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  1. Fresh ink from Steven James @ ink addiction - saskatoon
  2. Lace bird rendition, Kaitlyn Teressa, Brothers Keeper in Pittsburgh Pa.
  3. Athena traditionally lined portrait tattoo done at Living Canvas by Cameron in Columb
  4. New addition from Franco Maldonado, Greenpoint Tattoo Company, Brooklyn, NY.
  5. Shenron (Dragon Ball) and Volvagia (Legend of Zelda) tattoo done by Ross Nagle of All
  6. Lucky Cat twist by Lindsee Boyer @ Good Times Tattoo Co., Oak Park Heights, MN
  7. skyline of wasatch front I live by. knik Archer, Big Deluxe Tattoo, Salt Lake City
  8. Second Tattoo! Vance Bishop Stay Bold Custom Tattoos/ Florence,Al.
  9. Flash sale Moth by Clara at Hook and Eye Witney, UK
  10. UFO Invasion, Hidden Skull // by David Armacost (me) at Hybrid Image Tattoo // Cincin
  11. 3d tattoo
  12. Space and time. Done by FeRod @ Tattooyou in São Paulo, Brazil.
  13. Healed Beethoven/Fresh Apollo on my composition themed sleeve. By Jun Cha at Monarc S
  14. Watch your head
  15. Thai mermaid and hanuman by Jake Shalhoub at Liquid Courage in Omaha, NE.
  16. Third Eye by Brooke Newman, Machine Tattoo at the New Plymouth Tattoo and arts festiv
  17. Great Horned Owl by Joshua Carlton at Crimson Torch Tattoo Collective in Eugene, OR
  18. The Gunslinger - Jesse at Smitty's Place in Bremerton, WA
  19. Impulsive first tattoo when visiting the city by Dr. Claw in Diamond Club, San Franci
  20. Pet Portrait by Guen Douglas (Berlin) - at the New Zealand Tattoo Festival, New Plymo
  21. "Wishes" Tattoooed by Nadi at Carpetbombing Tattoo in Seoul.
  22. "See you soon" forearm tattoo by Lindsey Whitmore at Eyecandy in Bellevue NE
  23. First Tattoo Healed "Trinity Compass" by Karlos Kowaleski at Chroma Tattoo in West Bl
  24. Axl Rose - Nick Cowan, Inksmith Tattoo at Newcastle AUSTRALIA
  25. Woman Inherits the Earth by Michelle Maddison at Semper Tattoo in Edinburgh, UK
  26. Impossible Bolt, Jed - Holdfast tattoo - Perth Australia
  27. Compass and aviator wings by Jon @ Anchor Ink in Salt Lake city Utah
  28. The Master, done on my OH- Alan Aldred, Cosmic Tattoo in Colchester.
  29. Last session on my first tattoo - Galaxy/mountain half sleeve - Dana Chantele, Edmont
  30. Werewolf from an old Spanish manuscript made by The Sailor Marc while guesting in Hel
  31. The Great Red Dragon by Akira Sakura - Skins and Needles - Middlesbrough
  32. Black Moon by Kitti at Blak Labor in Hamburg, Germany
  33. My back peice done by Sweet Chuck at Hot Rod Tattooing in Martins Ferry, OH
  34. Man's best friend - A tribute to my favourite pup (he's still alive)... Done by Dani
  35. St George and the Dragon, by Riski Yudiantara, Tattoo Hut, Bali
  36. My tribute to the Blue Ridge Mountains. "Going to the woods is going home." Kris Robe
  37. Artwork by Corey Taylor at Comes a Time in Fairfax VA
  38. Fun upper inner arm tattoo done by Josue at gracetattooco , Whittier CA
  39. Solar System by Georgiana at Skin City, Dublin.
  40. Optimus Christ by Chris Fox, guest spot at Liquid Tattoo in Lansing, MI. Older Pictur
  41. Rose Tattoo done by Willie Paredes
  42. My new pair of tats. by Joel Melrose, Unanswered Ink, Cranbourne, Australia.
  43. My 1st Tattoo, Pocket Watch with 2 Lotus Flowers, By Kelley Drake, Jack Browns, Frede
  44. Part of a leg sleeve. Voodoo ink Stkilda Australia
  45. Warrior by Chris Toler, Seventh Sin Tattoo Company, Charlotte N.C.
  46. Freshly inked. By tony @ vincennce ink IN
  47. Heard we were posting mandala tattoos. by Carolina Faraca @ Devils Rose, Blue Point N
  48. Octopus ankle sleeve/Sock, Zoe @ curiosities tattoo ipswich uk
  49. My awesome Morrowind hand-poked forearm tattoo, by Ferank Manseed, Northside Tattooz,
  50. Eagle by Brian Rea at Ikon in Kearney, NE
  51. Neo-traditional heart/eye forearm piece by Hannah Westcott, Infinite Ink, Coventry, U
  52. Deathbird. By Josh Autrey at Salvation Tattoo Gallery, Richmond Va.
  53. Jack Sparrow done by Steve Johnson at Modern Moose Studios, New Port Richey, FL
  54. My sister and I's tribute to my younger sister who was in a bad accident last year (R
  55. My kitten as an 80's action hero. Kat Weir, Hot Copper, Melbourne, Australia
  56. I too have a mandala. by Greg Counard | Skinny Buddha Tattoo | Green Bay, WI
  57. My Skull Owl tattoo done by Andy Griffin of Trouble Bound Studios, St. Johns, NFLD
  58. Oh Mandala day? Here's my in progress 3/4 sleeve. By John Sultana at Saved Tattoo in
  59. Got my first tattoo yesterday with Zack from Old Larimer Street Tattoo in Denver, CO.
  60. Start of my space Quarter sleeve. Done by David Boggins of American Crow Tattoo Gahan
  61. The Smoking Man (near finished) by Ezra Mccabe @ Black Gold Custom Tattoos in Sacrame
  62. Finally finished! Walter Anderson inspired piece by Kevin Black at Man O' War tattoo
  63. First tattoo! Watercolor kitty done by David Reece of Wicked Skinsations, Lumberton N
  64. First tattoo, by Bradley Atherton @ Infinite Art. Toledo, Ohio.
  65. Interstellar/Space Theme Sleeve. Done by Andrew Dennis @ New Image Tattoo Studio. Wis
  66. My chest piece is finally complete. By Matt Kolling at Uptown Tattoo Minneapolis, MN
  67. My first tribal by olle, East street tattoo, stockholm, sweden
  68. My Otter Fisherman, done yesterday by Baki Orient at Til Death Tattoos, Auckland, NZ
  69. Work In Progress, Chad McDonald - Sacred Imagine
  70. My Otter fisherman done yesterday by Baki Orient at Til Death Tattoos, Auckland, NZ.
  71. The start of my Greek Mythology sleeve. Heracles by Sean @ Four Horsemen Tattoos, Bev
  72. Lion hand piece By Jun Cha, Monarc Studios, Los Angeles
  73. Avengers leg piece done by Christopher bettley @plowshare studio's grand Rapids mi
  74. Wolf tattoo done by Amanda Fugate at Ambition Tattoo Knoxville, TN
  75. I did a thing. by Suze from Hourglass tattoo in Cambridge
  76. My windwaker/nerdy sunken treasure full sleeve by Bradley Gobeil at atomic zombie, Ed
  77. Geometric flowers by Ian at 252 in Cleveland
  78. Harpy done by Eric Clark @Steel Tattoo Hartland, MI
  79. Portrait of my late father by Steve Morante at Love Hate Social Club London.
  80. Traditional Lantern Tattoo done by Kyle Downs at Kamikaze Tattoo in Rochester NY
  81. Odin done by Jason Sansing at Absolute Tattoo, Charlotte, NC
  82. Athena and Owl by Mike Munter, Hunter Gatherer Tattoo - Philadelphia PA
  83. Neo-Traditional Piece. Done by Chris at Black Squirrel in Omaha NE.
  84. My hand tattoo by Oak Adams, at Black Thumb Machine & Tattoo, in Salt Lake City
  85. anatomical heart with geometry by uberderek at Body Mod, Annapolis, MD
  86. Cowboy skull (American traditional) by Troy Brett. Rick's Tattoo, Arlington, VA.
  87. First half of my surgical 3d realism tattoo by Mark Somo at TattooGalleryMI. Thoughts
  88. Deer by Barnsey @ Artisan - Pittsburgh, PA
  89. Roses by Chris McPherson @ Gypsy Soul Tattoo - Manteca, CA
  90. My white conch tattoo by Gabe @ Tattoo Icons in MD
  91. Traditional peacock & dagger done by Waylon Harp at Lone Star Tattoo in Dallas, Texas
  92. Eagle head by Jason Brown at Blue Rose in Huntsville, AL.
  93. Can anyone tell me more about this girls chest tattoo?
  94. Sugar Skull done by Giorgio Chirico in Naples
  95. My new tattoo dine by Dude Skinz at all seeing eye tattoo lounge Heckmondwike Yorkshi
  96. My Lantern with flowers done by Nick the Tailor @ AMP Tattoo in Philly - fully healed
  97. Anatomical Heart and Flowers Tattoo by Adam Sky, Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco, C
  98. Pink Floyd Half Sleeve - Artist: Greg Kun @ Black Heart Tattoo (Epsom, UK)
  99. Star Wars chest piece by Big Greg at Hemlock Collective in Sacramento, CA
  100. Spock Jesus by Brian Rea st Ikon in Kearney, NE
  101. Fresh Twin Traditional Wolves by Max Gerchikov at Blackbird Electric, Calgary AB
  102. Winter Rabbit by Evan Lovett, Philly Tattoo Collective, Philly, PA
  103. New school owl chest piece by Ursula Seo @ Mega Tattoo in Cheongju, South Korea.
  104. The Witcher themed piece by Mariusz Trubisz hosting at bobektattoo, Prague
  105. Two Ravens (Huginn and Muninn) and Viking Ship by Damon Meuli at California Gold Tatt
  106. Old school ship
  107. Sea Serpent and Viking Ship Redo Tattoo by Adam Sky, Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisc
  108. Mountain landscape piece done by Eric Ryan at Unicorn Ink in North Providence, RI
  109. First session. Geisha/hannya sleeve. Done by Pat @ Rites of Passage, Saskatoon, Sk
  110. Eagle by Hugh Sheldon, guesting @ Idle Hand, SF CA
  111. Koi Yin Yang by Jerome Noveras at Royalty Tattoo Collective Burlingame, California
  112. Ironman Symbol with Madison Skyline, done by Ryan #1 at Main Street Electric Tattoo,
  113. First session of a coverup by Tony Clarkson at Love Tattoo, Jenison, MI
  114. By Rob at Mandrake Tattoo, Raynham MA
  115. Beginning of my Pixar sleeve - By Dave Hornberg, Chilliwack B.C.
  116. 5th and final session on my chameleon! Done by Dominic Holmes at Big Brain tattoo Oma
  117. [Repost for corrections] "4 Nations" by Kelly Killagain @ 777 Premium Blend Tattoos,
  118. My black and grey collection so far by Jun Cha (Los Angeles) and Carlos Torres (San P
  119. Dennis Halbritter - Eternal Ink - Livonia, MI - Clock located in Ypsilanti (Depot Tow
  120. Sweet Painted Lady, Mike Hudgins, Stay True Tattoo Dublin, Ca
  121. Finished "Space Squid" by James Hurley, at Eclectic Art tattoo in Lansing, MI.
  122. First session of chest coverup. Tattoo by Tony Clarkson at Love Tattoo, Jenison, MI
  123. St. Michael by John at Tattoo Lounge Venice, CA
  124. Tool, 10,000 Days Album Artwork. Michael da Bear, Aberdeen, Scotland.
  125. Lion by Marc Cano, 522 Tattoo in Seattle, WA
  126. Elephant done by Patrick Thomas, Tattoo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
  127. New flora and honeycomb done by Steve L. @ B'z Ink Tattoo Rochester, MI
  128. Mermaid skeleton, by Gavin Royce of Relentless Tattoo in Niagara Falls, NY
  129. Full Metal Alchemist Transmutation Circle, by Peter Dominguez @ Arcadia Tattoo. Fife,
  130. Japanese Arm Sleve by Max Lugitsch, Mystery Touch, Gleisdorf, Austria (Progress in Co
  131. Traditional Rose on my elbow by CJ Cook at Deep Image Tattoos, South Lyon, MI
  132. Join or Die, Twentynine Palms CA
  133. Lion's head by Rob at Mandrake tattoo, Raynham MA
  134. My first tattoo! Done by David Reece of Wicked Skinsations, Lumberton, NC.
  135. First ink done by David Cavalcante at Tattoo Paradise in Adams Morgan, DC
  136. Finished my throat/under chin with an Om in lotus. So pleased with how it's turned ou
  137. Hand face stunning Hyper-Realistic Tattoo
  138. My first tattoo! Legend of Zelda watercolour design by Lauren Hanson (Cosmic Monsters
  139. First session on my plague doctor!
  140. Got it a while ago, by Bella at Ink Couture in Newmarket UK
  141. Jake, Hardcore Tattoo, Buffalo, NY. Futurama tattoo.
  142. My tattoo
  143. My ode to science and natural history. After 2 sessions.
  144. Forest leg sleeve, by Josh Fracker True Love, Cookeville, TN
  145. My cover up/ ode to science and natural history after 2 sessions. 3/4 sleeve in progr
  146. Got myself a cactus! Jeremiah Loui @ Ironworks, Portsmouth NH
  147. First tattoo! Descendents tattoo by Richard Carniglia at Hidden LA Tattoos and Fine A
  148. Chess Set at War (full sleeve)- by Rocky at FTS in CT
  149. Done by Sam Castro @ Ascension in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  150. Psalm 23:4 by Kirt Decker (Lance Kellar Studios, Chesterfield MI)
  151. My fresh ink done by my very good friend Michael J Kelly.
  152. Ghost Reaper // by David Armacost (me) at Hybrid Image Tattoo // Cincinnati OH
  153. women & tattoos
  154. PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know what type or design this tattoo is? It's the only pictu
  155. Start of a Cardinal Cover-up // by Nick Hart (me) at Deep Roots Tattoo // Seattle WA
  156. Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, done by Kasey Roy at Blaque Salt Studio, SLC, UT.
  157. My St. Bernard (Dusty) by Csiga, Dublink Ink, Ireland.
  158. Traditional panther by Mike Bishop (Brass anchor Halifax)
  159. 1st Session on Cardinal Coverup // by Nick Hart (me) at Deep Roots Tattoo // Seattle,
  160. Back of my arm by Jacob J Klapperich// Akara Arts // Milwaukee Wi
  161. My japanese dragon sleeve(was a cover up of a large grim reaper on my upper arm) from
  162. Teresa Sharpe inspired space shoulder. Tattooed by Steven Natali. Super Genius Tattoo
  163. Fully healed shot of my Apollo. Done by Jun Cha at Monarc Studios in Los Angeles.
  164. My Forest in a Human Heart // by Jacque at Grindhouse Tattoos // York, PA
  165. Pet Sematary hand tattoo by Peter Dominguez @ Arcadia Tattoo. Fife, WA
  166. My geometric whale tattoo! By Jon Miller at Foundation Tattoo Co., San Marcos, TX.
  167. Owl Tattoo by Matt Wear at supergenius Seattle,WA
  168. Johnny Cash portrait done by David Goodwin of Tenacious Tattoo in Stanford, KY.
  169. "Peace" detail of my ongoing War & Peace sleeve. "War" detail previously posted. By S
  170. Should I Reveal my tattoo?
  171. [Self Post] I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow. What do you guys think of my design
  172. Completed Godzilla vs Lego by Mark Ford, Jolie Rouge, London, UK
  173. Scar turned to birds (Alex Skarsgård, Modern Classic Tattoo, London)
  174. Hannya Mask (Session 1) by Tim McEvoy at Guru Tattoo. San Diego, CA
  175. Linework Cats by Kelly Killagain @ 777 Tattoos, Manahawkin NJ
  176. Lukas Zglenicki, Sopot, Poland, Cykada Studio. My first - An Owl
  177. Atom Fredriksson of Old Tacoma Tattoo ladies and gentlemen
  178. Lion portrait done by Able Kustom Thrills in Nashville, TN.
  179. Star Wars X-Wing tattoo by Paul Davies, Artium Ink Kingsbridge
  180. dust cat, by moshu moku at costi-next-level bucharest romania
  181. Both tattoos done by Samuele Briganti at The Family Business, London
  182. The Dapper Fox, Mike Stoll @ Studio 14 - Toledo, OH
  183. Continuation of sleeve by Jacob pedersen, Crookedmoon tattoo, helsingborg Sweden
  184. Bottom: Transmutation circle, 84 weeks old. Top: Key, 1 day old. Both by John Nixon a
  185. Tribute to Mom - Drew Foster- Infinite Art - Toledo, OH
  186. My boy done by Jack Goks @ Cloak & Dagger London, UK
  187. Pokemon Tattoo by Aygul,Wicked Workshop,Copenhagen Denmark
  188. All done by Oliver Bach at Duke Street Tattoo, UK
  189. By Brian Rea at ikon in Kearney, NE
  190. Underwater leg piece in progress by Rad @ Emerald City Tattoo in Seattle. Ernst Haeck
  191. Joseph Hill of Iron Sailor in Osage Beach, MO gave me this rad whale.
  192. Phatt Alec German, No Regrets, Cheltenham Spa, UK - Charlie Kelly (fresh, not healed)
  193. My GoT/Stark/Trash Polka Tat by Jennifer Edge at Main Line Ink Chattanooga, TN
  194. Cosmonaut Skull and Rose by Mike Cann at Folk City Tattoo in Suffolk, Va
  195. Move mountains tattoo by Matt Wear at supergenius tattoo Seattle , WA
  196. Black art roses by Kerry Burke, Heart of Gold Body Arts in Hendersonville NC
  197. Mandala by Matt Wear at supergenius tattoo, Seattle WA
  198. My tiki mask tattoo, done by Marshall at Rites of Passage in Saskatoon, SK
  199. Coyote Skull with Berries & Peonies - Matyas "Csiga" Halasz - Dark Art Tattoo - Budap
  200. My Hayward WI inspired lumberjack (Anchors End Tattoo, Duluth Mn)
  201. For my Aunt Nikki (@Skin Stories by Vanna in Detroit Lakes MN)
  202. Raised by the shepherd "For my mom Mrs. Shepherd" also meaning the lord. (@Skin Stori
  203. I got stabbed by Aron Fredriksson at Old Tacoma Tattoo
  204. "Still Here" by Ike at The Bowery in Fredricksburg VA.
  205. 'Clever girl' by Gemma Denise, The Kings Ship, Southsea UK
  206. Dahlias by Kim Deakins at Pain & Wonder in Athens, GA
  207. Ghibli sleeve progress. Cale Turpin ( Tulsa, OK )
  208. Husband and wife Mandarin Fish Tattoos by Colby at Broad Street Tattoo Parlor, Bridge
  209. "A mothers love" by Paul @ Handstyle tattoos, JHB, RSA
  210. The ditch is a bitch. New rose piece done by Josh Crain at Think Ink Tattoo in Norman
  211. "Help me, Obi-Wan Kanobi. You're my only hope." Faceless Leia Portrait by Kelly Orr,
  212. My sad little ghost by William Rosa at Barcode Ink, Greensburg PA
  213. In memory of my father by Alex Pancho at Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Piercing Wroc?aw, Pol
  214. My very first! Apollo command module done by Raúl @ Behind The Lines, Grand Haven
  215. Baseball Signature in remembrance of my dad. Done by Mark at Smokin Tattoos in Kent,
  216. Pestilence by Derek Noble. Dark Age Tattoo // Seattle, WA
  217. Started left sleeve with an armpit Fudo. Tony Carey, Hold Fast Tattoo. Prescott, Az
  218. Retro Walkman by Gibboo at Rude Studios, Leeds
  219. My Pink Floyd Inspired half sleeved: Greg Kun - Black Heart Tattoo, Epsom UK
  220. The Double Spirals by The House of the Iron Brush, Hope Mills, NC
  221. First session done, cover up on my back. Done by Amish Rob at Amish Rob tattoo in Mor
  222. Lightning jackal thigh piece by Sherlane White at Grey Harbour Tattoo, Hamilton, Onta
  223. Fresh. Guerrilla tattoo, Shippensburg, PA by Hannah Bartle.
  224. Current picture of my guillotine done one year ago today. [Lauren Vandevier at Voodoo
  225. Memorial Tattoo for my Mom by Jesse Goetscius, Grade A Tattoo, Fort Wayne IN
  226. Ready for Friday by DJ Chilcote at Unity Tatoo Co. in Wheat Ridge, CO
  227. New lip tattoo in lieu of potentially failing Finals. Done at Blood Brotherhood in Fl
  228. "How to not give a fuck" No Coast, Fargo ND done by Noah Kilsdonk, Lauren Kolesinskas
  229. New bio torso piece - Blue Dragon Tattoo SF
  230. Woman at work, Mannheim. Raw tattoo (my first!) Luftschloss - castle in the sky.
  231. Memorial tattoo for my grandparents done by Steve @ Defining Skin Tattoo in Columbus,
  232. Bandit on a horse. Done by Jake Thorsell from Fu's Custom Tattoos, Charlotte NC
  233. Red-tailed Hawk by Billy Rath at Trader Bob's Tattoos in St. Louis, MO
  234. My cat portrait of Princess. Done by Val at Motorcity Tattoo in Oshawa, ON
  235. Healed cover up [Andy Wharton - Octopus Tattoo, Derby UK]
  236. Got this little guy today...done by Jessica Rincon at Essential Ink tattoo Murrieta C
  237. Sleeve Repair by Jesse Fisecki in Calgary AB
  238. Hydrangea tattoo/floral side piece in-progress done by Turtle at Red Octopus Tattoos,
  239. Worst Tattoo Ever! :/
  240. Ry Tattoomeister - Ringwood Tattoo, Aus. Work over the last week including my black a
  241. First tattoo by Paul Taylor, Art la Vey, Gateshead, England
  242. "This too shall pass" on my ribs. First tattoo done by Damian Tredoux at Ten Two Stud
  243. Practising some tattoo flash for the first time
  244. Laz Barath, 27 tattoo, SLC UT.
  245. After a 140 pound/6 inch per arm weight loss, I am so thankful my tattoo held up beau
  246. Cute Krampus Tatto - Suzy Todd, Two Birds Tattoo, Seattle
  247. Gonzo Fist and Dagger. Done by Dave English at Hold It Down Tattoo in Richmond, VA
  248. An Octopus at Electric Blue in Louisville by Ryan Sexton
  249. Two Crows (Half Fresh Half Healed) by Jared Hayes at 27 SLC, Utah
  250. Hand done by Jim Karanick at Red Sky Tattoo in Castle Rock CO. Antler and clock.
  251. Wind up bird by Justin Essing at Kings Avenue Tattoo, Massapequa
  252. "Not all those who wander are lost" @ Florin Zaharia Tattoo, Constanta Romania
  253. Filipino tribal mix by Noel at Vine St Tattoo in Hollywood
  254. Croatian half sleeve progress by Chris Burke, Serenity Ink. Milwaukee, WI
  255. Popped my tattoo cherry today. Done by Tony Cruz, skullhaus Tattoo, Murrieta CA
  256. My Oak Tree by Emily at Eclectic Tattoo, North Ridgeville, OH
  257. Lady of the Flowers // by David Armacost (me) at Hybrid Image Tattoo // Cincinnati OH
  258. Laz Barath, 27 Tattoo, SLC UT
  259. First Tattoo - Wright Bros Glider by Brücius at Black + Blue in San Francisco
  260. St. Louis Tattoo by Joe Allhoff at Trader Bob's
  261. Garados Half Sleeve by Kaitlyn Teressa, Brothers Keeper in Pittsburgh, PA
  262. 4-eyed bison by Jancis @ Rigas Tinte, Riga LV
  263. Nosferatu. Work by Jonny English @ Blackball Tattoo, Midland, MI. First session.
  264. Old School Boxer - Jonny Rhodes - Peoples Art Tattoo Copenhagen
  265. Freehand Torch Coverup. By Keith at Aces High in Fullerton CA.
  266. First Tattoo done by Voodoo Circus Tattoo in Grand Junction CO.
  267. My Space-Land-Sea sleeve! Done by casper at portsmouth ink
  268. First Tattoo. By Valentin Hirsch at Valentin Hirsch Tattoo, Berlin, Germany
  269. First Tattoo- Low-Poly Fox by Cameron Pohl at Fish Ladder Tattoo in Lansing, MI
  270. Voyager Pulsar Map by Needlez at High Resolution in Baton Rouge, LA
  271. My newest piece by Robert Spier at 3rd eye tattoo in Sharpsburg Ga
  272. Aquatic sleeve by Jordan Ocello at White Lotus, NJ
  273. Mickey Mouse Silhouette by Birdie at Black Rabbit Tattoo in Port Moody, BC
  274. "Pearl of Wisdom"//Mat DeMatty// Black & Blue Tattoo, San Francisco. For my dad...
  275. Lizard tatto
  276. 'Life's a state of mind' by Trejo at Numen Tattoo Studio Quito - Ecuador
  277. Got a Dagger and some fillers added to my sleeve yesterday by Charlie Murphy at Built
  278. Laz Barath, 27 Tattoo, SLC UT
  279. My completed cover up by Mark in Skin City, Dublin
  280. First Tattoo - Square Knot // By Joel Janiszyn at Black Anvil Tattoo in Ft. Wayne IN
  281. Red-Tailed Hawk // John Embry. BroadWing Tattoo. Bowling Green, OH
  282. First tat, first session, Sean Kreitlow @ Brave New World, Upland, CA
  283. My Mermaid I got today at Indigo Tattoo in Norwich, UK by Thomas Bates
  284. "I drew the duck blue because I've never seen a blue duck before and to be honest wit
  285. My dog - Matthew Gordon, Australian artist/ Taiko Gallery, Berlin
  286. First tattoo-Grant family crest by Kelly at Premium Blend, Manahawkin NJ
  287. Peregrine Falcon by Marco Cerretelli. The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour & Lounge i
  288. Japanese Stormtrooper by Juan, Sailor's Grave, Costa Rica
  289. Plato's Allegory of the Cave Tattoo
  290. Piece by Kriss at Beneath the Skin in Pottstown PA
  291. Snake and Sword. by Matt Wear Supergenius Tattoo Seattle,WA
  292. Flower of life tattoo by Matt Wear supergenius tattoo, Seattle WA
  293. Owl half sleeve by Matt Wear supergenius tattoo Seattle, WA
  294. Crystal radio schematic. Art Bomb, Massillon, Ohio. Josh Soliday.
  295. @David W. Studio6 tattoo prescott, AZ finished black & grey colored moon & raven eye
  296. Godzilla vs King ghidora by Kevin Soto, deptford, New Jersey
  297. Nervous about posting this here, but this is my tattoo. I love it, no regrets ^.^
  298. Traditionally outlined Athena portrait done by Cameron at Living Canvas, Columbia MO
  299. My first tattoo done by Tofu from Dirty Fingers Tattoo, Singapore
  300. My two small ones. Nothing exceptional. Done at the Black Kiss Tattoo Studio by Nino
  301. Booker DeWitt the fish. Done by Lou Morgue, Artisanal Tattoo , Somerville NJ.
  302. My cool cat Phil - Lou Morgue at Artisanal Tattoo , Somerville NJ. May you be as cool
  303. Swallow and compass by Benny @ New Age Tattoos Springfield, IL
  304. Great white shark/andy estes/flesh hound tatoo/cape girardeau,mo
  305. Traditional Spider Lady, by Chelcie Dieterle at Diamond State Tattoos, Sherwood (Litt
  306. Cuts of pork tattoo by Don Juan at Philadelphia Eddies Tattoo Philadelphia, Pa
  307. Lone wolf by Adem Senturik @ Fat Fugu tattoo, Northampton UK
  308. Chibi darth vader - Andre Garcia -Side Show Studios, Sacramento CA
  309. "Elastic Panic" art by Phil Dahl ink by Jenni Rahman at Hunter Gatherer in Philadelph
  310. GFs fresh dragon fly - Looking Glass, Topeka KS
  311. Neo-Traditional Spider Lady, by Chelcie Dieterle at Diamond State Tattoos, Sherwood (
  312. Low poly Bear and Cat by Dan Gold at Monsters of Art, London (First tattoo!)
  313. Neo traditional wolf. Ryan Mills, elite tattoo gallery, Jacksonville NC
  314. Me and my best friend got matching tattoos. Done by Rick at Cape Fear Tattoo in Wilmi
  315. Chaim Machlev my favorite tattoo artist
  316. R2-D2 it is you! it is you! Tattoo done by Guy Tinsley at wiseguys ink tattoo studio
  317. Guardian Angel With Bomb by Janice Komar, Funhouse Tattoo, San Diego CA
  318. My Mandala piece done by Ronnie at Way Cool Tattoo. Stouffville , Ontario, Canada
  319. Touch the Sun or Die Trying by Jon Sudano at Liberty Tattoo in NY
  320. Ushi no toki mairi by James Tex @ Deadly Tattoos, Calgary, AB (First Session)
  321. My Mandelephant by Elisa Rose Mountain at Roselle Tattoo Co., in Roselle, IL.
  322. "Move" by Aline Wata in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  323. Jim Lee Superman Hand Jammer, by Jason Taylor at Infinity Ink, Sturgis, Michigan.
  324. Lion Fish by Keegan Keough, San Diego, CA
  325. Dissected rat by Hand Job at Toe Loop Tattoo in Berlin
  326. My first piece! The Stranger, done by David Côté at Imperial Tattoo Connection in Mon
  327. Scorpion and Frog - Done by Zmetek at Custom Ink, Denmark, Copenhagen. Drawing by Sig
  328. Bear Attack by André Vasquez, Lighthouse Tattoo Studio - Portugal
  329. Octopus on my arm, Jamie Williams, Fantality Tattoo, Peterborough, On
  330. Sacred Geometry Mandala by Steven Natali. Super Genius Tattoo. Seattle, WA.
  331. Watercolor Elephant, Kaitlyn Teressa, Brothers Keeper Pittsburgh Pa
  332. Lighthouse half sleeve by Erin Campbell @ 27 Tattoo in Salt Lake City, Utah
  333. Fancy skull and flowers by Zach Black at Serenity Ink Milwaukee, WI
  334. First tattoo. Done by Jacob at Cherry Street Tattoo in Tulsa, OK
  335. Shin side of the leg with geisha/Hanya. Love what @Monzuki is doing for me.
  336. My first tattoo, by John Howie at Frequency Tattoo Company in Philadephia, PA
  337. May the force be with you! By Big Jon at 3 Gun Tattoo Rio Rancho, NM
  338. Cute Eevee done by Lee at Independent Body Works in Sioux Falls, SD
  339. First session done on my first tattoo. Garden of Eden/Temptation of Eve calf piece by
  340. aristocat tattoo for grandparents. by Leo at Bad Donkey Tattoo in Osage beach, MO
  341. Triangular mandala done by Tammy Kim at Okey Doke Tattoo Shop
  342. Tattoo done by JR at 13 Shades Tattoo in Tri Cities WA
  343. Fairy in the Eagle Nebula by Carlos Ransom at Abraxas in Lawrence, KS
  344. Nearly done with my second, a Firefly flying through the 'verse. Done by Mikko at Bel
  345. My first, by Faustine Tarmasz at Sweet Needle in Fontenay-sous-Bois, Paris, France
  346. Cool mix of Colors
  347. Eye of Sauron by Sergei, Tattoo Crew London
  348. Gaius Julius Caesar - made by Daniel Paarup, Iron & Ink Tattoo Studio, Vejle, Denmark
  349. My Luna moth by Evan Davis @ Banshee Tattoo in Nashville TN
  350. Time Melting into Space by DJ Tambe @ Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas
  351. Faceless Indian Girl Dotwork / by Ian Jones / True Tattoo Hollywood, CA
  352. Watercolor Eye done by Kaitlyn Teressa at Brothers Keeper, Pittsburgh, PA
  353. My mandala tattoo done by Deryn Tenacious at Tenacious Tattoo I'm Sheffield, England.
  354. First Tattoo: Carl Sagan's Pulsar Map, by Kristina McDonald @ The Golden Owl, Napa, C
  355. Kylo Ren by Cale Turpen at Geek Ink Tattoo, Broken Arrow OK
  356. Cover-up progress 2nd session by Joe Shoushani at Ink and Skin Studios, Shelbyville K
  357. Skull and Drumsticks - Damion Ross at Love Hate Social Club, Cork City, Ireland.
  358. Alice in Wonderland by Bosco Layne, Stingray Body Art in Allston, MA
  359. Dementor tattoo on my girlfriend by N8 in jenison, MI
  360. My half sleeve is finished!! All work done by Sweet Chuck at Hot Rod Tattooing in Mar
  361. Ink blot crank tattoo. By Jeremy, at Electric Anvil Tattoo in Brooklyn NY.
  362. Forget-me-nots and hummingbird by Andrew at Heart of Gold in Salt Lake City
  363. Got my first tattoo yesterday. Absolutely love it. Will post a fully healed picture i
  364. BB8 Ice Cream Cone by Keith at Artistic Skin Designs in Noblesville, IN
  365. Finished my patchwork sleeve yesterday - Filler, sparrows and roman numerals by Austi
  366. My first Tattoo.Non-Typical Eagle Globe and anchor by Issac Combs at Chapter One Tatt
  367. Saguaro tattoo by Rob at Robs Ink Spot in Fort Smith, Ar
  368. Diving eagle rib piece. Done by Kurt at Invoke Tattoo & art gallery. Wilmington, NC.
  369. Words are weapons and books are shields concept by Andrew Buckwalter at Hard Times in
  370. Loving my new book tattoo from Christopher at Bethesda Tattoo Company
  371. Gaboon viper sleeve project...artist is Kenneth Bryan of intimate body art studios in
  372. Freshly finished nautical/antique sleeve by Andrew at Showdown in Edmonton, Alberta.
  373. The tried and true "mom" tattoo.. My first tattoo done by Britton at Royal Peacock in
  374. My Assassins Creed III tattoo finished!! By Justin Rockett at Ultimate Skin in Leeds.
  375. Fox with space tail (my first), Putka tattoo (Tampere, Finland)
  376. Better picture of my tattoo i uploaded a few days ago. Gaius Julius Caesar by Daniel
  377. Green Arrow comic by Josh at Living Art Tattoo in Plymouth, UK
  378. Thai/Japanese style Phoenix and flowers. By Mimp at Mimp Tattoo, Bangkok, Thailand.
  379. Lion tattoo cover up
  380. Hokusai Great Wave in bird silhouette...a tribute to my mom. Done by Dave C. Wallin a
  381. First tattoo! Throwing knife shattering a mirror that reflects a watch. Done by Plato
  382. Latest tattoo to add to my collection
  383. Progress on my bio piece
  384. First tattoo- by Juni at hybridink , Seoul South Korea
  385. Hare by Joe Phillips, Guest spot at Churchyard, Hitchin UK
  386. Watercolour Space Fox! By Josie Sexton, Festival Shop Middlesbrough UK
  387. Done for today! 1st of two masks on my soon-to-be sleeve | done by Paul Muresan aka.
  388. Nick - Death or Glory tattoo - Gainesville - "always"
  389. WIP Owl & Cherry Blossom Sleeve by Tank Girl @True Blue Austin, TX
  390. Seven Continents, bamboo style, by Bung Wiphakhatthakit at Eak & Bung, Ko Tao Thailan
  391. Club can't handle me by Ryan Mills Elite (tattoo gallery, NC)
  392. Jackalope and roses coverup. There were two lines of song lyrics just below her left
  393. Ship in a bottle, Lou Hopper at King of Hearts London UK
  394. Beauty and the beast rose by jay from powerline tattoo, cranston RI
  395. Cat Tattoo by Lou Morgue. Artisanal Tattoo, Somerville, NJ
  396. Pennywise - Tony Clemence, Immaculate Concept, Calgary
  397. Ram Skull by Eric Branchfield at Blue Panda Tattoo in El Paso, Texas. My third piece.
  398. Campfire by Zach Crisp, Golden Spiral Tattoo, Greensboro NC
  399. Sniper wolf tattoo-Inksanity tattoos, Canvey island, UK.
  400. Rooster by Anki Michler in Hamburg, Germany (Tattoo Freestyle)
  401. Traditional Barong Mask by Kenyoz Sudama. Two Guns Tattoo, Bali
  402. "Eagle" By John Karch (aspiring artist) Manassas, VA
  403. 4th horseman - Death; by Legion VKN, Rock'n'Roll Tattoo, Warsaw
  404. Cheshire Cat done by Joseph Maye of Now or Never Gallery located in Kingsport, TN
  405. Done by Me: Stick N Poke Pizza
  406. Travel themed shoulder piece by Chip Harbin at SafeHouse Tattoo in Nashville, TN
  407. Starting new leg piece by Pat at Karmma Tattoos Burnaby
  408. Fun thigh piece from Pete Silva III at Rockstar Tattoo, West Allis WI.
  409. Red Cardinal by Syluss @Songbird Tattoo, Exeter
  410. First piece by Rob at Forever Tattoo in Asheville, NC
  411. Alien-tattoo by springtattoo (Uriel Acosta 1, Tel aviv, Israel 6608328)
  412. First tatt! Geometric tattoo done by James Nidecker @ New Amsterdam Tattoo, Amsterdam
  413. Henrik Gallon, Sweden, Healed 6 months, Medusa back :)
  414. My first tattoo! By Mike Torres, Art Never Dies, Federal Way
  415. "Night on Bald Mountain" session 1 by Loren Butchart at Glass Beetle in Santa Rosa, C
  416. Traditional lighthouse on my forearm by Ed at Homeward Tattoo in Rehoboth Beach, De
  417. My T-Rex by Jason Hassel @Rock N' Roll Tattoo Raleigh, NC
  418. Ricky Cavaness, No Egrets, Clarksville TN
  419. The shrimp that sleeps by Ryan at Marion St. Tattoo Denver, CO.
  420. Beautiful tattoo done by Jenn Smalls @ 510 Expert Tattoo in Charlotte, NC
  421. Vigvisir
  422. Simplified amoeba done by Maxime Buchi MxM at Sang Bleu, London
  423. Blackwork owl done by Patrick, Tattoo Lounge, Los Angeles!
  424. Jen, Inc Ink, Central PA
  425. Couldn't be happier with my first tat. The fish stick done by Jonah Osgood at Blue Ge
  426. Traditional skull by Rukus @ Black Square, Brooklyn NY
  427. My 2nd tattoo done by Apprentice Chris Estrada at World Famous La Mancha Tattooz in S
  428. Sessions 1 of 2. Anatomical heart with flowers coming out of the arteries, done by De
  429. Probert T Dogg RIP Shop: BUJU San Diego Artist: Jill
  430. Mouse and Platypus by Roger at Star City in Roanoke
  431. 2nd tattoo | not done yet Done at Mias tattoo Artist Maika Zayagata
  432. Beginning of Back Piece - By Eric Arcia, Monkey Wrench Tattoo, Santa Rosa CA
  433. My Christmas Story tattoo by Lenny at Big Daddy's Tattoo in Harbor City, CA.
  434. (First tattoo) Ash rose, done by Raphael Val. West Burleigh, Morphic Resonance.
  435. Awesome tattoo done by Shawn Farrell from Winnipeg of my dog
  436. First tattoo of a dog paw done by Dj Pearcy at Hornets Nest in Louisville, KY
  437. First tattoo, watercolor compass by Bryan at The Chemical Brothers in Chiang Mai, Tha
  438. Memorial half-sleeve for an artist friend of mine by Dex @ Bodycraft, Nottingham, UK
  439. Cuts of pork pig by Don Juan at Philadelphia Eddies Tattoo
  440. Crane by Christ Stack at 12 Volt (Chico, CA)
  441. Under boob wooden heart, Robbie Kass, Studio VII, Wilmington, NC
  442. [Unhealed] Heirs of the sun logo (Dark Souls) @ Deep Ink Tattoo Newtown, Sydney
  443. Watercolor Lion by Szu-Fan @ Tonetone Tattoo, Taipei, Taiwan
  444. Baobab tree from East Africa, Artist: Javier Rivera, Shop: Diablo Rojo Tattoo, Austin
  445. Santa wears it well
  446. Bert Grimm Original by Dr. Roachzilla from The Flesh Chamber in Appleton, Wisconsin
  447. My Tinkerbell done by Martin at Stay True Tattoo in Manchester UK.
  448. Dennis Halbritter - Eternal Tattoos - Livonia, MI
  449. Valkyrie by Mimi Wunsch, SEA WOLF TATTOO, Mpls.
  450. [Fresh] A simple sun by C @ Little C's Tattoo and Vintage Parlor in Fallbrook, CA.
  451. Led Zeppelin Tattoo on my right forearm.
  452. "Roll the Bones" by Jeremy Sellers-NSB Tattoo Co.
  453. Rose/Panther - Jay Breen, Scythe and Spade, Calgary Alberta
  454. Watercolor/photorealistic elephant by Chris Toler at Seventh Sin Tattoo Company, Char
  455. Ufo by Denito @Kiss Of Ink in Trenton, NJ.
  456. Can these be tattooed over? (Close to elbow are flat, third away is not)
  457. Funky Alligator by @pantherfist13 of Queen Street Tattoo in Honolulu, HI.
  458. Fresh shot of inner bicep. Done by Jun Cha at Monarc Studios in Los Angeles.
  459. Ram done by Nik @ Three Kings in Brooklyn
  460. Memorial tattoo done by Jón Þór @ Bleksmiðjan in Reykjavik Iceland.
  461. Part II of Cthulhu and HP Lovecraft by Leon Rideout; Bravesoul Studios; Gorham, ME
  462. My dog, Kosmo, wearing Joe Sakic's jersey and coming in hot with his deadly wrist-sho
  463. Bassnectar honeycomb piece by Steven Natali. Super Genius Tattoo. Seattle, WA
  464. Shred Till Yer Dead by Mitch Pivarski at Assassin Tattoo in Akron, Oh
  465. Jackson Pollock styled Kokopelli tribute to my grandma - by Adam Hernandez, Champion
  466. Filipino Flag done by Tim Power from Radiant Maiden, Windsor Ontario
  467. Flower fillers in my seasons sleeve by Vanessa Kresge at Stigma Studio in Cresco PA
  468. Done by Paul "Batman" at 123 east coast ink
  469. Traditional Rose by Steve Smoch @ Exile Tattoo, Prince George, BC
  470. Fresh calf piece done by Nhat Be guestspotting at Common Grounds Tattoo in Bangkok
  471. [Better Quality Photo] Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra. Jun Cha, Monarc Studios, Los Angeles.
  472. 3/4 Sleeve - Literature Inspired - Justin Johnson Seattle Ink & Oil (Celtic Work on s
  473. First Tattoo, fern leaf on left forearm. Done by Kinga Ojrzynska from RedBerry Tattoo
  474. My first! Done by David Steel at Queens City Terre Haute, IN.
  475. Black Vampire Bat // by David Armacost (me) at Hybrid Image Tattoo // Cincinnati, OH
  476. Save The Earth, by Dave Morgan, at InkDonkey Tattoo Shop, Tel Aviv, Israel
  477. My new octopus constellation piece. Wood print inspired with dot shading. Done by Emi
  478. I did my first ever hand tattoo and loved it, skull and mandala. (Hannah Howells, Han
  479. Moth tattoo by Shane Olds at Studio XIII in Orlando FL
  480. Wooden heart by Andres 'Steve' Hjelt at Swahili Bob's Tattoo, Stockholm
  481. I'm former Navy.. here's my sailor inspired hand and knuckle tattoos
  482. A new snake and dagger by Hillary Fisher White Rose Tattoo Brooklyn, NYC
  483. Hand holding a Rose / by Zack Taylor / Evermore Tattoo / Los Angeles, CA
  484. Finished my neck tattoo of a tiger head. Done by Brent Hefner at Black Anvil tattoo i
  485. Boring conversation anyway. Greg @ inner strength tattoo in Ottawa Ontario
  486. Scottish Rebel by Kara Kastanada at FHT Bathgate, Scotland.
  487. Skull clock by Robbie Kass, wilmington,NC
  488. Just finished my hakuna matata by Tim and Terry Clemson SC
  489. Sugar Skull outline // by Ben at 2nd Layer Deep // AUS
  490. Simple Flowers by Jon @ Empire Tattoos, Asheville, NC
  491. Finished Galaxy Quarter Sleeve by David Boggins of American Crow Tattoo in Gahanna Oh
  492. My souvenir from Berlin earlier this year. Done by Julia Toebel in Berlin, Germany.
  493. My ode to Carl Sagan. [Nate Kaschak, A Psychic Unicorn in Kingston, PA]
  494. State birds of Pennsylvania (ruffed grouse), Washington State (willow goldfinch), and
  495. My Space Wolf tattoo :) Sorry Mum, Prestwich, Manchester By Daryl Healey
  496. Ganesha - my first tattoo (inner forearm) by Radu Rusu. Truro, England
  497. Lemmy tattoo by Ben Ormerod on Anglesey UK
  498. Snaggletooth by Leonardo @ Body Garden Tattoo, Birmingham UK
  499. Dan Smith - Captured Tattoo - Orange, CA
  500. My four pieces, Totoro, FiddleSticks, Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop, and Letlive., f
  501. Wolf and Rose by Jr Diaz at Venture Tattoo, Oak Park, IL
  502. Wings and Fleur De Lis done by Troy "Lefty" McDaniel of Leftys Tattoo in Cedar Rapids
  503. Deja Entendu, tattooed by Brian Mock from Il Bacio in Trenton, NJ
  504. Jay schnettler , authentic tattoo, smithttown ny
  505. Oedipus and Apollo tattoo, start of a Greek mythology sleeve. Done by Jess Owens, Kra
  506. Adoption symbol armor (1st Session) Done by Mike Marty at Twisted Skull, La Crosse WI
  507. Reaper shoulder cap by Marshall Mullin at Divergence Tattoos, Halifax
  508. Wooden heart, by Andres 'Steve' Hjelt at Swahili Bob's tattoo, Stockholm
  509. My polynesian tattoo, InkIt, Hillegom - Netherlands. Made by Jonny.
  510. Water color Hamsa tattoo done by John P at dark side tattoos JAX FL
  511. Heart & Flowers (Brad Brown, Trouble Bound Studio - St. John's, NL)
  512. All of my hails to Shiro Aoki of Fun City Tattoo, NYC for this masterful Mercyful Fat
  513. Watercolor Wolf - Pete Zebely @ Central Tattoo Station, Philadelphia PA
  514. Bee by Mark P @ Moo Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA
  515. My new traditional lighthouse done by Dock @ Studio XIII, Cocoa Beach.
  516. Elephant tattoo by Pete Vanderheide @ Neon Crab Tattoos. London, On.
  517. First Order Stormtrooper Helmet by Jami @ The Inkquisition - EHT, NJ
  518. Dr. Rex mixing it up. By Peter Lagergren @ Malmö classic tattooing, Malmö Sweden
  519. Hand piece by Leah Moule
  520. 3D Butterfly Tattoo by Zarate in Las Vegas
  521. Drinking Crow Done By Kyle @OldGloryTattooCo In Asbury Park NJ
  522. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. A tattoo I got over a year ago (Freud).
  523. Hand fan by Brian Rea at ikon in Kearney, NE
  524. Doctor Who thigh piece tattoo by Reime @ Evolution Tattoo, Bloomington MN
  525. Golden Spiral -by- Harry Catsis, Denver CO. - ig:@i_am_harry
  526. Watercolor Joker tattoo done by Emily Geiger at Timeless Tattoo in Los Angeles.
  527. Celebrated the birth of my 1st son with this piece by Chris Dimitri of Anonymous Tatt
  528. Cock-a-doodle-tattoo! Adam Sky, Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco, California
  529. Traditional Compass and Roses by Sara Eve Rivera, Artisan Tattoo, Pittsburgh, PA
  530. City of Saigon, Vietnam! Bryan Ramirez, Reservoir Tattoo Studio, Los Angeles/Echo Par
  531. Fresh tattoo done by Amie Struzzi at Juggernaut Ink in Jeanette PA
  532. Fresh Ink! Done by Ty at Morphic tattoos. I can't wait until it's healed!!
  533. Sloth Tattoo - Adam Miller, Trailer Trash Tattoo, Brisbane
  534. My girlfriend got her first tattoo and we love it. Done by Inkslinger Tattoo in Logan
  535. Classic Wu-Tang tattoo flash done by Tyson Karlsson @ Villain Studios NB, ON
  536. Samurai Champloo tattoo from Adam Perjatel at Green Apple Tattoo, Island Park, NY
  537. Lion Sculpture by Kito Talbert- FIdolo Tattoo Tulsa, OK.
  538. Dot Work
  539. Finally got my swallows! David at Buju Tattoo San Diego
  540. First tat, Cardinal and Oak by Adam Smith at Animated Canvas in Columbia, SC
  541. Fighting Rooster. Joseph Maye of Now or Never Gallery in Kingsport, TN.
  542. Fresh mandala, done by Michael Mankin at Studio 13 in Fort Wayne.
  543. Started my eventual half-sleeve with Patricio Sadovskis at A Stroke Of Genius in Boca
  544. Ornamental floral piece from Laura Jade at Off the Map Tattoos in Grants Pass, OR
  545. Geometric piece done by Kaitlyn Teressa, Brothers Keeper Tattoo, Pittsburgh PA
  546. Jeff Soto's Painting "Spring" by Shannon Young of the Grand Tattoo Lodge in Redlands,
  547. Jellyfish line work, color to come, Caitlin Stairs @ Blue Geisha in West Seattle
  548. Got my first tattoo!! Bryan Parsons, Addictions in Ink, Wichita
  549. Goku by Joel Van Goor at Lagniappe Custom Tattoo in Slidell, La
  550. My memorial tattoo for my nephew done by Jacob at Anchor Tattoo, Seattle, WA
  551. Hungry minion hanging onto my existing lettering, banana for scale ;) done by the onl
  552. "We sail on borrowed time", by Daniela @Mint Club Tattoo Salzburg
  553. Before and after healing of my tattoo
  554. Tomato Plant and starling done a few months back by Ash in Modern Primitives, Dublin
  555. Christmas present from the gf by Dustin @ Tower Classic in St. Louis, MO
  556. My Chrysanthemums and bees by Megan Hoogland at Mecca Tattoo in Mankato, MN
  557. Four-eyes of the Tiger - Adam Harper, Chapter One Tattoo in San Diego, CA
  558. Tony, from EC tattoo in El Cajon, San Diego.
  559. Finally finished. My DNA knitting chimp done by Jared Stomber at empire state studio
  560. Celtic Cross done by Diana from Cliff's Tattoos
  561. First tattoo! Elephant done by Cody Bill at Reno Tattoo Company.
  562. My sleeve addition by Sam Clark, Noosa, QLD
  563. Celtic Cross by Diana at Cliff's Tattoos in Selden, NY
  564. My Moonshine with some Moonshine. By Derek Ketner of Main St Tattoo in Norman, OK
  565. Drew this myself, my second tattoo.
  566. Working hard towards an apprenticeship hopefully. Anchor design.
  567. Wild roses wrapping around arm - Tattoo People Toronto - Jess Chen
  568. My tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead by Shiro at Fun City Tattoo in NYC
  569. Evil Knee Woof by Cody Smith @ Quality Custom Tattoos, Somerset, KY
  570. My yellow jacket anatomical drawing, the first completed in a series by Christian Per
  571. My abstract timberwolf piece, designed and inked by Alec Bauer at Funhouse Tattoos in
  572. Assyrian inspired peice done by Sniper skinart, phuket, Thailand.
  573. Negative space Jesus done by Phil Hatchet-Yau
  574. Memorial Piece and my First Tattoo after the first session by Levi Reimer in BC, Cana
  575. Philly Skyline by Ryan Szadyr at Art Machine Productions, Philadelphia
  576. My beautiful swan, done by Daryl Watson at Skins and Needles in Middlesbrough!
  577. My tribute to california done on my leg by Ross K. Jones @ Idle Hands, SF
  578. Gypsy Shaman Woman // by David Armacost (me) at Designs by Dana // Cincinnati OH
  579. Crystal wolf by Ben Sanchez at Nobody's Hero Tattoo
  580. Friend of a friend is getting this done, I cant help but think the layout of the warr
  581. A cabin and a moon. Made in our kitchen in Oslo by Nikke Borg
  582. WIP Pixar sleeve, first update
  583. My Magpie Proposal(no stencil), walk-in by Frank McManus at Castro Tattoo in San Fran
  584. Nigel Hirschi - High Noon Tattoo. Phoenix, Arizona.
  585. Heart & roses. Done by Andrew Woodbury at Visible Ink Malden MA
  586. New traditional filler by Cory at Flesh Mechanics in Monaca PA
  587. Floral anatomical heart by Eric Alcantara @ ridge wood tattoo studio
  588. Watercolour/Abstract Rose & Heart Gem by Phil Kwan @ Private Studio, Vancouver, BC
  589. Owl Couple healed by Kaitlyn Teressa, Brothers Keeper Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA
  590. "I believe" tattoo by Noma Han- Black Fish Tattoo- New York, New York
  591. Geostylistic Colorful Great Horned Owl by Nick Clattenburg of Famous Tattoos in Dartm
  592. Roses on my shin. Done by Tim Pausinger @ Pearl Harbour Gift Shop in Toronto
  593. Lace Eye Design drawn and inked by Nick Clattenburg of Famous Tattoos in Dartmouth, M
  594. Goat skull done by Eric Alcantara // ridge wood tattoo studio
  595. Roses. Done by Terry Oh from the Union Tattoos in Victoria BC. I am in love with it!
  596. Crystal Skull by Scott Harrison - Hibernia in Sydney,Australia.
  597. Mandala/Snake sleeve mostly finished, suggestions for the rest?
  598. Woman & Wolf Protector. By Emma Davidson, Adorned Empire. Perth, Western Australia.
  599. My pet bunny tattoo amie lee 13 shinko tattoo brisbane australia
  600. Whale by Kelly Killagain at 777 Tattoos, Manahawkin NJ
  601. Mother Earth // by Keith Kuzara // @ Sink or Swim (North Tonawanda, NY)
  602. Snowflake by Paul van der Zwaard in Smooth Sailing, Groningen (NL)
  603. An all custom, colorful fractal sleeve done by me (Adal at Majestic Tattoo NYC in Bro
  604. Portrait of a mummified conquistador. Done by Billy the kid, Dedication Tattoo in Arm
  605. First Piece of the Partial Sleeve by Joshua Ross @ Mind's Eye Tattoo in Emmaus PA
  606. Theatrical masks by Sarah @ Intro, Brighton, England
  607. My first big piece. Tiger by Leah at Seven Tattoo Studio - Eastbourne, UK.
  608. Memorial rose by Sarah @ Intro, Brighton, England
  609. Cedar Waxwings by Jason Walstrom at Sea Wolf Tattoo, Minneapolis, MN
  610. My nature/NC tribute calf piece by Kelsea McCree. Family Tradition Tattoo. Mooresvill
  611. Second piece! Lord Shiva, done by David Côté at Imperial Tattoo Connection in Montréa
  612. World of Warcraft - Icon of Argus by Mark Hylands//Sacred Gallows//Eastbourne, UK.
  613. Super stoked on this alien by Andy Robinson at Art Machine Productions
  614. Japanese phoenix and roses by Charlie Foos @ Read Street Tattoos, Baltimore, MD
  615. "Wondrous Space" by Dylan Brown at Art & Soul Tattoo, Red Deer Alberta.
  616. Custom water color anchor on calf by David Flores of Pigment Dermagraphics in Austin,
  617. Hand poked with a single needle by Emily Geiger at Timeless Tattoo in Los Angeles
  618. Beautiful work done on my arm today by Jay at Anchors End Tattoos!
  619. Dumbledore portrait by Lu Skywalker, Wyld Chyld Pittsburgh.
  620. Amazing Star Wars Half sleeve. By fire vixen tattoos,Invermere, BC
  621. Wolf Head by Willy B. at Bone Deep Tattoo in Camarillo, CA
  622. Polish Eagle by Nick Poli at Passion and Pride Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA
  623. Eye Tattoo Done By Andrew Saray at Unroyal Ink in Farmingdale, NJ
  624. My geometric space piece coverup (link to the coverup in comments) done by Nick Fried
  625. Celebi Pokemon Tattoo by Seán Kealy at Snakebite Tattoo Dublin Ireland
  626. My Spirit Animal, by Aster at The House of Dis. (Belgium, Zottegem)
  627. Lloyd Christmas tattoo by Tony Sklepic, Sanitarium Studios, Edmonton AB
  628. Skeletal snake by Mike Shishmanian of Hudson Valley Tattoo Company - done at Red Rock
  629. #anotherone! Shiva piece on inner forearm. Done by the wonderful David Côté at Imperi
  630. Couldn't be happier with my first tattoo. Done by Ben Martinez @ Goodtimes Tattoos in
  631. Eye Mandala by Colin @ Salvation South, Long Beach, NY
  632. Anchored in the NW | Trash Polka by Chris De Angel of Bremerton and New Orleans
  633. Done yesterday by Jay Kettelhut // Anchors End Tattoo // Duluth, MN
  634. In Pizza We Crust (John Slater @ Big Winston Tattoo, Winston-Salem NC)
  635. Close up. Transitions by Steven Natali at Super Genius Tattoo. Seattle, WA
  636. The Black Dahlia. Michael Kelly, Dreams Collide. Lancaster, PA.
  637. Done by Logan Shermeyer at Folk City, Hampton Va.
  638. "Daredevil, the Man without Fear" by Brian Hemming / Regeneration Tattoo / Boston, MA
  639. My latest, the "Space Owl" by Scott White at Rise Above in Orlando FL
  640. Penrose triangle - Conor Moore, Eastside Electric Tattoo, Redmond, WA
  641. My jellyfish done by Casper Mugridge at Showdown Tattoos, Edmonton AB.
  642. A nod to The Office - Ben Barnhart - Five Star Tattoo - Louisville, KY
  643. Penny Farthing added to Cycling Leg Sleeve - Hollywood - Skintricate, Streetsville On
  644. My first tattoo, by Dan @ Fat Fugu, Northampton, UK
  645. Geometric/Nature Mashup Full Sleeve Progress by Chris Barton @ Long Street Collective
  646. Tattoo done by The Oathe @ Illuminati Tattoo Lounge (Fullerton,Ca)
  647. My Metal Gear inspired tattoo by Vanth in Living Art Limerick.
  648. Deer by Karoline @ Leading Light, Bergen
  649. Pinup by Claudia, Rattattoo, Freiburg, Germany
  650. Samurai Mask (healed) | Jonathan Fowler | Age of Reason | Bowling Green, KY
  651. California Grizzly Bear holding the state by Javier Hernandez at Javier Kustom Tattoo
  652. Hawk with geometric pattern by Tony Gomez @ Krazy Katz in Dayton, OH
  653. Pulsar Map by Jacob de Moss @ Tempest Tattoo, Dickson, TN
  654. First tattoo! Solar system by Dr. Woo - Shamrock Social Club, West Hollywood.
  655. Dried rose by Cassie at West Coast Tattoo Parlor - Las Vegas NV
  656. Wondering Fox. By Maria Giovanna @ Green Frog Tattoo Parlour (Italy)
  657. Finished antique floral scar cover up by Whitney at Human Kanvas in Calgary, AB CA
  658. My girlfriend and I celebrating graduation, done by Tattoo Magu at Propaganda Tattoo
  659. Grimlock "no bozo, me king" by Gooneytoons @ STR Tattoo and art studio - NSW, Austral
  660. Brooklyn Born by Ron Mor @ The End is Near, Brooklyn, New York
  661. First Tattoo, Spartan Warrior done by Liz Baker at Maid & Magpie, Hobart, Tasmania
  662. "[For] when all other lights go out." (Artist Joel Menter @ Divine Machine Tattoo, Bu
  663. Firefighter Shield
  664. Koi Fish by Ming at Boobies in Shanghai
  665. Cherry blossoms by Troy Souders @ %%%%%'s Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA
  666. My noose by Jacob at Planet Ink. Kennesaw, Ga.
  667. My Custom Planchette by Josh at Revolution Ink, Bham AL
  668. Fox~, done at the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention on Friday, by Daniel Claessens of Bel
  669. First tattoo! Popeye the Sailor Man done at Black Star by Doug Lopretto in Belle Vern
  670. My version of Lady Guadalupe done by Justin Davis at Moth and Dagger Tattoo in San Fr
  671. Abduction by Chris Sweetman at Explosive Tattoo in New Castle, DE.
  672. Marvolo Gaunt's Ring by Dylon at Tower Tattoo in Fresno, CA
  673. Woman and butterflies black and grey courtesy of Curtis at Olympia, Wa. Tattoo Co.
  674. I got my first tattoo as an 18th birthday present! I'm a writer & graphic designer [a
  675. Diabetic ID tattoo done by Sean Drennen @ Absolute Ink in Murfreesboro, TN.
  676. Finally got my mana symbols. Halo Jankowski is the best
  677. Skeleton hand and flowers by Tokyo Hiro. Orange County, CA.
  678. Watercolor Koi by Pauline Rose at Kiss of Ink in Lynchburg, VA
  679. Jelly king by Vinnie Rimmer at Right Coast Tattoo LBI, NJ
  680. Old school Mom & Dad by Ryan Spangler at Liquid Courage in Omaha.
  681. Navy Nurse // by David Armacost (me) at Designs by Dana // Cincinnati OH
  682. Bio-organic, 5 hours session. From Menoa Tattoo Studio, Sarawak.
  683. My concept, lettering and ink done by: Chris Jacobsen, Salem, OR
  684. Idea for a first tattoo
  685. My new ink - from Alex Gregory at the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention
  686. First tattoo. Koi lines by Rudy of Blood Ink and Tears of L.A. Done at the Minneapoli
  687. Cat done by Terry Brookland at 13 Roses Tattoo in Marshall, MI
  688. Bebop done by Marc Nava @ Port City Tattoo, Costa Mesa, CA
  689. My dog Banjo by Ben Kendig Kink'd Ink Windber Pa
  690. My favorite piece by far! A gnarly snail guy, done by Stephen Monnet at Golden Lotus
  691. Alex Grey - Ecstasy. Done by #Dannyboytat2 in Houston.
  692. My first tattoo: Victor Hugo's octopus, done by Riki Kay Middleton at Royal City Tatt
  693. my octopus by Chantel @ Sellwood Tattoo, Portland, OR
  694. Schroeder from Peanuts done by Eiland at Forever Tattoo in Sacramento, CA.
  695. Traditional Sacred Heart by Ben Matheny, Grinn and Barrett Tattoo, Omaha, NE
  696. My buddy and I got matching Sketchy Tank tattoos today. Hemet CA, Provocative tattoo
  697. First Tattoo! Warhammer Eagle with Deco Lines by Martin Kelly - Body Electric Tattoo,
  698. Mermaid and octopus first session! By Brandon Nue at Dimora studio San Diego, CA
  699. Lotus tattoo by Gabe @ Tattoo Icons in MD
  700. Carbon and Oxygen- Jazmyne @ Black Hole in Portland, OR
  701. First session with Rodney Eckenberger out of Wiked Ways Lakeville, IN
  702. My totoro tattoo
  703. Chris Crooks, White Dragon Belfast
  704. Geometric Elephant
  705. My calf piece by Mikey Bones at Obsession Tattoo in Salem, NH. Original artist unknow
  706. Reese's cups Justin Integrity Tattoo Rofo PA
  707. Momentary Ink Prints
  708. Train, Mountains and Trees by Kyler Martz, Jackson Street Tattoo Company, Seattle WA
  709. WWII memorial portrait // John Embry. BroadWing Tattoo. Bowling Green, OH
  710. My hourglass tattoo by Burkay ?eker at Burkay ?eker Tattoo in Samsun,Turkey
  711. My Girlfriend made this Flash Sheet today
  712. The South has its quirks but it's still home. Tracy Zumwalt - Anchor Tattoo, Seattle
  713. Charmander dressed as Charizard. Cougars Tattooing done by Paul.
  714. Cake and coffee, done by Gabrielle at Babydolls in Taylor, MI
  715. Greater Kudu, by Devin Hannon at Illuminati Tattoo and Odditorium, Glen Burnie, MD
  716. Hope For A Generation by Christian Kurtis at Bethesda Tattoo, Bethesda MD
  717. My Dahlia Mandala by Josh Brown at Spidermonkey Tattoo in Olympia, WA
  718. An octopus named Walter by Ryan Spangler at Liquid Courage in Omaha.
  719. Tree in progress by Aeric at The Imaginarium in Capon, WV.
  720. Zach Pensmith, Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo Parlour and Museum, San Diego CA (XPost r
  721. The story so far tattoo by Mike Sedges from Empire tattoo in Clementon NJ
  722. Dragon Skull PT2, Eternal Image, Calgary Alberta, Dylan Birkholm
  723. Penny Farthing added to Cycling Leg Sleeve - Hollywood - Skintricate, Streetsville On
  724. Blackwork octopus by Chris (Nhat Be) at Saigon Ink, Vietnam
  725. Would anyone happen to know what the Devils on the clavicles are called? Or how I cou
  726. Ocean at the end of the lane by Simon Coffin at Tribo Tattoo, Prague CZ
  727. Viking ship (not quite finished) by Joe at Ocean Mystique in Norfolk, VA
  728. Nice reminder from Chuck D at King's Ave Tattoo in NYC.
  729. Wolf and dagger done by me, Josh Herman @ MAYDAY! Tattoo Co, Chicago
  730. Dachshund memorial by Colin O'Keefe at Golden Spiral Tattoo in Greensboro NC
  731. First session on my wildlife sleeve by Lee Pickles, Spektra - Barnoldswick, UK
  732. Ocean at the end of the lane. Simon Coffin at Tribo Tattoo Prague
  733. Red fox by Nick Droomer at Blackball Tattoo, Midland,Mi
  734. Simple mountain range done by Casy Diaz at Kamikaze Tattoo in Rochester, NY.
  735. Stormtrooper Dagger by Kyle Downs, Kamikaze, Rochester, NY
  736. "The Bounty Hunter" by Landon Haying of Chapter X in Orange, CA. Original design by J
  737. Traditional portrait piece by Shea at Old Souls. Kansas City, MO.
  738. More progress on my back. Storm Hanya Mask back piece by Nick Wagner-Black Hive Tatto
  739. More progress on my back. Storm Hanya Mask back piece by Nick Wagner-Black Hive Tatto
  740. new rib tattoo, Done by travis, Bega Body art, NSW.
  741. My Spirited Away inspired tattoo done by the lovely Kata Puupponen during a guest spo
  742. Crying Storm Cloud // by David Armacost (me) at Designs by Dana // Cincinnati OH
  743. Matryoshka tatoo made by Mar, Bony and Clyde on Barcelona
  744. First tattoo. In memory of my fisherman brother who recently passed away. Artist: Dan
  745. My SubZero tattoo by Sbam, Creature Studio, Savona (Italy)
  746. Death's-head Hawk Moth by Jon @ True Colour Tattoo, York, UK
  747. GeoSymmetry by Chris Toler, Seventh Sin Tattoo Company, Charlotte N.C.
  748. Wind and cardinals full sleeve, 19 hours in. Now on to the color! Done by Varo/??? at
  749. My Harry Potter tattoo (apparently r/harrypotter is not that fond of tattoos)
  750. Mermaid tattoo - Chad Santo - Tavares, Fl
  751. Blackbird Pilot done by Eric Eaton at The Electric Temple. Philadelphia, PA
  752. Custom queen card by Dave @ Dave's House of Pain in Wescosville, PA
  753. Hannya mask by Joe Sanchez @ Radiant Ink, Chico CA
  754. Geometric stippled wolf done by me, Josh Herman @ MAYDAY! Tattoo Co, Chicago
  755. Galactus and his herald by Guy at Wiseguys Ink (Rotherham)
  756. Sugar Skull Lady done by Kaitlyn Teressa at Brothers Keeper Tattoo, Pittsburgh, PA
  757. Bird Skull and Flora by: Rebecca O'Quinn, Adept Tattoos, Halifax NS
  758. What I emailed the artist before vs. what i actually got. Gillian from Good Ink Tatto
  759. mom and dad as arrows by oliver @ eye of the tiger, san francisco (+ question in the
  760. My latest raven and wolf (from a month or 2 ago) by Steve at Hourglass Tattoo in Bay
  761. Never Again (The X-Files) by Olivia Olivier at Everlasting Tattoo in San Francisco
  762. Half sleeve koi fish. Addy Wise from Thailand
  763. Traditional Friendship hands by Sbam, Creature Studio, Savona (Italy)
  764. Star Wars sleeve in progress. Here's Vader after 2 sessions. By: Cort Chatagnier Ever
  765. "Rest In Peace", Izzy, Blitz Tattoo, Groningen, NL
  766. My lil alien claw machine (Scotty in Independent ink, Sterling Heights, MI)
  767. First session on my back from when it was fresh. [Andrew, Rising Tide, Newark Oh]
  768. My best buddy and I got matching ink by Renee at Vice and Virtue in Berea, KY
  769. First tattoo, rebel alliance logo by Mark Skipper @ St Louis Tattoo Company in St. Lo
  770. Skulls designed by myself, but tattooed by Eleni! She works at Metamorphosis in Winni
  771. Coat of Arms done by Zach Stahlgren at Studio Seven Designs, Cincinnati.
  772. Tattoo of my mother's wedding bouquet. Done by Brynn Sladky @ Blacklist Gallery in Po
  773. last time I will get tatted in the uk done by Will Sparling at exile in london
  774. Artist: Jessy knuckles at Pinz and Needles
  775. Kylo Ren tattoo done by James Mullins at Lotus Tattoos in Hemet,CA
  776. Deer head and rose. Done by Steve Makara at The Ink Club in Billerica, MA
  777. Some details of my sleeve in progress, 27 hours in. Tattooed by Lily Collard of Black
  778. Rebel/Empire Watercolor by Shannon @ Memento Mori in Abbotsford, BC
  779. Fu Dog by @Monzuki at Skin Deep Long Beach, NY
  780. Swallow done by Phil at Death or Glory, Davis, CA
  781. new geometric tattoo! Done by Travis at Bega body art, NSW
  782. Fresh mountain done by Jes @ Marco's Tattoo in Warwick, RI
  783. Dapper Ferret, done by Erik Anderson at Iron Brush Tattoos, Lincoln NE
  784. first tattoo and i love it! By Janice at Fun House tattoos in SD, Ca.
  785. Portrait frame landscape done by Ryan Szadyr at Art Machine in Philadelphia,PA
  786. An abstract interpretation of my favorite albums artwork! Tattoo by Harry Robbins (Bl
  787. Watercolor Compass Tattoo done by Eleni at Metamorphosis!! Her instagram: leni_xoxo
  788. "Doctor Dalek" done by Billy Bubbles at the Body Gallery in Sterling, VA
  789. Phoenix Tattoo, Left Arm, Kevin Bledsoe, The Hive, PVD, RI
  790. Looking to add to my piece.
  791. Wise Owl // by Keith Kuzara // @ Sink or Swim Tattoos (North Tonawanda, NY)
  792. Start of Floral and Amber underboob tattoo done by Kaitlyn Teressa at Brothers Keeper
  793. PNW theme: Designed and tattooed by April Cornell at Hidden Hand Tattoo, Seattle, WA.
  794. Waratah (an Australian flower) by Hayden Abernathy at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, VA
  795. New flourish on my half sleeve. AJ James, Euphoria Tattoo, Waynesville NC
  796. Swallow done by Phil @ Death or Glory, Davis, CA
  797. Courtesy of Ross Henry. Downtown Tattoo, Las Vegas, NV
  798. Eyeball mandala in the elbow ditch, by Zak Anderson at Hopeless Ink in Vancouver WA
  799. First session done! Color in 3 weeks! Tattoo made by Jesper Hochloff at Iron&Ink Vejl
  800. Lily's doe patronus - Emma Von B, Hello Sailor Tattoo Studio, Blackpool UK
  801. Compass tattoo -Walter hicks, Your new addiction, NS
  802. My completed sleeve, done by Chris Adamek of Immortal Ink ( Clinton, NJ )
  803. My Samurai with tiger kabuto. Done by Travis Greenough of Closed Casket Tattoos in Aj
  804. My Harry Potter inspired Dobby tattoo from Cj Ugarte, at Calavera tattoo, from Oaklan
  805. Fox Landscape - By Ben Murnane at Good Land Tattoo in Milwaukee WI - Done at Minneapo
  806. My completed cover up by Hector C. at the Piercing Emporium in Worcester, MA.
  807. "Parasyte -the maxim-" tattoo by Sean Kealy, Snakebite Tattoo Dublin Ireland
  808. "King of the Ocean" - done by Ernie Gaddis at Inked Expressions in Chattanooga, TN
  809. An elephant piece I (Adal) did yesterday at Majestic Tattoo NYC in Brooklyn, NY
  810. Modern take on the “Virgen del Valle” by Orbis in La Galeria Tattoo Studio Caracas Ve
  811. Black Work Octopus from Chester Lee of Fatboystattoos in Singapore.
  812. My girlfriend's side piece dream catcher by Ernie Gaddis at Inked Expressions in Chat
  813. Fortune Teller by Kirk Alley, 1111 Tattoo, Los Angeles
  814. 5th session of my Kali sleeve by Elin Lowén, Hand och Hjärta tatuering. Lund, Sweden.
  815. My Octopus pinup by Christopher Gay at artcore tattoo. Seattle, WA
  816. Opinions on first tattoo idea [upper forearm]
  817. Matryoshka hot air balloon! Done by Kyle Wood, Woodwork Tattoo, Poulsbo, WA. Proudly
  818. Bobby Hill by Jay Joree at Last Angels Tattoos in Dallas Tx.
  819. Great white shark done by Poch at Artistic Element, Yucaipa, California
  820. UFO by Joel Van Goor @ Lagniappe Tattoo, Slidell LA
  821. Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant by Sehra Wilson at Tat-Nice in Huntington, WV
  822. Cowboy bebop inspired tattoo. The line goes all the way around.
  823. Boba Fett in progress. By Cort Chatagnier - Evermore Tattoo - Los Angeles
  824. Dog "portrait" by Sarah at Twilight Tattoo in Keene, NH
  825. First Tattoo, Imperial Ink done by Braylan Louisville, KY
  826. Finished the color on part of my sleeve, done by Ezra Mccabe @ Black Gold Tattoo in S
  827. Robin, by Mike Boyd at The Circle, London UK
  828. Bobcat by Jesse Strother @ Three Anchors Tattoo, Akron OH
  829. Geometric owl with roses by Amber at Dee Why Tattoo- Sydney.
  830. Traditional Gorilla piece by Chester Lee of Fatboystattoo Singapore.
  831. First time, birds and cage
  832. my oldest tattoo, and my most recent one. both done by Frank Murphy at Philadelphia E
  833. He's got my back: Toothless by Clarence Messer @ DC Tattoo Expo
  834. Polyphemus moth and geometry by Kate DeCosmo at Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee
  835. My zombie pumpkin done by Rob Plante at Pleasures of the Flesh Ft. Myers Fl
  836. In progress: Rock of Ages backpiece by Darryl Hart at Golden Horseshoe in St. Cathari
  837. Okiku Tattoo done by Kurt Wiscombe @ Tattoos for the Individual Winnipeg, MB
  838. New halo piece done by Jack cordwell at Black Kraken Tattoo .Co in Ashton, England.
  839. New black and grey skull by Shane at Covenant tattoo, in Fort Collins CO
  840. My 5 year old's first tattoo (can't mention studio name due to legality)
  841. Got a small piece done yesterday- a reference to a chapter called "The Line" in Moby
  842. Angel Of Death by Pete Vaca at Full Circle Tattoo in San Diego, CA
  843. Dragon claw and teapot. Adam Guy Hays at Red Rocket Tattoo NYC
  844. Forearm wolf by Ty at Generation8 Tattoo in LA
  845. Flying Rat from Shovel Knight by Anthony Ross - Spilled Ink, Dublin, Ireland
  846. Solar system on my forearm done by Marlon Toney at Alchemy Tattoo in LA, California.
  847. Loon tattoo by Dave Halsey at Crying Heart Tattoo in Cincinnati. My first (definitely
  848. My brain in a jar, done by Julie at Lucky Strike Tattoo in Edmonton, AB, Canada!
  849. Koi fishes by Josie Sexton @ The Festival Shop, Middlesbrough UK
  850. Traditional Peacock Lady. Bert Grimm flash done by Carlos Wake Carrera @ Welldone Tat
  851. Dot work in black and grey. Chester Lee of Fatboystattoo. Singapore
  852. Warrior fighting Butterly BatJesse Smith; Loose Screw Tattoo; Richmond VA
  853. The Little Price, by Dan Kirby at Intricate in Mount Pleasant, MI.
  854. Started some blast over work on my leg the other day. Gustavo Martinez, Ocean Tattoo
  855. Roaring Lion by Kevin Collins at Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh, NC
  856. Minimalist Skull done by Derrick Hooper- Gold Club Electric Tattoo, Nashville
  857. Gypsy woman, blackwork style. By Patrick Thomas, Tattoo Lounge, Los Angeles CA
  858. Double koi tattoo done by circle at Paia tattoo parlor, Maui, Hi
  859. Octopus Fight - color coming soon! Kyle Porter of Tattoo Boogaloo - San Francisco CA
  860. Atlas and a few extras, done by Niorkz Meniconi at Creative Vandals in Hull, England
  861. Mark Wosgerau, Sinners Ink, Aarhus, Denmark
  862. Continuing my sleeve with a mix between Meta Menardi and a Araneus Diadematus spider.
  863. Galaxy guy done by Shane Olds at Studio XIII in Orlando FL
  864. Andy @ Faith Tattoo Santa Rosa CA
  865. Clockwork Heart by Gabe @ Armadillo Red's in West Kissimmee
  866. El Pollo Loco by Brandon Lantz Smith at Classic Tattoo in San Marcos, Texas
  867. Finished my torso, girl with a falcon - Tamara Santibanez at Saved in Brooklyn
  868. Wolf head by Emily at Empire Tattoo in Victoria BC
  869. A fresh piece on my tricep done by Shawn (once again) at Silk City in Hawthorne NJ. S
  870. More work on my arm. By Jesse Doubek at Mainstreet Studios in Ashland, Ohio
  871. By Danubio in Long Beach. Showed you guys before but forgot to show it after its seco
  872. We all got bit, by the cod that we all kissed... done by Mike nomy at South Shore Tat
  873. Mark Wosgerau, Sinners Ink, Aarhus, Denmark - 2nd
  874. My American-Traditional "Mom" tattoo. Love it! By Matt Lettau, Cloud 9, Birmingham AL
  875. My blackwork laughing skull chest-piece. By Aaron Hamilton, Aerochild Tattoos, Birmin
  876. Chelsea Football Club logo. Done by Kevin Stiles of Stiles Artistry in Collinsville,
  877. Beetlejuice done by George Motta at Pino Bros Ink in Boston!
  878. Masonic Tattoo by Twister at Tobi's in Ft. Collins
  879. A buddy of mine lost his fantasy football league. Meet Caitlyn !
  880. Traditional & dot style. Megalodon shark. Chester Lee of Fatboystattoo. Singapore
  881. My first - Lighthouse Blueprints by Phil Tworavens (@lustandcomsume)
  882. Hannya Peony by Erik Desmond at Loyalty Tattoo in West Babylon, New York
  883. Ram's Skull- artwork by Luke Reuben at Aardvark Tattoo in Portland, OR.
  884. Flame with Watercolor Background (Artist: Amy Zager at Tattoo Factory in Chicago)
  885. First Tattoo
  886. Lisa Frank kitten added to my sleeve. By Briana Sargant @ Buju Tattoo San Diego, Cali
  887. Mark Wosgerau, Sinners Ink, Aarhus, Denmark - 3rd
  888. Celtic Boar by Dr.J @ Dr.J Tattoo, Limerick, Ireland
  889. Girlfriends new BB-8 tattoo done at :Electrik Ink, Guildford, UK
  890. Got my first tattoo in honor of my mom on Friday.
  891. Zombie Pin Up cover-up by Larry Hardesty at Black Lotus Studio; Baltimore, MD
  892. Skeleton seahorse by Ayako Junko Osaki at the Tailorbird Tattoo, Minneapolis MN
  893. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum done by David Fusco at The Beauty Mark in Canton CT.
  894. Thigh piece done by Gee at Enter the Void, Norwich, UK
  895. Ziggy Stormtrooper (Artist: Michelle Radz at No Heros in Lancaster, PA)
  896. My black work jackal (first tattoo). By Joesus Chin at Ninjaflower, Wellington, NZ.
  897. Tech Noir by Adam Lerch at Aggression Tattoo in Whitehall, Pa.
  898. Got a little old school today with Don Kunto at studio 613 in Sudbury Ontario.
  899. Gertrude McFuzz - a Dr. Seuss tattoo (Jason Reeder | Little Vinnies Tattoos | Finksbu
  900. Against Me! - New Wave (Artist: Sean Barry, Chinatown %%%%%'s, Philadelphia, PA)
  901. Gnome tattoo by Bobby Black at Rockstar Tattoo in St Louis MO
  902. Gladiolus Flowers by David "Hek" Roger's at Studio Ink in Norman, OK. Another step to
  903. Orchid tattoo by new York tattoo artist billy harrigan
  904. Black work. Black art. (Artist: Chester Lee of Fatboystattoo, Singapore)
  905. Hogwarts // by David Armacost (me) at Designs by Dana // Cincinnati OH
  906. Thor's Hammer, Odin's Raven tattoo by Adam Sky, Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco, Ca
  907. Shin ship by PJ Anderson @ Gold Club Electric in Nashville, TN
  908. Blackbird done by Zach Donahue at Self Inflicted Studios in Stl, MO
  909. Amestris Military Symbol from FMA// by Chris // at Blood Sweat and Tears Tattoo// in
  910. Cthulhu/Deathbat style tattoo by Troy at True Blue Electric Tattoo In Knoxville.
  911. Wolf, blackwork style by Patrick Thomas (me) at Tattoo Lounge. Los Angeles, CA
  912. Dino Tattoo by Matt Driscoll Off The Map Tattoo Easthampton Ma
  913. Cat skull and succulents by Andy Robinson at Art Machine Productions (Philadelphia, P
  914. Skull and rose by Dave Wah of Stay Humble Tattoo in Baltimore, MD
  915. My hannya mask by Nate at Good Family / Lake Villa, IL
  916. Not sure if this is the right sub, but eh, oh well. My sister got my kids (1, 2, and
  917. Barad-dûr and Mount Doom by Nicky Toews at Red Tide Tattoo in Saskatoon, SK
  918. Ease My Soul chest tattoo done by Cutty Bage at Speakeasy Tattoo Co. in Boone, NC
  919. Square and Compasses/All Seeing Eye by Chris Fullam at Tattoo Tech, Dayton OH
  920. Vicente Fernández portrait plus shot of tequila. Done by Jorge Lopez at Colts Timeles
  921. Cat Playing With DNA Yarnball by Matt Decker at Premium Tattoo in Oakland, CA
  922. Compass by greg montone of studio 1 tattoo in Norwood pa
  923. Las Vegas Camping by Chad Lambert at Revolt Tattoos (Las Vegas, NV)
  924. My Saint Louis skyline tattoo by Micah at Self Inflicted Studios (St. Louis, MO)
  925. Shark By Nick Caruso, Bound For Glory, Staten Island, NY
  926. My inkginity was taken today. (Aquarius) Jamie Marsh Tattoos, Jamie Marsh - Ashburton
  927. Neo-traditional Hatchet and rose on my calf - Cody D'Amico - Lucky Devil Barrie
  928. Traditional grandfather clock done by Ben Matheny at Grinn and Barrett, Omaha, Ne
  929. Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-02 Unit, by Kevin Saxler, Speicher, Germany
  930. Desert sunset, by Geary Morrill at Unkindness Art, Richmond, VA
  931. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil - Jeff Wilson - Infinite Expressions - Princ
  932. Scratchy tattoo by Tim Strating at Anthem Tattoo in Gainesville Fl
  933. Custom Sacred Geometry Mandala by Steven Natali at Super Genius Tattoo. Seattle, WA
  934. My Monmon Cat! 1 session in. Done by Steve @ Top Tattoo in Victoria, TX.
  935. Cat Playing With DNA Yarn Ball by Matt Decker at Premium Tattoo in Oakland, CA
  936. a Bright Eyes inspired Birch Tree by Dr. Z at Laughing Hyena - Washington, DC.
  937. Calla Lillies and Hummingbird done by Marc C. at Slave to the Needle, Wallingford nei
  938. No Leaf Clover by Josh Vight Wanderlust Tattoo Amherst, MA
  939. Sleeve made by Barry Halldan, Elite Artwork, Örebro.
  940. Most recent work, it's beem awhile! By Terry Morgan @ Classic Electric
  941. Watercolor space tattoo. By Scott with envy tattoo in Edmonton, Alberta! I love it
  942. First Tattoo by Nicholas Laskey, an apprentice at Lucky In Love in Morgan's Point Tex
  943. Spidersaurusrex by Ricke G, ride fast tattoos, VA
  944. The Final Resting Place of Garuda by Brockton Fowler at Parabrahma tattoo collective
  945. Galaxy bear by Shane Olds at Studio XIII in Orlando
  946. Space girl almost finished
  947. New jeep cj7 tattoo done today
  948. Dr. T.J. Eckleburg by Carly Grainger at Timeless Tat2, Boredentown NJ
  949. Celtic Knot by Lord of the Skins, Western Australia
  950. This isn't mine and I don't know who's it is I found it on Google images. It is by fa
  951. First tattoo,feathers on a bracelet. Done by Kinga Ojrzynska from Redberry tattoo, Wr
  952. First tattoo. Done by Shari Davis @ Lucky Bella, North Little Rock
  953. First session on Medusa chest piece by Dominic Holmes at Big Brain tattoo Omaha, NE
  954. Torch by James Cumberland - Sunday Tattoo Gallery - Jacksonville, FL
  955. Space / Underwater sleeve. By J.Vall - Folk City Tattoos - Suffolk, VA
  956. Ougi Oshino - Kenny Ackerman @ Heavy Duty Tattoo - Darlington/England
  957. Half face Wolf by Fabio Ingrassia, L'arte del Tattoo in Marsala, Italy
  958. Slava Shatovkin @ Euthanasia Tattoo, Kiev, Ukraine
  959. Mark Wosgerau, Sinners Ink, Aarhus, Denmark - 5th
  960. Sleeping Beauty, done by Karl at Past Times in Goole, East Yorkshire
  961. Color Splash Bear, Arrow & Rose by Andrei Chirita from Radical Ink, Bucharest, Romani
  962. matryoshka doll done at Valhalla tattoos NC by Craig Morrison
  963. (Horror Sleeve In Progress) Patrick Batemen from American Psycho. Artist is Rob Truem
  964. Just got this done at the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival convention in Austin, done
  965. Action of a piano key done by Brady Payton at Catalyst Arts Collective in KCMO.
  966. Lyphangitis?
  967. New tattoo done by Shane Nesmith of No Cross No Crown - Monroe, Georgia
  968. I literally love fried eggs on everything, sooo, here's my fried egg! By Alex Boyko.
  969. Double Ouroboros and Narcissus by Isaac at Chapter One Tattoo in San Diego, CA
  970. My first ever piece done by Wojtek "RigorMortis" Dombrowski @ Heretic Tattoo, Gda?sk,
  971. Tips on any suitable modifications to this one?
  972. Outline of Medusa chest piece by Dominic Holmes at Big Brain tattoo Omaha, NE
  973. My small collection- the meanings behind which I could talk for hours about
  974. Mark Wosgerau, Sinners Ink, Aarhus, Denmark - 6th
  975. My little lad by Nigal Kurt
  976. Alphonse Mucha's "The Moon" tattoo by Adam Sky, Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco, Ca
  977. First tattoo, on the ribs. Turned out beautifully.
  978. First tattoo!!! Grayscale Roses by James Hall at Shaman in Austin,TX
  979. Cat Lady Flower Piece by Pepelini at Black Lagoon Tattoo in San Jose, CA
  980. Rose and Peony linework - Tattoo People Toronto - Jess Chen
  981. My dad gave me my very first tattoo for my birthday yesterday right above my achilles
  982. First ink! ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) lightbulb by Marcus Arroyo, Laguna Tattoo,
  983. "A nonsensical piece of text which appears to have meaning" Andy, Physical Graffiti,
  984. Girl with wolf headdress by Brian Massey @ Lucky Monkey Ann Arbor MI
  985. First Tattoo! Art Deco Trumpet done by Z-Dub at Spaded And Jaded Tattoo, Tulsa, OK
  986. Pine tree done by Amy at Aartistic Inc. in Winooski, VT
  987. My first tattoo by Ami Williams @ Swansea Tattoo Co, Swansea, UK
  988. My first tatto. Ouroboros by Francis Marcante - Nova Petrópolis, Brazil
  989. Star of Bethlehem by Lauren Quinn at Satori Ink in Bethlehem,Pa
  990. Higgs Heart by Nick Melody @ Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI
  991. Travel themed shoulder piece by Chip Harbin at SafeHouse Tattoo, Nashville TN
  992. Miles at High Bridge Tattoo in Saint Paul MN did this abstract piece for me. What doe
  993. Flowers by Nathaly Bonilla, guesting at Blue Dragon in San Francisco, CA.
  994. Got a new tattoo on Friday. By Joe Bass @ The Jade Mermaid in Portland OR
  995. The Crow - Brandon Lee tattoo
  996. Wolf face done by David Sheldon @ Black Dagger Tattoo, Barnstaple, Devon, UK
  997. "City" Khammounheuang at Skin City Ink in Oakdale, MN
  998. Jellyfish by Noemi at Studio XIII Edinburgh
  999. Custom owl dot work tattoo by Tegan Rush @ Chronic Ink Toronto, Ontario
  1000. Mike at Chicago Tattooing Co. Black & Grey Moth on Sternum