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  1. Checkmate Gay people
  2. Michael J Fox Parenting Simulator 2015
  3. Damn assholes not realizing her struggle
  4. When mods at /r/ImGoingToHellForThis deny your post because it's not "hell-worthy" en
  5. I'll take mine shaken...
  6. The Newest McDonald's Burger
  7. TFW you can't say something racist on a racist sub
  8. To move, or not to move...
  9. Dj pope
  10. Monday Night Football just went full retard
  11. He's got to be a strong man.
  12. In hindsight it seems so obvious
  13. Rap God
  14. You can not fool Old Wise Man
  15. It doesnt matter
  16. Has Google gone too far?
  17. It was hard to distinguish the two
  18. Throw back Coca Cola
  19. Christopher Walken.
  20. TSA employee checklist
  21. Check Your Privilege Grandpa
  22. It's magic
  23. This cosplay business is absolutely wonderful.
  24. My Husband
  25. Mary
  26. How can fatigue be real if arms aren't real?
  27. Christina H. Sommers is my favourite person on twitter
  28. Clock Boy went international
  29. In the light of recent events
  30. Need help - How do I connect my Steam CS:GO account with this livestream? And which c
  31. This humor would be more appreciated here
  32. True for any mass murder
  33. That was one long line in Walmart!
  34. 2K vs CoD
  35. America watching the terrorist events unfolding
  36. Racism is dead
  37. For all those experiencing existential crisis
  38. Too Soon?
  39. Quick, some one arrange a mass shootings in Wyoming.
  40. Mission accomplished
  41. "look ma! I'm road kill! Ha ha ha!" nsfw
  42. Some Christmas advertising over in New Zealand
  43. Spelling is important.
  44. Waiting to see this girl somehow in San Bernardino CA shootings.....
  45. downvote this
  46. I Can See Down Your Shirt!
  47. "Why the fuck would you wanna watch bestiality"
  48. Whalelord
  49. Found this review on Le Bataclan
  50. Syed Farook is the most interesting Jihadist
  51. Breast feeding in public causes autism
  52. Jew gold
  53. Lets Talk Gun Control
  54. Breaking News: They announced the Blade Runner is running from his murder charge
  55. Dammit Bush
  56. New Valve Game
  57. Thank you for your service though
  58. My new bumper sticker.
  59. We get it, you vape
  60. Personally Incorrect is so Topical
  61. The Pakis are out of containment again.
  62. Yet another drinking game
  63. David Cameron when he bombed Syria
  64. Cat
  65. I wonder what the motive was
  66. Character Issues
  67. Find your word!
  68. The Dream Team.
  69. Lit like Vesuvius
  70. Je Suis...
  71. The wife of the San Bernardino victim has something to wear at his funeral.
  72. In a thread on a gif of a what happens when you vacuum ashes
  73. On the defunding of Planned Parenthood
  74. Dont hate the player. Hate the game
  75. Best selling item in San Bernardino Walmart as of yesterday
  76. Who's hungry?
  77. My daughter is funny
  78. Where's a suicide bomber when you need one?
  79. Dead People
  80. Now we know why Hitler had such a high KDR
  81. Mom, why did you bring me into this world?!
  82. Found this baby in the archives.
  83. Saudi Arabia's newest garage band.
  84. [Fixed] Cat
  85. Relationship Goals...too soon?
  86. My Aunts been trying to get me to move for months
  87. With age comes wisdom.
  88. RIP Scott Weiland
  89. Friend Drew Tumblrina, Figured I'd Share it
  90. Too soon?
  91. the new ISIS scanner
  92. When life gives you lemons....
  93. WTF snapchat?!
  94. Saw a post earlier that reminded me of this
  95. [OC] The New Album
  96. Wanna go to the museum?
  97. Candlelight vigil for Scott Weiland
  98. Post on girl without brain trying to breath/dying
  99. When you nut and she keep sucking (Happy PKS awareness day)
  100. Facebook is savage
  101. Read to head to the movies!
  102. Too soon?
  103. Thanks Mom
  104. sometimes correlation does equal causation
  105. Bear Down from San Bernardino
  106. With all these attacks in recent news i feel that we are forgetting the true hero.
  107. allahu akbar
  108. Contraband items on all Liberal University campuses.
  109. Women get STEM degrees too!
  110. Every time
  111. Life-sized teddy bear!
  112. It all makes sense now.
  113. Think of the children!
  114. For your black friends this chirstmas season...
  115. Side hoes don't need no jewelry..
  116. How Jews were shipped in WWII
  117. Why feminists don't like Leia's bikini
  118. Fürher Rocher
  119. Sharing is Caring
  120. Well, that's one theory...
  121. Just manly things
  122. I'd like to see someone to fact check this
  123. Jihad & Chill
  124. When people take their cutting cycles to seriously.
  125. Probably True
  126. Showing her face would bring shame to her, so let's honor that.
  127. TFW you nut in a regard.
  128. Googled gun range and came across this good deal.
  129. You're not gonna get many jobs treating the CEO like a piece of shit
  130. Snickers circa 1944
  131. This looks like a fun game. Try substituting "vegan" for "feminist"
  132. If used properly!
  133. Even up north you feel like you're in the south
  134. 90% of redditors understand
  135. Fuuuck
  136. Family changes
  137. Check your privilege skinny bitch
  138. Do Your Job Woman
  139. Keeps on just prayin'
  140. Blast shield for peace treaty
  141. Battlefield Hardline DLC
  142. My Christmas sweater is NOT ugly.
  143. Anyway, here's potatowall
  144. Read that as "blacks" not back...
  145. I'm going out on a limb here and saying she's a tumblr feminist
  146. So where are all the black geniuses?
  147. They titled this book wrong, "Your Life Without Limbs"
  148. Jewish game night
  149. I heard fleshlight is testing out a new product line.
  150. Only small goats for this one.
  151. Which came first?...
  152. Uniting for a Common Good
  153. Party animal
  154. Since Christmas is coming up I'd like to help someone out!
  155. It's about time!!
  156. This was the winner tonight
  157. Getting right into the holiday spirit with this Gingerbread House.
  158. You have to know what stereotypes to follow.
  159. Every girls weakness is a guy in a uniform
  160. Hard to get over it
  161. Ashton Kutcher had a girlfriend who was murdered by a serial killer while they were d
  162. As American as Apple Pie
  163. Pope Francis trying to look islam-friendly
  164. Just Girly Things
  165. great american media
  166. Safe Sex, ISIS style
  167. Congratulations
  168. Might want to cancel more than a week
  169. I'd like to personally pay my respect to Scott Weiland
  170. Sweden, Malmö in 2035.
  171. So proud of him!
  172. Bitch, you just jealous I got a Father.
  173. A heroin addict on my Facebook is setting the bar real high...
  174. Syrian Gingerbread Man
  175. That was a bad burn
  176. He's probably ableist too
  177. When terrorists enter Bataclan
  178. Stand With San Bernardino
  179. Don't scroll by without leaving a radaway
  180. The world's reaction to a mass shooting in America, now that there's one a week.
  181. My patronus is Hitler.
  182. I just fly the drone..
  183. Also, expect the zombie plague to hit soon.
  184. Beam me up Ahmed
  185. Fuck the children
  186. I wonder why...
  187. The Barka
  188. You P.C. bro?
  189. When you have a good time and remember you're black
  190. Führer, for men.
  191. Probably wasn't wearing kneepads
  192. Unreliable
  193. It's his favourite song
  194. Canada invites to Muslim tolerance
  195. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole funeral
  196. Coincidence?
  197. I'm sure everyone that died was in a similar postion
  198. Can't wait to get my 72 virgins!
  199. Encouraging Artists
  200. When the meth is laced with gluten
  201. I was skipped.
  202. Ru-dolf
  203. My Pokemon profile pic for the month... #supportparas
  204. daaaaaaayyymn
  205. But it never happens
  206. Inspiring quote from Henry Ford
  207. Am New Jerseyan. Can confirm.
  208. Indian women's red dot...
  209. More double standards on Yik Yak
  210. K.K.Knievel's greatest stunt yet
  211. #onlycollegestuff
  212. Upside Downs
  213. More weird than out and out dark, but figured a Basket Case reference would fit in we
  214. My Childhood Memories Ruined Forever
  215. Go! Go! Go!
  216. Savage
  217. My shitty attempt at link karma stealing from a comment.
  218. Modern "Feminism" 101
  219. It's actually the Muslims
  220. She's ready
  221. Potatoes any way you like them!
  222. It's a bumpy ride...
  223. Dead girls can't say no.
  224. All femenists need is Braille
  225. Whaling
  226. The best time of the day
  227. At a feminist doctors office
  228. Might consider...
  229. How do they even see in those, anyway?
  230. Fuck da police
  231. RIP Lead Singer of Matchbox 20.
  232. [NSFW] The only downside is when i have to unlock my phone while picking up my kids f
  233. Looked Up A Bernie Sanders Photo and Got This.
  234. The face of a man who is formulating an exit strategy.
  235. That seems like an unlucky hat...
  236. Why haven't you touched me?
  237. $45-$65 to watch a bunch of bitchy women and mood swings. No thanks.
  238. What a happy day
  239. He dies doing what he loved
  240. Close your borders
  241. Got your nose!
  242. Stay humble
  243. This Muslim point guard is undefeated this season (shit screencap)
  244. Black people's reaction to magic is always priceless.
  245. "Nothing but net!!!"
  246. Can you help out a poor orphaned Syrian boy? Here is a picture of him and his father.
  247. Why are you making me swimming in these deep dangerous Waters ?
  248. What do you even buy that starts with an 'N'?
  249. Refugees welcome
  250. $10,000,000 well spent.
  251. "Nigga, see what happens when you step-up on Patagonia with ya NorthFace wearin' ass"
  252. When bae says no pussy till jihad
  253. So NPR finally announced Diane Rehm's replacement.
  254. This is far funnier than it is racist
  255. Looks like all of Crispy's friends wished her a Merry Christmas!
  256. Rocket League's new San Bernardino DLC
  257. Patrick Trump
  258. Nutted but those 72 virgins keep sucking...
  259. So I was at the doctor's office And I found what could be a whale or a Feminist in di
  260. I think we should start seeing other pieces of people.
  261. When Darth Vader takes off his mask...
  262. The Guardian's stats of people killed by US Police, by ethnicity. Note added to avoid
  263. Implications for Donald Trump
  264. He is a kid at heart
  265. Rudolph
  266. What can we buy?
  267. YouTube ads are brutal
  268. Hey! We can't do much worse.
  269. Yes you can!
  270. Grandma makes the best pie.
  271. Lucky kid!
  272. holy fuck m8 says him
  273. If you survive, it aint fatal.
  274. I suppose ghouls get free gifts?
  275. Jihadis played one hell of a cover song
  276. Pre-workout
  277. She might get 999 likes, but I'm betting I won't get one handjob
  278. You gotta admire this kid's balls
  279. "My nigga, you right"
  280. My excuse is because I'm too fat.
  281. "... and then sometimes the pussy eats you."
  282. Jesus inside
  283. The best player
  284. "What's the matter smoothskin? Never seen a ghoul before?"
  285. Going Downs the rabbit hole
  286. The only thing that could shut him up.
  287. After Trump gets elected
  288. He's about to go out into the wasteland for a pack of cigarettes and never come back.
  289. People observe the fundamentals of a Jewish slumber party
  290. The sheer irony of this facebook post...
  291. Well, at least us Texans will have something to keep the Muslims busy.
  292. ISIS are just a bunch of crazy cutie pies
  293. MRW I discovered this vile, repugnant sub.
  294. Not even a Snickers.
  295. Break only one rule at a time.
  296. How much does this holocaust?
  297. The Devil's Common Decency
  298. Randy was eating cheeseburgers and whoring out on 9/11
  299. Happy Hanukkah
  300. When you agree for your first lesbian porn scene
  301. Playboy for Daesh [detailed]
  302. I have an idea! Lets all move to North Dakota!
  303. Future Jared
  304. Fucking Saudi Arabia
  305. TUMBLRrinas wanna look pretty
  306. shocking tell-all book from Ohio state mascot
  307. 'We'll always have Paris'
  308. Get that fool!
  309. Mom said "he was always a pretty chipper kid".
  310. Merry christmas!
  311. I guess that would explain why, then
  312. Tater Thot?
  313. Skirt
  314. Pizza Lover
  315. Thun Ding Bong
  316. Sex bomb sex bomb ....you are sex bomb .........
  317. Gimmie dat booty
  318. Wambulance Report
  319. That would probably be enough.
  320. Playboy (jihadist edition)
  321. That one time on patrol in Afghanistan and we spot a normal family.
  322. Memoirs of a Wasteland Ghoul
  323. Must be America
  324. Funniest negative feedback on eBay I've ever seen
  325. Baby back Jesus!
  326. Potato post
  327. Don't forget to cook it before it expires
  328. My friend's 7th grade student...
  329. It just dawned on me that Peter Griffen lives in a really shitty neighborhood
  330. Oral in America
  331. #youaintno
  332. #AllLivesMatter
  333. Hot Potato
  334. If you're out there... Sorry.
  335. Zero
  336. Kirk Douglas on his 99th birthday.
  337. Oh, I do...I do.
  338. That's so raven!
  339. the high school prodigy
  340. Neither snow, nor rain, nor ghouls of night...
  341. Brave scientist finally discovers the missing link between man and primate in the Aus
  342. Anyone got a match?
  343. White People Be Like....
  344. http://imgur.com/nqsa3c6.jpg
  345. Wheremy goana geet muh spycee chickeh on, doh!?
  346. When you got band practice at 3, but have to assassinate a dictator at 4
  347. Got bored and decided to go on vacation to relieve some stress. One of many photos!
  348. Finally got to making my fallout 4 character.
  349. The Planned Parenthood shooter should be allowed 1 game app
  350. So where is Waldo?
  351. They picked the wrong one
  352. Why Trump should be President
  353. Name my menorah, so I can steal some Jew gold
  354. You can get touched by Jerry Sandusky -makes a great gift.
  355. We get it, you vape [OC]
  356. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  357. Racist Restaurant Ad: Brings Out the Chinese in Anyone
  358. Turns out Bush didn't do 9/11.
  359. Army vs Navy Game
  360. Holy Fucking Christ
  361. Tumblr in a nutshell
  362. Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Vagina Mary
  363. Kids in Africa be like
  364. I couldn't pass this opportunity
  365. Attention 2003 iraqis
  366. There's always at least one at 2 a.m.
  367. Dad, how do you feel about abortion?
  368. new splatfest idea
  369. Race?
  370. This is an invitation to be shot.
  371. Mark Zuckerberg is killing small children!
  372. Above Average.
  373. When you're not retarded enough yet
  374. Apparently poetry isn't totally useless...
  375. A promising art career
  376. Need I say more?
  377. I love Jorge Michael
  378. We are much more advanced now
  379. Any Mexican!
  380. Toothpaste that actually works.
  381. What we wore to our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
  382. One is different from the others.
  383. Aldo Mcgregor
  384. Triggered!
  385. The reason why blacks don't do swimming pools.
  386. Slavery Sunday
  387. Finally, priority seating done right.
  388. Must get awkward when your date asks you what your address is...
  389. Too bad Abe didn't finish his
  390. Just pedo things
  391. When you gonna shoot up a school but wanna save the media the trouble of asking why
  392. It was all planned
  393. Feminists
  394. What do you say? One last ride?
  395. Color is close, wrong animal though.
  396. If Santa was beating the shit out of Donald Trump, I imagine it would look like this.
  397. They don't want to leave anyone alive who could potentially outsmart them.
  398. Comes with free pink hair-dye sample
  399. McGregor vs Aldo fight (reenactment due to copyright laws)
  400. Posters and the blind are a bad combination.
  401. Olympics in brazil
  402. Reverse rape is as horrible as actual rape.
  403. If plan B doesn't work enjoy parenthood
  404. ISIS Housewives
  405. Taco night
  406. #ElfLivesMatter Facebook Cover I "made"
  407. Allah hu Catbar
  408. Coming this ramadan
  409. When your muslim gf invites you over for dinner
  410. MRW I get a flat tire in detroit
  411. First world problems.
  412. When you about to shit...
  413. I did one whole SJW
  414. My favorite thing to harvest
  415. Merry Christmas
  416. The Harlem Shakr
  417. Wearing a hijab doesn't mean I'm a terrorist
  418. I didn't know Santa was a white boy
  419. Anything you can do, I can, oh wait
  420. May not seem too bad. But this is nothing. We are bad people.
  421. It's all fun and games, said the uncle..
  422. Sharing is caring
  423. MRW when I see people protesting abortion
  424. What a nice Christmas card.
  425. Already chose his life
  426. Fucking brutal
  427. Do some sweet tricks Ahmed
  428. Virgin Mary
  429. If Darth Vader really was black like the MSNBC host says
  430. A moderator goes to the doctor...
  431. Stop wasting precious Facebook megabytes
  432. When your own boy laughs at the stupid that comes out of your mouth.
  433. Joy
  434. Big tank or small terrorist?
  435. Another win for the Pro Lifers!
  436. Snapple's been very controversial lately...
  437. What did you expect?
  438. Donald trump making his Hollywood debut
  439. MRW I Can't Control My 9/11 Flashbacks
  440. Down for Christmas
  441. Just a normal couple
  442. Santa Claus is Black !
  443. ALWAYS use 2 fingers.
  444. It's so realistic you can even steal crablegs
  445. Terrorist response
  446. I've never fantasized about throwing kale down the stairs (OC)
  447. Jesus the racist.
  448. "You're literally perfection"
  449. Imagus pays last tribute
  450. He's laughing because only a retard would vote for him.
  451. #ProChoiceButReasonable
  452. Shame.
  453. Maury Christmas
  454. The Jared Fogle Mission Statement.
  455. Merry Xmas
  456. Black lives matter
  457. Men are better at everything
  458. Our new black mannequins didn't quite have the work ethic we were hoping for...
  459. Anyone interested in this job?
  460. I did it!
  461. This is what rich black people drink
  462. Misusing words
  463. ISIS draftsmen learning SketchUp
  464. The best selling magazine in the Middle East
  465. This pussy...
  466. This post is cancer
  467. Everyone is equal in death
  468. The beta
  469. Dad please, it's not funny anymore.
  470. Chinese Menu
  471. Shout It!
  472. Name Change
  473. When you're about to pull out but she knows you got money
  474. He went to jhiadas.
  475. Haven't stopped laughing for two days
  476. Anybody can lose weight if they just believe in themselves :)
  477. Different dimensions, different laws
  478. Flight 666 now boarding, please grab your luggage and prepare for your descent to Hel
  479. Yale student secretly desires the 1st amendment on Omegle
  480. Sjw. (oc)
  481. [Showerthought] Feminists hate Slave Leia because she murdered on of their own.
  482. Tumblr feminists be like
  483. ...
  484. #nofilter
  485. Nigga so fly.
  486. Probably what Jared thought every time he saw a little kid
  487. Black fathers
  488. Japan heat wave
  489. Shall not be stumped
  490. Southwest Airlines
  491. When you can't handle dat ass
  492. Hungry AF.
  493. Literary Quote of the day.
  494. When the whole squad is on point
  495. Nirvana
  496. Black Santa?
  497. The song Niggas in Paris was among the top search interests in Google during the Pari
  498. "Women empowerment" not even once.
  499. Hey guys, the local mosque is giving out free Qurans!
  500. He went to Jihads
  501. Verizon TV Understands
  502. Only one returned to thank him.
  503. I thought this was a good joke, should go over bette here. What's the loudest place i
  504. Go fund me doesn't care why you need money
  505. The Imperial Wizards perscription
  506. I smell Radical!
  507. Unfortunate name these days...
  508. Space of Aids
  509. Brutal comment, still laughed. Definitely going to hell for laughing
  510. Weeknd
  511. White people who wanna be ISIS members be like...
  512. Raaaaape!
  513. I guess it wasn't a phase
  514. Spoiler Alert
  515. Why I love Martin Shkreli visualized
  516. Unexplained death of a Scientologists son? "Alien…
  517. Maybe 150cc was a bit much..
  518. The fucking struggles
  519. I'm in full support of all gender bathrooms
  520. Why I'm voting for Trump
  521. What really happened...
  522. This dude has unlimited memory
  523. Raising the flag.
  524. Turn yourself over to him, and meet God
  525. Its about time
  526. 'Murica
  527. Don't deny your lineage.
  528. #WeAreAllMuslims
  529. Holy Fuck
  530. Getting rid of Feminism.
  531. Comcast Employees
  532. Do you think the Mesopotamian's kept slaves?
  533. For all the reich people on your Christmas list
  534. ISIS Copied Jared's Marketing
  535. Will you marry me?
  536. Touchdown
  537. Oh Charlie...
  538. Feminism
  539. I found this subreddit's new mascot
  540. He's So Proud Of His Sister
  541. It was horrible dad...
  542. Failure to yield for bullets.
  543. Meet the squad!
  544. Not sure if this was deliberate or not
  545. Merry Christmas...
  546. Mods on vacation
  547. What would you think of a remake of 127 Hours where Leonardo DiCaprio played Arnie Gr
  548. insert title here
  549. Nike All Black Free Runs
  550. Good man, good man.
  551. Donation to the Orphanage
  552. When white people lose a fight.
  553. I swear.. they're the worst around Christmas time.
  554. Demolishing that ass like a Palestinian village
  555. At least im not a ....
  556. Mother Theresa is up for sainthood. Nice try, Palpatine.
  557. I-failed-photoshop-class Syndrome.
  558. An inspiration to T-Rex everywhere.
  559. Merry Christmas Carl Winslow (Die Hard)
  560. It seemed to me she may have used this line before...
  561. He's got a point
  562. Can't believe they market this to kids.
  563. The game of the century!
  564. I bet they didn't have to keep people silent about it
  565. Mommy always said eat your vegetable s
  566. *baby intensifies*
  567. Say no more, fam
  568. Feminist Popeye
  569. Jeb Bush after getting stumped by the Trump
  570. White trash only.
  571. Do You Even Lift, Bro?
  572. There are so many retards in my area they've started positing warning signs.
  573. Just fuck me up fam
  574. Feminism isn't bad.
  575. When bae wants to go Christmas shopping, but you just wanna hot tub and chill [NSFL]
  576. Come on now... You knew what would happen.
  577. So I'm practising for my driving theory test
  578. Lost some friends but totally worth it
  579. Whatcha doin'? - Just hanging out...
  580. For the aspiring Internet feminist in you.
  581. they grow so fast
  582. Bubbles
  583. Surprisingly true
  584. Absolutely barbaric
  585. Steve Harvey announces winner of Miss Universe
  586. Her special gifts around the hoidays
  587. Buckle up Buckaroo! (OC)
  588. For once a black man isn't walking away from his responsibilities
  589. Here is what I thought of when I watched Steve Harvey announce the wrong girl as the
  590. Trump is still the boss, right?
  591. Las Vegas Strip driver identified as Miss Colombia.
  592. The King of Comedy we need
  593. Gotta be quicker than that!
  594. The comments on Jake Lloyd's Steam profile
  595. Trump has the right idea
  596. bear grylls ultimate survival
  597. The only difference is she went to Hogwarts community college
  598. Coke told me that they I had to pay 5 dollars in shipping for a "free coke" so now th
  599. An evening with Bill Cosby
  600. I was killed too late.
  601. free watermelon
  602. Who taught this slave to hold a sign?
  603. When KFC ain't good enough [shit title]
  604. Somebody didn't read the memo.
  605. 15 Minutes into Isis and Chill and she gives you this look.
  606. Special Beam Cannon!!
  607. Berning for a cut.
  608. This is so me!
  609. Juggalos
  610. When you leave your toast in too long
  611. Child labor is funny.
  612. Blow up baby
  613. Basic Training
  614. This one time she could not lie
  615. Do you know why I'm stopping you?
  616. Tyrone and Jayden always wanted a white dad.
  617. Without Robin
  618. Rough night.
  619. Best bit about this: she's going to have plenty of insecurities to work out now...
  620. I am Bolrock, Devourer of Souls
  621. It's too bad this isn't where they actually put them...
  622. How all tumblr arguments end
  623. Cleese is the OG
  624. Kylo Reich
  625. "Daquan the teacher was watching I swear"
  626. Spooky, scary skeletons send shivers down your spine, shrieking skulls will shock you
  627. Best Funeral Ever!
  628. Please remain by your disabled vehicle?
  629. For Allah!!!
  630. Got my wife a new clock for Christmas
  631. The build your own bomb, get a free scholarship kit for ages 8 - 108.
  632. Damn African Kids Lien to Us
  633. in this 24 DVD set you will learn how to get drunk in the morning, inbreeding and how
  634. Cannot be stumped
  635. These aren't the droids you're looking for
  636. See, She understands.
  637. Don't push it.
  638. I made this! I should've put it on a Happy Hanukkah background.
  639. White girls at parties
  640. I really don't think Cher's strong enough
  641. Good one Youtube
  642. Really, yahoo news? Really?
  643. ...No shit
  644. Prequel of The Hunger Games
  645. God helps those who help themselves
  646. Someone didn't get the memo
  647. she got burnt pretty badly
  648. Who really are the good guys?
  649. Checking in with my friend on his first week as a police officer
  650. Its just banter mate
  651. Still have two days left to get the new UNICEF Barbie. For just seven dollars a day y
  652. BBC has no chill..
  653. Maybe the dark side aint so bad
  654. It's just good parenting people
  655. Why did you trust him
  656. Lassie too would also like Christmas cards
  657. Merry Christmas
  658. Stephen Hawking is a victim of too strong head game
  659. Look like he diddu sumfin
  660. Ouch.
  661. Can't argue facts.
  662. Do you even Jihad bro?
  663. The Suicide Squad: 2016
  664. 2soon2furious
  665. They specialize in mud huts
  666. Didn't know you could just grow your own
  667. Christmas presents
  668. Doctor Mae Jemison, the first black woman to fly in Space, 1992
  669. I prefer road head, myself
  670. G-dang right
  671. Someone who wanted a white christmas
  672. Feminist enjoys long walks on the beach.
  673. North Pole Flight 370
  674. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
  675. Sunglasses and facial hair > 1000 Amen
  676. NORAD tracking Santa over Turkey.
  677. I hear they're going to install huge ovens.
  678. Maybe this is the cure to the Jared's in the world?
  679. Your Turn Amerifats
  680. Looking for the right present for that special someone?
  681. Looks like the drinking has started early this year
  682. I'm such an idiot...
  683. Busted
  684. Women's studies...
  685. One punch woman
  686. Every time I see this billboard in my home town
  687. Sweet now I don't have to drive so far..
  688. Comment on World's Smallest Girl documentary
  689. The best sporting brand in the Middle East.
  690. Malala toofarzi
  691. Ketamine and Chill
  692. Santa's route
  693. Opposite Day.
  694. Feminists
  695. Uh Oh....
  696. Nahtzee!!!
  697. Black lives matter.
  698. Negresses be like
  699. Skywalker
  700. Apple's autocorrect has never been so correct
  701. My sister everyone
  702. That's the spirit of giving the Christmas Presents
  703. He can wait til New Years
  704. Why I'm voting for Bernie Sanders.
  705. Happy Holidays
  706. Hallucinations
  707. I got what I asked for on Christmas.
  708. Me when I see black kids on my lawn
  709. Batman couldn't abort this one
  710. Getting in the Christmas spirit
  711. Religious People are in Church. Post Pictures of Jesus.
  712. Stevie Wonder's Twitter account.
  713. Never been more uncomfortable drinking Becks Blue, but some things don't change...
  714. It's better to give than to receive
  715. Who's in for a hitlerious game?
  716. [NSFL] Only 90's kids will get this
  717. Holiday spirit
  718. Probably on sale at walmart.
  719. Religion of peace
  720. Isis Is Nicis
  721. Who you gonna call
  722. rush b
  723. Santa has the softest sack
  724. Let's see if my family picks up on this.
  725. Fleshlight
  726. I want a niggerpotamus for Christmas
  727. Aloha Snekbar
  728. Don't think all the gifts are going to be delivered.
  729. Bernie and BLM
  730. It's always a white Christmas at my house
  731. Let's not forget the real reason behind the holiday..
  732. Cure for epilepsy found!
  733. I guess this cultural appropriation thing only works one way. Dress apes as white eng
  734. what do you call a bear with no teeth
  735. OH GOD, please do NOT wear what ever you want!
  736. the worst of all kind
  737. Texting and driving killed her
  738. I had to go to church with my family on x-mas. Is it wrong that I got turned on by th
  739. Thanks, Google!
  740. Merry Critmus
  741. Feminist Statistics
  742. DJ Khaled knows what's poppin'
  743. I wonder if Jared Fogle got this Jones Soda cap a few years back.
  744. If the tree was a giant sequoia
  745. The only steam holiday cards are got are the best ones.
  746. Douche bags on Blackops
  747. #BlackLivesMatter
  748. I photoshopped my principal for Christmas
  749. Facebook in 2015
  750. Remember to destroy your own town when you do
  751. Sounds like a hard life
  752. Scooby and the gang
  753. Batman must use Superman's morality and concern over public image against him... with
  754. Just like mom used to make...
  755. Got the new cards against humanity for Christmas. ..
  756. Holy shit, Cards Against Humanity...
  757. This description is misleading
  758. I can
  759. So would you call her a hot potato?
  760. Man the harpoons! Alas, a whale catfishing unfortunate souls as a mermaid!
  761. No you're not
  762. Checkmate, Atheists
  763. One too many, apparently.
  764. As a german, I just had to get the one below.
  765. Daddy's Angel all grown up
  766. This is what we strive to be
  767. She's out of your league...not?
  768. Can't remember if it was 9/11 watts
  769. Why, yes, you are
  770. Wife played this Christmas night
  771. Make me proud, son.
  772. Pure Savage
  773. Getting out of bed after Xmas can be a struggle
  774. Dude..
  775. Bill Cosby approved.
  776. "My Bae Look Like Rhianna"
  777. Found in Nagpur, India
  778. Don't worry Kevin, you're cov-WHAT THE FUCK!?!?
  779. In Taiwan. Can't tell if he wanted company, or he's bringing home takeout.
  780. More then meets the special eye.
  781. #goals
  782. Cold on the inside
  783. Can't find girls?
  784. Only took us 2 games :D
  785. Bloody mess
  786. Time travel
  787. ISIS female supporter's explicit photo leaked!
  788. OP: "For sale, rarely worn, small". Comment: "Does he work hard?"
  789. Countdown to riots, in 5... 4... 3...
  790. Someone changed Tamir Rice's photo on Wikipedia
  791. Good riddance.
  792. Courtesy of my cousin's snapchat
  793. When in Taiwan, takeout is the best option.
  794. Great deal!
  795. You're a bad person if you laugh at this
  796. Sandwiches
  797. Vegetables can still starfish!
  798. I see what you did there, J.J. Abrams..
  799. Goddamit Tyrone!
  800. Opposite Day
  801. Patience
  802. Black lives matter...to arrest douchebags like Martin Shkreli and Ethan Couch
  803. How did we end up so lucky?
  804. Found this at school
  805. It's the other, other white meat.
  806. When the token finally shows up to the party...
  807. They grow up so fast
  808. RIP Lenny
  809. age of men is over
  810. Kinky threesome
  811. 404 Child not found
  812. And the results are in...
  813. Winning every eating contest.
  814. The white American cop.
  815. Brother is battling Amazon
  816. There's more than 1 way to scratch an itch...
  817. Winning every eating contest.
  818. Cops be like
  819. Face so obese
  820. The feminist dilemma
  821. Motörhead?
  822. Savage af
  823. Redneck 101
  824. I prefer russians tbh
  825. the girl you like
  826. What really caused James Holmes to go apeshit at the theather
  827. Something smells.
  828. It's in the beans
  829. The night before he died
  830. Rather unfortunate game.
  831. Poor jimmy
  832. Are they gonna have a second casket for Lemmy's moles?
  833. How To Pick Up A Feminist...
  834. It was K-Mart but still
  835. Obscured by the edge of the window
  836. You might be a redneck if you think "loading the dishwasher" means getting your wife
  837. Some subreddits will never understand 'funny'
  838. Kinda got a point there
  839. Agar.io
  840. Nicholas has a gf and a job. Whats your excuse?
  841. Wanna try anal with the wife? think again
  842. It wasn't worth fighting for
  843. I decided to look up that slob with the fat forehad
  844. When you're still not retarded enough yet
  845. Warrant issued
  846. Poor jimmy's Christmas stumped him.
  847. Radioactive decay...
  848. Aldi has massive balls.
  849. #whitelivesmatter
  850. Simple perspective on the world
  851. 20 minutes into...
  852. RIP
  853. People these days smh
  854. ImGoingToHellForThis Mod
  855. Surefire way to end a date
  856. Pizza Bans
  857. Pro Tip
  858. Who wants a quaalude in their pudding?
  859. When You Don't Know Who The Daddy Is.
  860. Daddy finally stopped using meth! Here he is now.
  861. hahahaha
  862. ...always fat
  863. Wrong subreddit
  864. According to the porn industry, Asian men don't exist...
  865. Ian takes apt-get remove to a whole new level.
  866. I'd cry like that too if my food didn't show up
  867. #blacklivesmatter
  868. The Problem With Bronie's
  869. Is it me or do they look like they're related.
  870. What name did you get?
  871. Vigilantes trying to replace the police
  872. Found in an AskReddit thread about false beliefs porn has created.
  873. He's inmortal
  874. When you realized your puddin is about to get popped
  875. AskReddit didn't appreciate my humor
  876. England-1 America-0
  877. RIP
  878. Checkmate
  879. Unrealistic standards in porn
  880. Reach Higher
  881. Black magic
  882. "It's Mom not Mum"
  883. Shots fired for New Year
  884. MFW I'm being forced to marry an ISIS leader.
  885. How I Got My First Wife
  886. Happy New Year from Dubaï!
  887. The real dog-apparel Question
  888. RIP Durka Durka Dan 2015
  889. I would expect nothing but positive results
  890. Take notes kids
  891. Happy New Year From Dubai!
  892. Who dropped a mixtape in Dubai?
  893. When people who "had" kids
  894. I'm not into pedophilia, but this is an exception
  895. I wonder
  896. Feminism. Not even once.
  897. Your whole family!
  898. Happy New Year from Dubai!
  899. Climate Change
  900. When you make a prayer and wish....for op to deliver again
  901. Every Woman
  902. Don't mess with Gamers
  903. Dave grohl is now Down with the BBC
  904. Shit, forgot my popcorn
  905. Cosby, Cosby,Cosby.
  906. But you aint got no legs
  907. Dubai is very trendy.
  908. Totalbiscuits Cancer.
  909. Understanding culture and diversity.
  910. Prayy for Paris lmao
  911. Starting out the new year strongly
  912. Burnt ones taste better
  913. Nice fireworks.
  914. Tinder in Syria
  915. some dark humor
  916. Facebook occasionally delivers.
  917. Instincts
  918. Almost beat the high score! Better luck this year.
  919. China. Right now.
  920. When you haven't stolen anything in a week
  921. Apparently there was a lot riding on that game
  922. NYE in outdated and natiotionalist Poland vs NYE in progressive and open nations.
  923. A gold dollar chain would be better
  924. If everyone is special no one is
  925. 2 hours and 20 minutes into 2016 and chill and this nigga wants to start shit.
  926. RIP - Gary Cole
  927. You'd think she would have learned her lesson by now
  928. I see no difference.
  929. Feminists *sigh*
  930. Ain't nobody got time for that
  931. Fast and the Furious 2: Polio Drift
  932. Don't forget
  933. Ah good
  934. We don't need another alien
  935. OP asks for anons to Photoshop out the burning tower in Dubai in his selfie
  936. Luke, I'm your papi
  937. Lil dudes tasting his entire culture.
  938. I'd watch this.
  939. Before...and after.
  940. “She had man hands…the hands of a man. It’s like a creature out of Greek Mythology, I
  941. All aboard the shipping train!
  942. Especially the naked ones
  943. Feeling bored? Try Islam!
  944. Normally you grow hair in puberty... She didn't
  945. F*ck the popo
  946. Cancer>Feminism
  947. I wonder why
  948. I ain't no racist
  949. I don't think it'll be long now
  950. Eliminating Thin Privilege
  951. I'm surprised he knew the three letter word
  952. Just scan his head
  953. But dat sauce tho
  954. MRW I found out that Hermione was being played by a black woman in Harry Potter and t
  955. He's a good one!
  956. It was the best improv show in our whole town that summer!
  957. Jewish piano
  958. Where is he ?
  959. Alone in the Dark
  960. The worst day ever!
  961. You're just hungry, eat a snickers
  962. Her photos are always potato quality.
  963. And that was just while trying to reverse park
  964. Got her
  965. Move over easy bake oven there's a new guy in town
  966. Special Edition Nirvana Controllers for Guitar Hero
  967. He tries to be black so hard
  968. Finally a dating website for me
  969. 20 minutes into Life Alert and chill and she gives you this look.
  970. Elon Musk On Sexual Assault
  971. Look Deeper
  972. Please send help!
  973. When those muslim leaders pretend to perform a kind gesture
  974. Boing!
  975. Not Afraid Huh?
  976. Tears in Heaven for this users comment
  977. [NotSafeForLibtards] He's back, in black.
  978. The boy in the sandbox tent.
  979. Your ISIS name
  980. The one we do not speak of
  981. Be careful who you call ugly in middle school!
  982. I have too much to contribute to this sub :|
  983. There are some scary magazine covers in fallout 4
  984. Found in the Target toy aisle
  985. Title
  986. I gotch're nose!
  987. Who knew Google could be so harsh
  988. Bear Grylls takes on another challenge!
  989. Truly heroic.
  990. New discovery on mars
  991. January 3rd
  992. And they say chivalry is dead...
  993. #Breaking News - 18 year old dies in hospital following alleged one-punch attack
  994. He'll be back...right?
  995. How Black Women Give Birth Explained
  996. My hands look like this...
  997. Fat-shaming the country I "defended".
  998. Goooaaaaaalllll
  999. A few years later from now...
  1000. The what series...?