hillary's Headquarters
  320. Quotes from our Democratic nominee...unbelievable.
  321. How Hillary gets off
  322. Hilliary and Google running interference for a predator.
  323. What Nixon would think of Hillary
  324. TFW when half the posts on your sub are made by one person
  325. Meme magic
  326. Simple
  327. Is this who you want to be you're president?
  328. Talk vs. Track Record
  329. Smart Phone, Evil Woman.
  330. Lazy Hillary having the same campaign slogan as a former candidate in the race
  331. Hillary Clinton's Keyboard!
  332. Privilege
  333. Seriously, what is??
  334. Illegal
  335. Even my bar exam review book knows what's up
  336. So everyone is angry at google about 3 black folks images. This is what comes up for
  337. Apple Safari knows what's up #CrookedHillary
  338. Brazen Hypocrisy
  339. If you're under criminal investigation by the FBI, maybe you shouldn't run for Presid
  340. Does...not...compute
  341. Martha Stewart got that insight on lock.
  342. Do you ever look at stuff and wonder how it got there?
  343. "Business opportunity"
  344. Raj Fernando; reason 1,896,213 why Hillary is Corrupt as fuck
  345. F*ck Hillary
  346. Who Wore it Better?
  347. /r/politics is now correcting the record.
  348. The Coronation of Hillary Clinton [Art]
  349. Hillary needs to be behind bars
  350. "Isn't the DNC a beautiful ship?"
  351. The news cycle has changed to subreddit drama and shootings and I'm just sitting here
  352. Reminder that Hillary is racist
  353. I spotted one of you while I was out today.
  354. I swing both ways
  355. This isn't TWoW or the next season of Walking Dead; RELEASE THAT SHIT.
  356. A man can meme can't he?
  357. Hillary Color Chart
  358. Twitter is may be censoring too. Where is bernie?
  359. Empress Hilpatine's new DNC Chair; new face, old shit
  360. "Hillary's emails will be released November 31st" -- November only has 30 days
  361. I came here to whip this sub into shape.
  362. Look who is a lying cuck now.
  363. Hillary Bolton
  364. KILLARY looking in her mirror
  365. We almost did it guys!
  366. Guccifer slaying the Devil.
  367. Day 1 of her presidency.
  368. You Lie You Die (I Am Hell Bound)
  369. Hillary on Wall Street speeches "It's what they offered"
  370. Not A Word From CNN On Guccifer 2.0 Dump... But Sanders Went To The Wrong Luncheon To
  371. In case you hadn't seen this one
  372. Does Anyone Else remember This Old gem?
  373. CNN's political front page. Apparently Hillary's "12 best burns" of Trump is the bigg
  374. Ethics? We Don't need no stinking ethics.
  375. Let's not forget her years of experience
  376. BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is the projected winner of the FBI Primary.
  377. Bought myself a birthday present to spread some truth in Philly next month. It's perf
  378. Kandidate Killary Klinton
  379. Reminder, Hillary's closest advisor (and alleged lesbian lover) Huma Abedin is a know
  380. Hell just froze over
  381. Might be a repost but still relevant
  382. She will read anything that's on the TelePrompTer!
  383. LOL.
  384. Called it. I'm starting to think some of the /r/sandersforpresident mods are bought.
  385. Hillary: "It's JUST a 'security inquiry!', I tell you!"
  386. Google suggestions for: "Is Hillary Going to Jail"
  387. Don't Blow It
  388. Saw this in my home town
  389. Somebody pick up the phone because I fucking called it
  390. I would like to encourage this person to step foward
  391. Frank Underwood is probably a better pick than Hillary, less blood on the hands and f
  392. Not only did i get banned from /r/enoughhillhate for posting facts, i just got this m
  393. Whoops!!!!!!!!!!
  394. Hillary is Cersei without the incest (I didn't make this)
  395. I've made a helpful little aid for dealing with hillbots
  396. Just made my first great meme.
  397. You guys are fighting the good fight
  398. Nixon + Clinton = "I'm not a crook" * 2
  399. One of you lives in my town.
  400. Two words: I agree!
  401. [BF4] This guy gets it.
  402. Game of Office - Hillary Version
  403. Exactly what I want to wipe my ass with
  404. Just a little something i noticed...
  405. Found this gem in grandfather's political memorabilia. Circa 2001
  406. Shining bright future with these 2
  407. Are you kidding me?!?1?!1
  408. Did you hear the latest 3-second long Trump Blurb?
  409. /r/hillaryclinton crying
  410. A Wild Comey Appears!
  411. After this last week, this is the next logical thing to happen right ??
  412. Photo just in from the Clinton residence in Chappaqua, New York
  413. When hearing that Hillary was going to meet with the FBI today my wife lit these to h
  414. Thank You Comey
  415. Remember everyone, DO NOT BRIGADE the Hillary Clinton subreddit! Watching them try to
  416. One last thing left to delete Hillary - Hillary!
  417. hillary clinton is going down
  418. War Hawk Clinton: Comeying this Independence Day
  419. Taken from the hillaryClinton sub; Why is this okay?
  420. Don't forget to flush!
  421. MRW I'm being investigated by the FBI for sharing classified information, my foundati
  422. Shh! Don't tell the shills or Hillbot will take it down.
  423. Absolute Madmen! The manipulation - Never forget!!
  424. It was just a question, guys.
  425. Which one of you did I drive by today?
  426. All proceeds will go to charity
  427. "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."
  428. The ad I'm being shown on this subreddit is just too perfect.
  429. Anti-hillary Parade Float ...
  430. The After Announcement Reaction I want. It Happening! It's Happening!
  431. TFW you're guilty AF But Get away with it anyway
  432. Jim blowme
  433. The Bitch now sits...
  434. Side effects may include...
  435. Hillary Clinton when she found out the FBI is not recommending charges
  436. Hillary is honest
  437. The Empire Strikes Back
  438. Comey at me, bro
  439. Sillary 2.0
  440. Gross Neglegence is now a double standard
  441. #TooBigToJail
  442. friend showed up to 4th of july party with this. which one of you started selling the
  443. Poor people do not carry this card...as far as I know
  444. Hillary. Above the Law.
  445. all of us at work tomorrow
  446. Just my small contribution.
  447. The most likely reason.
  448. I asked my dad what he thought about Comey's announcement. He's doesn't have to be a
  449. Who did this ????
  450. Quick Example of Rules the Peons Have to Follow
  451. CNN front page today. I guess Clinton is just not important enough.
  452. Open and shut case, Johnson!
  453. A repost that needs to be reposted. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  454. Join the fun! #MoreTrustedThanHillary trending on twitter
  455. Closest thing to the truth
  456. No man is above the law...
  457. Saw this in the mall while I was with my Fiancé. This was in Spencer's.
  458. The most challenging part of treatment is breaking through denial. Inform them so we
  459. Jared from Subway offering to Babysit - #MoreTrustedThanHillary
  460. This Snake - #MoreTrustedThanHillary
  461. Hillary Clinton right now...
  462. Confess to Your Crimes, Stale End Piece of White Bread!
  463. Be Realistic
  464. The moment hillary discovered she has unlimited power
  465. For those of you concerned with the FBI decision to not proceed with the email case.
  466. I got so pissed off I had to stop the car. Then I saw what they actually said. Think
  467. I'm not going to sleep well tonight.
  468. Life's a bitch!
  469. I made this for you Guys. She Would If She Could.
  470. When it comes to Hillary Clinton... I guess nothing matters anymore. Am I right?
  471. New pin
  472. Corruption buddies!
  473. "You have been banned from /r/hillaryclinton"
  474. The denizens of r/HillaryClinton figured her political endgame out before us, lets pa
  475. TFW you work as Secret Service but you're considering going back to pizza deliveries.
  476. Google still at it, trying to protect Hillary.
  477. Just doing my small part
  478. I thought you guys might like this old newspaper I found
  479. If you copy and flip Clintons hair she still looks like a dickhead.
  480. Hillary Supporters
  481. So, it has come to this
  482. Q: How many beers do you have to drink to be able to support Hillary? A: 64
  483. "Hillary is not somebody who fears the future. She believes that it is ours to shape.
  484. BREAKING! JUST LEAKED: Clinton's personal deodorizer
  485. Fuck you Bernie!!!
  486. Found this Review of the ship
  487. Had to post this. Bernie supports Clinton against his will lol
  488. Seriously people, I'm 100% convinced we can trust Hillary to stand by all of her new
  489. The real reason bernie did this to us
  490. Summertime Sandess
  491. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  492. Option A or Option B?
  493. That candid laughing face
  494. Named my virus Hillary in Plague inc. then this happened.
  495. Subtle
  496. The Hillary Defense
  497. MFW I'm Hillary Clinton and an evil, corrupt, disgusting scum of a human being
  498. Do I need to remind everyone that Hillary carries a snuke?
  499. Don't worry folks, this guy as the new Attorney General will prosecute the Hillary Gr
  500. He didn't want her and neither do we!!!
  501. I can taste it...
  502. Google getting a bit heavy-handed
  503. Found this gem driving around today
  504. Hillary Clinton's campaign after her Endorsement by sanders
  505. So, which one of you is this?
  506. It's full of it.
  507. Very subtle, Yahoo....
  508. That's commitment.
  509. I know the war I voted for killed 500,000 people, but.....
  510. Yas queen
  511. Further proof of election fraud
  512. Clinton Supporters attitude toward Sanders Supporters after the FBI Investigation and
  513. DNC's turn to throw the election
  514. Obama during his DNC speech
  515. Hillary Rotten Clinton, right now...
  516. Can you feel the corruption tonight?
  517. I want Hillary!
  518. All I could think of when she was on that screen. Big Brother is Watching You.
  519. I made a thing.
  520. So the system is rigged in my favor
  521. Bring that ass over here
  522. One of her many evil plots
  523. Fake emotion.. who has a facial expression like this when something unexpected happen
  524. It isnt even her final Form
  525. Even Instagram agrees
  526. I'm with H...Oh...
  527. Hillary pays close attention to details.
  528. I'm just going to leave this here...
  529. Not sure if this already made it around Reddit yet or not...
  530. bernie's delegates be like...
  531. Printed these last night at work. Remember Benghazi.
  532. Look at those wrinkles! What's holding this woman together? Hillary Clinton is Yzma.
  533. Interesting use of imagery from HRC campaign poster... our new Harmonious Leader?
  534. Look what I found.
  535. Chairwoman Clinton
  536. Hillary Clinton. Upvote and it will show up when you google Hillary Clinton
  537. She's awful
  538. My local news station gets it (I only cropped this screenshot)
  539. Google Trying to Rig The Election Again
  540. Hillary can't turn a dollar down no matter who it comes from
  541. Meanwhile...
  542. It's all about advertising
  543. Googles Coverup For Hillary
  544. What hillary's email page looks like
  545. CNN trying to report on the few people who showed up for Clinton's rally in Omaha
  546. Oh what a difference taking a few steps back can make
  547. Crooked Hillary
  548. I know you all hate her, but Hillary looks pretty good in natural light
  549. One's already in prison......
  550. Please no...
  551. This seems overpriced
  552. only time i appreciate Ad in my article
  553. Stop! You've violated the law
  554. These tweets just came up next to each other in my Twitter feed. I have never witness
  555. Hillary's handler with seizure medication autoinjector in his hand?
  556. Shitpost please ignore
  557. Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Any Candidate's Committee, Huh?
  558. Someone actually Destroyed my Hillary for Prison car magnet. it's all good though, i
  559. She must Disavow!
  560. Hillard Clixon? Indict now. Impeachment will be too late
  561. Just another Hillary shitpost
  562. Meme magic is real!
  563. As a new father, I can't be more proud.
  564. Who's crooked now
  565. Hillhub
  566. WANTED! For Crimes Against the United States
  567. Speaks for itself
  568. Killary 4 prison!!!
  569. Google supports criminals
  570. Even The AI bots are aware
  571. Someone add this to the wikipedia page
  572. Remember, Kissinger is the one the Clintons take vacations with and of whom she loudl
  573. What I hear when people say #imwithher
  574. Can't look away
  575. HRC's stance on the FOIA...
  576. Bernie Sanders/Gary Johnson supporter got myself permanently banned from /r/politics
  577. Honestly, I think we SHOULD give her some credit for her accomplishments
  578. Hillary's recurring nightmare
  579. Hillary set herself up for that one
  580. Ok, which of one of you beautiful bastards did this?
  581. Last words, don't text and drive
  582. man vs woman
  583. Crap this is too easy
  584. Hillary's Back Door, if you know what I mean
  585. Hillary suffers from "decision fatigue"
  586. Which serial killer disturbs you the most?
  587. Possibly the transcripts are in Sandy Burglars underwear
  588. Nonetheless, Anyone know who she is
  589. Delete
  590. At the mere mention of another possible female president to oppose Hillary, there is
  591. Virtue by Association: How the Clintons Profit from Non-Profits
  592. He's with her...
  593. Blame the playa, don't blame the game.
  594. All donations will be greatly appreciated
  595. I'm Ready For Her!
  596. Lest we not forget
  597. Meanwhile... a look inside CTR / HRC Headquarters
  598. The money shot.
  599. Get yo Ass in The Kitchen
  600. Only good intentions and positive vibes
  601. Isis: Thanks Obama!
  602. Confessions of a Hillary shill (she's sick)
  603. Weiner Pics
  604. At the Clintons Request, only onsite backups were to be made by PRN, however due to a
  605. Hillary to FBI ivestigators
  606. Willy Wonka wasn't safe
  607. Hillary and her press enjoy a ride on her Airplane!
  608. So one of my friends made 2 accounts last night and one account to post "trump sucks"
  609. Coming this fall
  610. My Dad's Old T-Shirt From '92
  611. Ready for Hillary
  612. The Body Trail Continues....
  613. r/HillaryClinton at work
  614. Mom: That shirt is offensive! Me: Well, I'm offended by lying, war mongering, and cor
  615. Can we trust her if she can't remember anything? I think NOT!
  616. CNN (2 years ago): Sipping a bottled water during a speech is "potentially career end
  617. Was looking for a job and found this. At first I was disgusted, but now I wonder if I
  618. When You Search "Earpiece" On Google Images
  619. Got a reminder to vote this election cycle
  620. "I'm With .."
  621. I love the National Enquirer
  622. My neighbor updated his Bernie sign.
  623. She can't keep getting away with it!
  624. The body count
  625. She should just keep on walking all the way to jail. She is Unfit to be POTUS!
  626. Forgetful Fanny!
  627. Twitter cover-up in effect! "Hillary feinting" now redirects to "Hillary painting"
  628. Hillary Hauler
  629. insufficient evidence
  630. Weekend at Hillary's?
  631. Me_irl
  632. I think this might be slightly relevant to this sub ...
  633. The media really dug themselves deep with their relentless Clinton health denial. Her
  634. My own little earlobe comparison of Hillary
  635. Hill's Cough and Truth Supressant.
  636. How It Works: The Hillary Propaganda Machine
  637. Hillary who are you calling Deplorable
  638. Opening quote of Christopher Hitchens' "No One Left To Lie To". Quite possibly the be
  639. Politics mods delete thread for unacceptable title, but he's not so sure.
  640. Twitter makes clever suggestions...
  641. September 23
  642. Uhh..no, we can't.
  643. the sidebar ad appearing on hillaryForPrison today is perfect!
  644. What do we say to the House Oversight Committee today?
  645. hillary should be in PRISON!
  646. Deplorable
  647. Powell's thoughts on Clinton are too good to miss
  648. I hadn't been following election news lately and just heard about the "deplorables" l
  649. Canadian media thinks calling Hitlery the least likable woman candidate is sexist
  650. Not gonna make that mistake again...
  651. Hillary's favorite pizza spot
  652. A bobble head is smarter than her.
  653. Moveon.org is acting now like the media has not done enough to report on Trump's acti
  654. The Secret Service Called Her Energizer
  655. "Vote for Trump and stop globalism." "Vote for Sanders and stop wall street greed." "
  656. My Hillary Clinton costume arrived!
  657. Found this great comment on the "Chillin in Cedar Rapids" video
  658. A true Hillary Clinton Supporter
  659. Found this at my local library
  660. Getting ready for CGI FDN Fashion Show @ Clinton Correctional Facility in Arkansas wh
  661. Are tensions growing between Hillary and Barack now??
  662. Not exactly what I was expecting. But then again...
  663. Facebook friend put this up at his shop
  664. EVEN ON RUNESCAPE people will stop what they're doing to attack the Clinton's
  665. If it turns out that /u/stoneTear is in fact Paul Combetta, this post of him mocking
  666. This sub when it finally happens
  667. No surprise here!
  668. Obama said the war against ISIS is one of narratives. Tell that 29 New Yorkers with s
  669. Noticed this on my way to class in PA! Right down the road from the DNC office in tow
  670. Just plain folks like you
  671. With apologies to Mr. Porky Pig. He deserves Better than Tis
  672. Truth
  673. Littering annnddd... corruption
  674. MRW I'm doing some benches when they find my r/exchangeserver posts
  675. Hillary's team discusses how to win over millenial Bernie Sanders Voters
  676. So, what's up with Todd Madison?
  677. Hillary's Campaign Slogan Takes On A New Meaning
  678. This is illegal, yes?
  679. Clinton's "Campaign Trail"
  680. "Transparency"
  681. Pay No Attention.... Comic
  682. Put some aspirin next to your bed for the morning
  683. The lizard lady's true form has been revealed!!!!
  684. This displeases me.
  685. Hillary wanted to make sure she showed both eyes were working together at the debates
  686. What Could Have Been
  687. Aunt calls me sexist for not supporting Hillary!
  688. /she finally admitted it
  689. The fall guy
  690. Less Progressive Than A Neo Con
  691. Illegal pollutions
  692. My thoughts exactly
  693. Throw away this guy too.
  694. So then I says: "At this point in time, WHAT DOES IT MATTER?"
  695. Hey, Do You 'Member Kathleen Willey?
  696. Thank you to whoever did this. (Sorry for potato quality)
  697. Corrupt Comey
  698. She will sell the nation and no one will talk about it
  699. Start charity for yourself, donate the amount of your tax bill, deduct same. Owe no t
  700. Regret
  701. Who wore it better?
  702. It had to be done
  703. From Guccifer 2.0: TARP Recipients (1).xls (image description relevant)
  704. Tim Kaine's drinking buddy
  705. Hillary, who was recently exposed of starting wars over her personal pettiness, says
  706. Forget about Hillary, she will be dead soon from her health, this will be our preside
  707. Always Sunny nails it
  708. Once a Crook...Always a Crook!
  709. mfw I'm browsing /r/HillaryforPrison on the can at work and "Season of the Witch" sta
  710. Hilpig
  711. The Goldman Sachs speech Hillary REALLY didn't want us to see
  712. This is what we're up against, folks
  713. So in the echo chamber that r/politics has become, there is no incriminating evidence
  714. Partners in crime
  715. Hey Hillary, what was that?
  716. First thing I thought of tonight.
  717. Media thinks what a candidate said years ago in private is more important
  718. This is the reply that got me banned from /r/politics for 21 days!
  719. I do Valet parking, time to start the week off The right way.
  720. In case you forgot her position on Syria.
  721. Well, The Donald warned her!! (Last night, in fact.)
  722. Proof of treason
  723. Figured this sub would appreciate my Grandma's new bobble head.
  724. Honesty.
  725. Reddit won't allow Anti-Hillary ads on their site
  726. MSM media coverage of Trump tapes vs. Wikileaks.
  727. PLEASE CHECK OUT @god.emperor.trump ON INSTAGRAM! THANK YOU
  728. The floor is covered in it, errrr . . . . them
  729. They love me in /r/politics
  730. I have a question for all you Clinton folks...
  731. Even the machines know what's up...
  732. This plane circled MetLife Stadium for an hour or so before the NY Giants game today!
  733. CTR Shills installed as Mods (On THAT subreddit)
  734. I'm not seeing any CTR on /politics since the O'Keefe video was dropped 8 hours ago.
  735. Banned from r/liberal for speaking my opinion
  736. Another tolerant liberal!
  737. #WhereIsJulian?
  738. Julian Assange
  739. Are the baseball gods trying to tell us something? C IS FOR CLASSIFIED!
  740. Hillary's Inaugural Parade
  741. Clinton supporter tells Stein supporter that he'll be "shot in the head" for voting f
  742. She's been telling you this the whole time what to do.
  743. Holy Moses
  744. Using Halloween to Show Dislike for Hillary
  745. Trump that bitch.
  746. A mock campaign poster you might enjoy
  747. A very unhappy birthday to this disgusting piece of lying cheating shit. Hopefully th
  748. Hillary the hut
  749. It's Grandma Nixons Birthday. May you end up behind bars for the rest of your unnatur
  750. Same paper, same date, different regions
  751. Can't Argue With Abe Lincoln's Logic
  752. A new skateboard deck I think this sub might like
  753. Is this happening?
  754. Chelsea teaching some life lessons
  755. spread this like wildfire even if you have to instagram the shit out of it and make s
  756. Hillary Clinton's new book!
  757. Pricetag
  758. Based College GameDay sign #LockHerUp
  759. About time
  760. Maga
  761. Halloween never looked so good.
  762. /r/politics put Erica Garner's criticisms of Hillary in the "FBI reopening case" mega
  763. Rekt
  764. Top post in /r/politics. CTR panic is palatable and I love it. TRUMPHITLERTRUMPHITLER
  765. I don't know if this is acceptable here, but I found these two on campus last night.
  766. Hillary for Prison sign in the Chicago Cubs post game show. Cameraman went off it bef
  767. Which one of us did this?!
  768. The Clinton's are such dirt bags..... Both of them are losers who belong in jail!
  769. Googling "pathological lying" shows a picture of Hillary Clinton
  770. Hillary's new Voter Base
  771. Another view of the Hillary For Prison sign at Wrigley last night.
  772. Thought you guys might like my costume
  773. Found a picture in a magazine from my former college. Did a little Arts n Crafts to m
  774. Scared the fuck out of me
  775. Slate and Hillary BTFO: A Walkthrough
  776. Now I can go to bed & rest easy!
  777. It's a Party in the USA...
  778. Thanks, Fox!
  779. Got this reply when I sent someone articles about Donna Brazile. They really are dumb
  780. /r/politics is a fucking joke
  781. Im sorry I called you an asshole
  782. What group are you?
  783. Shawn Lucas, Process Server for Bernie Sanders Supporters Lawsuit Died of Powerful Mi
  784. Can't make this shit up, folks. This is how Hillary supporters choose a candidate...
  785. A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not vict
  786. Podesta warned 8 years ago about cyber security threats and the need for encrypted co
  787. Grasping at Straws....
  788. Top of the mornin', /r/hillaryforprison! Only 4 days left until the Election!
  789. Hello
  790. Anyone wanna guess why the Saudis support Clinton?
  791. Look who made it to Blizzcon
  792. If Jimmy Dore parts ways with The Young Turks (that joined the Clinton campaign), I'l
  793. Pre- and Post-CTR influences on what we're allowed to see and know about our governme
  794. Forgive the shitpost, but this snarky reply was too good not to advertise (considerin
  795. What's going on with Maeve Luzzato?
  796. Probably not a mistake
  797. Google working hard for $hillary in the last few days until the election
  798. Mop secret
  799. No sure if this on here yet!
  800. Took me 45 seconds to trigger some salty mods
  801. FBI
  802. Truth
  803. We are all Hillary
  804. Newsweek already got Crookeds cover printed..
  805. Newsweek is already celebrating Hillary's victory. #rigged
  806. These numbers don't make any sense at all. Something Fucky is going on.
  807. Target stockings know what's up
  808. Milo just shared this on Facebook
  809. Dog escaping after peeing on Hillary
  810. Fuck yeah!
  811. I was exposing too much and got banned from The _Donald. We have been compromised. Yo
  812. Michelle Bachmann just posted this on her Facebook page
  813. Give the power back to the people!
  814. When Clintons message is so bad she needs Bon Jovi to sing: Livin' on a Prayer
  815. Lady Gaga
  816. Friendly reminder; The reason they don't want you to look at those emails.
  817. When I've read all the Wikileaks and I'm begging my friends not to vote for a crimina
  818. Rented a movie last night & my father hit me with some Truth!
  819. How Hillary Showers
  820. When you're trying to explain the crooked DNC, and have to resort to finger paint
  821. Nooo it was supposed to be my tuuuuurn!
  822. Make 'merica Great Again
  823. Made a special cake for somebody's birthday today.
  824. 62% swing in 24 hours!
  825. Breaking: Hillary on a plane to sweden
  826. Yesterday $hillary was -550 to win, currently the underdog!
  827. Such a bad candidate she couldn't beat Evan McMillan, who even if that?
  828. Trumps first day in office
  829. The result we're gonna get
  830. Based on her past conduct....
  831. Who woulda thought Hillary would blow it harder then Monica?
  832. this felt good
  833. Looks like she won
  834. It'd be a shame...
  835. Let's hear it for two time loser and soon to be prison cell occupant HILLARY "It's no
  836. Drop it like its hot!
  837. I should work on my soap handling skills...
  838. TFW you spend the entire election cycle shilling for Hillary and she still loses.
  839. The real winner today
  840. She better RUN!
  841. UNELECTABLE. If you vote this up it will show up on Google images when people search
  842. So quiet at the Clinton Campaign....
  843. The Last Hillary Meme
  844. (f) emale
  845. The only campaign promise I care about
  846. Knock, Knock Shillary
  847. Wakey Wakey Hillary Supporters!
  848. My Facebook post last night
  849. r/politics
  850. Better get used to these bars, Hillary
  851. Maybe I shouldn't have deleted those emails...
  852. Don't you ever campaign next to me or my child again
  853. Tulster concealed carry is doing a flash sale in celebration of the election... the c
  854. "Hey, sugarplum. You dropped your emails..."
  855. I knew that outfit looked familiar...
  856. Hillary's got some explaining to do
  857. Podesta Pizza Summary
  858. Best picture of hillary
  859. When you're going through your old reddit comment history. :/
  860. Now you are officially Trumped!
  861. When people that don't vote throw a fit
  862. Soon
  863. Company Policy
  864. Anybody remember this gem? Every one of the people that helped her rig this election
  865. Hey /r/all remember when these five crooks quit right in the middle of the election?
  866. So I guess that makes us Eskimo brothers
  867. Should Hillary Clinton start revolution?
  868. John Madden be like...
  869. To all the Hillary supporters who said third parties won Donald Trump the election.
  870. Stronger ToGetHer
  871. Keith Ellison is good friends with the son of George Soros, Alex Soros
  872. I'd rather have the Vice President who believes the earth is 6,000 years old than hav
  873. Wikileaks possible encrypt keys
  874. Michael Moore
  875. Rigged
  876. Ran into a anti-Trump protester