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  1. How do you get a Kangaroo down from a roof?
  2. Teacher doesn't realize whole class can see him Facebook stalking a student
  3. Rate my legs.
  4. Oh, Just posing
  5. Bird's nest in the city
  6. Dark Water : Nope !
  7. The cut-off-your-Johnson cult
  8. Went into the Walmart bathroom and saw this
  9. now this is a Christmas sweater
  10. That's MY hospital bed!
  11. Ho shi-
  12. Facebook flavored ice cream.
  13. English man has sex with 450 tractors...
  14. Just driving down the road when....
  15. Drink anyone?
  16. I dislocated my patella
  17. Well that's an awkward pose for this sign...
  18. Severe case of genital warts around the anus
  19. Latvian road rage
  20. How the fuck is this even legal?
  21. So, Australia recently introduced a "Health Star Rating" on a number of supermarket p
  22. That's a cute little tree fr-OMG!!!!
  23. Went to the dentist today for tooth pain, found out I had a CYST growing in between m
  24. Would this be a threesome?
  25. My friend's foot wart
  26. Why do people do this?
  27. Bit into a prize hidden in the pita I got from Pappas Greek truck for lunch.
  28. Man decides to see if he can cross the tracks before the train crosses
  29. Wouldn't want to get my shoes wet on the way to work.
  30. Kid falls out of a car
  31. Liar liar...
  32. Truck loses control on snowy road
  33. Christmas billboard in NZ
  34. So this happened to my brothers bus today. While they were on it.
  35. Tender nips
  36. The kitchen smelled pretty bad. Turns out a possum crawled in and died inside of our
  37. Deer donation
  38. Speaking about buses, this happened today in my city.
  39. The model pic for this t-shirt was appropriate. I guess.
  40. The Playtex Playa
  41. Lucky biker avoids certain death
  42. Bridge Collapse on the Isle of Man due to flooding
  43. And that's why you should always wear your seat belt
  44. I bought two jackets off of Ebay, they came like this.
  45. Experience?
  46. The fantastic looking hot tub at my local gym, it's been like this for days.
  47. Lizards in Australia
  48. Transporting a Ladder
  49. japanese snack wasp rice crackers
  50. Fire Inside a Vacuum
  51. Driver spits on McDonalds work. Customer offers angry guest a McBeating.
  52. Art.
  53. A little too close for comfort
  54. Found in local newspaper.
  55. I'm not sure what this is... but I like it?
  56. This is how our plane landed today.
  57. Impressively fresh
  58. ohai
  59. No...crap? I wouldn't eat it either
  60. My friends brother was involved in a head on collision when a car hydroplaned into hi
  61. No. Just no.
  62. Spotted in a shop with children's clothing. Can't think of a description.
  63. Suspected that I had a mouse living in my bedroom, so I took a picture of a small cra
  64. This woman is LOCKED in
  65. Do You Even Lift Bro?
  66. Head-banging on the Stair Climber
  67. [insert worthy title for...this...]
  68. The human body, proportioned physically as it is represented in the brain. (NSFW)
  69. Found this "star jelly" in the Canadian wilderness, in an area rumoured to be haunted
  70. Salt made from human tears
  71. Two thieves distract a man and steal his money in the street and in front of people
  72. An entire hole full of Nope (warning: Spiders)
  73. Natural Gas in Plastic Bag
  74. The Wall St Journal makes you call to cancel a digital subscription for "security rea
  75. He was a pain in the ass...
  76. Making the best of a bad situation
  77. Truck gets crushed by it's own cargo
  78. A little extra something in your sandwich.
  79. I don't think it's an improvement
  80. A wedding photographer took this from a rooftop, later something seemed odd, this is
  81. When you want to get a closer look
  82. Left a glass of water on my desk overnight, came back and found this
  83. So this came flying through my moms window.
  84. Ugg...
  85. Giant Whipscorpion
  86. My bicycle is faster than a train
  87. Saw a mouse in the trunk of our car. Put out a mouse trap. Came out this morning to t
  88. Bought a cheap phone off eBay. Opened the box and noticed this.
  89. Here is the inside of the car with the metal through the windshield. Didn't think tha
  90. My sister watched a hawk tear apart a pigeon on on her car.
  91. A red card??? I was going for the ball !!
  92. my dad's belly button is not like everyone else
  93. You can't recycle that.
  94. It's even hand-painted!
  95. Boxing training?
  96. Free Dickerdoodles
  97. That doesn't look like a fun tree to climb.
  98. Blind driver.
  99. Passed this abomination in my hometown
  100. Today my half of the house exploded they still don't know what happened
  101. So I'm babysitting and the parents told me to just reheat the spaghetti in the fridge
  102. TIL you can see the back of an owl's eyeball when you look into its ear
  103. Driver avoids head on collision but goes flying
  104. Silly Little Bear. Of course your turn is next!
  105. I might rethink getting a head massage at a beauty salon
  106. A friend spotted this aluminum foil enthusiast on the LA Metro
  107. The birds of prey in my neighborhood like to feed above my neighbors house, they leav
  108. This piece of art is being auctioned for an estimated $200,000 - $300,000. More info
  109. Blood clot from nose into the lungs
  110. I think it's time to have my tonsils removed
  111. So my son wanted to be in the xmas chorus. The lyrics of the first song are so WTF...
  112. Like I give a fuck.
  113. I put up a game cam in my yard to watch deer but instead got this. LOOK At ITS ARMS.
  114. Adam's Apple Smasher
  115. Rubber is for suckers
  116. Lucky Escape
  117. That's not a fish, THIS is a fish.
  118. Flatbed truck hits a tree dropping some of its cargo
  119. Hide and seek!
  120. How to fail students in finals
  121. Monkeys took over our apartment complex! We're too scared to go outside.
  122. twerk n squirt
  123. whatever this is, it sure as hell isn't happiness
  124. Are those teabags?
  125. A REALLY Hungry Fish!
  126. Gotta work on them moves
  127. Be careful where you park
  128. It has numbered doors..
  129. Came home from break and found this shirt in my laundry. I guess one of my family mem
  130. This pig magnet
  131. Earsculpting
  132. Like Pussy?
  133. ?Under the Sea?
  134. My friend buried his 1-day old son this week. This is the is tombstone directly next
  135. It's OK babe, I'll fix it
  136. What the actual fuck
  137. Somebody please explain
  138. This Walmart employee
  139. When you having such a good wank you ain't even care if that dude from next door and
  140. This guys day went from bad to worse!
  141. Human skull with late stage syphilis
  142. No fucks given on I-25 today
  143. A lucky tractor driver thrown clear in a crash with a dump truck
  144. Billy insisted that his girlfriend be included in the family picture this year....
  145. Squirrel hung itself trying to steal my bike
  146. How to effectively workout your abs
  147. Redneck Christmas Tree. I actually know these people.
  148. Girl I'm friends with posts questionable X-ray photo to Facebook.
  149. Swordfish 1 - Fisherman 1
  150. My wife's work gives no holiday bonus. They send out Xmas cards w/their family in a m
  151. Nicolai Tesla's Map to Multiplication
  152. I Bet the Inside is Nice Though.
  153. No one here? No problem!
  154. I've heard of forgetting where you parked your car, but 747's?
  155. Trauma caused by firecracker to eye.
  156. I thought it smelled bad on the outside.
  157. Come on... get in here... get a little taste.. You know you want to.
  158. Walk into work this morning and see this out front.
  159. This Dollar Tree steak
  160. Friend works at a library. He had to shelve this book today
  161. Pike swallowed duckling
  162. Sounds about right.
  163. This is intense
  164. This trucker doesn't wait around
  165. Can someone please explain why this exists. It looks like a giant pile of skinned fur
  166. My friend inspected this car today. Those are fingernails.
  167. I don't want to be a plumber anymore...
  168. A friend of mine saw this toy while he was out shopping today... Seriously...
  169. The next few days in a nutshell.
  170. He's probably fine
  171. This morning in my county several WWI buried bombshells, exploded "naturally" in a fi
  172. Earthquake Bed!
  173. I don't want to be a porta-potty cleaner anymore...
  174. Semi flew off a bridge near me today
  175. This morning I saw the craziest accident I've ever seen.
  176. This is on his fucking forearm....
  177. New pipe
  178. Actual question in this week's Army Times 'Ask a Lawyer' column.
  179. At my local mall.
  180. Creepy Christmas
  181. Nitrogen dioxide Gas Leak
  182. Be careful who you upset..
  183. In a local Wisconsin newspaper article...
  184. My wife and I just found this on our fridge, we have no idea where it came from
  185. Projectile puppy vomit
  186. No, I don't time for you, I have places to go
  187. Just saw this hanging outside my office building.
  188. My friend has weird feet.
  189. Cujo
  190. This snow tickles my lungs.
  191. My husband went outside this morning to head to work. His truck wasn't where he left
  192. My trash pick-up service made a Christmas card this year
  193. So this happened at my local supermarket
  194. Every Woman should know about the Marvel Whirling Spray Douche
  195. This bird has been running around town with a dart through his head and a local artis
  196. Firefighter on fire escapes from burning building
  197. I hope they had 4WD
  198. Some hillbillies shot an opossum and left it on my friend's mailbox
  199. Death really wants this biker
  200. It's December 22, this seriously needs to stop..
  201. What sex looks like through ultrasound (NSFW)
  202. So this is art now
  203. This guy documented himself collecting festering shit and diarrhea to combine it with
  204. Burger and fries
  205. Duke Nukem Villian?
  206. Keep an eye out!
  207. My homeless mother wanted to stay for one night. Now it's almost 2 years later.
  208. Hematuria for five weeks. Couldn't pee this morning went to the ED and this came out.
  209. Automatic shopping cart pusher
  210. My wife's turtle, Speedbump, went missing in the yard 20 years ago. My MIL found him
  211. good eatin'
  212. Someone went through a lot of work to kill themselves. Found at the city pound
  213. School is not shcool
  214. For Christmas, my mom got a second hand book from Amazon... And something else.
  215. My uncle left ice on his calf for too long...
  216. 0 - 100 real fast. This kid is straight savage
  217. Went home to visit the parents. Mother claims not to be a hoarder.
  218. My buddy heard a pop
  219. Merry Christmas from murder claus
  220. I Went Skiing
  221. Not exactly my idea of holiday spirit. WTF
  222. The man bun has evolved..
  223. Woke up to this, and my day is now ruined
  224. Kangaroo runs infront of a car and gets hit and squashed
  225. Driving home after Christmas dinner when suddenly...
  226. Inducing a pregnant stingray
  227. Polished the Carpet
  228. GF was using a sewing machine to fix a pair of pants. Her hand went a bit too far for
  229. Flooding near my house today
  230. I hit the punching bag one time after healing for 6 weeks from a tiny fracture...
  231. My cousin's dogs got in a fight and one of their eyes popped out..
  232. Appeared on my dog's face overnight :/
  233. A heartwarming Christmas present.
  234. Naughty children belong in the fish circle
  235. Beetle worm walking on its back
  236. What Is Meat?
  237. [TW: Big ass spider] Found in a spinach meal at Chowking
  238. Car gets crushed between two trucks
  239. Everydays an adventure on the train.
  240. My dog ate the lights of the Christmas tree and pooped them out almost whole
  241. For all those who are saying the photos of my friends work accident are fake. No, I d
  242. Wait.. They want to arm my kid with what?
  243. Uni-cow.
  244. Double-Wide Ride
  245. I hope the doggy is okay :( I can't believe the driver didn't see him
  246. So I just got a new roommate
  247. Let me wave this red flag right in your face
  248. Meanwhile in Szczecin, Poland
  249. I know the christian t-shirts at thrift stores can be kind of weird sometimes but...
  250. Stay perky...
  251. A small suspension bridge in Aceh collapsed after more than 100 people tried to take
  252. WTF ant? What were you thinking?
  253. A cheeky Japanese woodworker
  254. This fucker.
  255. Trucker destroys historic bridge because she didn't know how many pounds 6 tons was.
  256. Risky driving.
  257. Guy snaps a woman's ankle back into place
  258. In case anyone in the Midwest is unsure about the cause of the power outages
  259. This family of mice fell into my wall and then turned cannibal. Only one skeleton was
  260. My Anaconda Don't...
  261. Slime Snake
  262. Yeah, I wouldn't be parking my new car in there.
  263. No, you don't shit where you shop
  264. What is she on?
  265. So my brother got the bill from having twins...
  266. Woman cleans the inside of the window at her wine bar in Northern England as flood wa
  267. Overloaded truck gives up on life
  268. Moving day!
  269. The hell, Nashville?
  270. Local rescue trying to save pregnant dog who was shot, X-ray of bullet and babies
  271. A bad decision was made that day
  272. The Dream Catcher
  273. This is the longest worm I have ever seen!
  274. I found this tick sonofabitch rolling around on my floor, too fat to even move.
  275. I work at a hospital, found this bathtub in the basement
  276. Everybody likes Doritos
  277. So my best friend lives in Taiwan. He tells me he has a little cancer on the tip of h
  278. Scary Smurfs
  279. "Don't make homemade fireworks :("
  280. The most brutal fight movie ever made
  281. plucked Silkie chicken
  282. Found this at the playground, stuck in the grill of one of the moms' SUVs...
  283. Failure to launch...
  284. This is on the wall in a buddy's apartment
  285. Taxidermist makes a flying Ostrich
  286. Selfie game too far
  287. Family bonding
  288. 2 Girls, 1 Cake
  289. Motorcyclist crashes into a car and sends his head mounted GoPro flying into the fron
  290. wat
  291. Woke up fresh this New Years morning, open my curtains and this is the first thing I
  292. Bend it like you don't care
  293. Toilet seat cover double take.
  294. Weapons seized outside of Gillette Stadium before the Winter Classic
  295. My ass is on fire
  296. Big foot
  297. Hanging out by the window
  298. Tooth abscess build-up escaping via the jaw
  299. I work at Macaroni Grill and my last table just left this on the paper table cloth fo
  300. Heading home from work Tuesday...
  301. dick slippers. why not?
  302. Butter dance
  303. Selection 37; freshly scrambled eggs
  304. Gettin Lit
  305. The dangers of accumulated snow on roofs
  306. Lady uses a lighter while refueling her car with disastrous results
  307. Must be a fun party
  308. Only thing missing is a tinfoil hat
  309. So my dad peed this kidney stone out last night...
  310. A monkey hand keychain I got while renting a moped in Vietnam
  311. Just enjoying some fresh air at the window when suddenly...
  312. They don't write the news like they used to
  313. Backdraft causes firefighter to be engulfed in flames
  314. Bought a bag of combos.
  315. What's the point of putting things on your eye socket?
  316. A vibrator that leaves you somewhere else when you get off...
  317. He cracks it midway through
  318. Butt plug charger. Yes, you did read it right. [NSFW]
  319. Oh....do you now?
  320. These look like some tasty candies...
  321. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
  322. So that's what that tingling is...
  323. That weird Asian ketchup lady is back
  324. Fashion..
  325. UCSD Math Professor continues teaching despite classroom flooding.
  326. Mountain lion with a second mouth growing out the top of its head
  327. Conjoined Monkeys
  328. Shirtless dude jumps off a bridge, walks like if nothing happened...
  329. Going for big gains
  330. An Australian sky. Those aren't birds...
  331. So I went to visit my 8 year old niece today
  332. I sat next to this normal looking woman today on the subway and then noticed a really
  333. I just came home to this....
  334. This driveway
  335. Got my Christmas gift today. Someone else's leg and foot.
  336. Catching rats with peanut butter
  337. We noticed the lights flickering whenever our roommates space heater would come on, w
  338. Don't pick your ears
  339. Just Ozzy Osbourne
  340. Tipper Truck
  341. Butt-chugging
  342. So the city got a call about someone having tires in their backyard...
  343. Morons actually believe this crap on Facebook
  344. Japanese: "Hiring Waiter" Spanish: "Dishwasher Wanted"
  345. Don't forget to let go of the bungee cord.
  346. Spanks for Men
  347. Helping clean out my girlfriend's dad's house(haven't been in it for a year), up to 1
  348. I guess it's cool to send your doctor dick pics.
  349. DIY: deadmaus
  350. Seen in Wal Mart parking lot (the whole van was packed like this)
  351. Seen in Wal Mart parking lot (the whole van was packed like this)
  352. Kittens in a blown glass bubble !?!
  353. DHL van meets lorry
  354. My friend is turning into a zombie pirate
  355. Abandoned junkie hideout. Each bottle is filled with needles.
  356. Just found out what my room mates hobby is.
  357. My roommates bathroom
  358. The saddest Christmas tree ever seen
  359. Donatella Versace [vice president of the brand "Versace"]
  360. Combined gifs sure are intresting.
  361. A firefighter gets caught inside a bush/forest fire and films what it is like as he d
  362. Robin's right hand...
  363. How
  364. At a local restaurant - "The hunter's fate"
  365. this is in the women's bathroom in a building of fashion designer showrooms.
  366. Grandma wants a foot rub.
  367. Stolen Parking Spot Revenge.
  368. Parking your car next to a Lake the night before a storm is a bad idea
  369. I have a question.
  370. Found this on my door. Hope my neighbors are smart enough to just wear a sweater.
  371. Same building from Gotham City (M's Pub, Omaha)
  372. I'm not entirely sure why this happened...
  373. Someone sat at a computer and made this on purpose.
  374. Beta male seal finds an alternative
  375. Baby Simulator
  376. Time to ski faster...
  377. The things you find in the library.
  378. Misnakes were made
  379. Found this inside a new sleeve of ritz crackers, can anyone identify the brand?
  380. The cups in our house keep disappearing. Turns out my roommate has been fucking them
  381. their own uses
  382. the car was running and the steering wheel was missing
  383. Founds these two gems in a catalogue for retirees
  384. The cute Asian girl is back with... silkworms?
  385. Doctors found a parasite twin in his stomach with hair and teeth, a rare condition ca
  386. Founds these two gems in a catalogue for retirees
  387. Mountain Town people are an interesting "Breed"
  388. I found a dog in a storm drain.
  389. Old man with no face
  390. Tonsil Stone Removal
  391. hahahaah WTF Man Safety at first
  392. Surprise Surprise. Another South African Taxi, another crash!
  393. See A Doctor
  394. How not to overtake a truck
  395. I do Pest Control. Look what I found in the backyard of a university frat house
  396. Horse tail roots pulled out of a customer's drain line.
  397. I won the free rock giveaway contest on the thruway today.
  398. My friend left some mirrors in her car and came back to this on her headliner
  399. Let me just get the switch
  400. Unicycling on the Vidraru Dam
  401. Dinner is served
  402. Well this is awkward.
  403. A customer wanted me to repair his 'corrupted' computer.
  404. My Sister-in-Law and brother swore she was "only giving massages" Then we found this
  405. Interesting or nightmare material??
  406. A man giving a chicken analingus
  407. What a feast!
  408. This little fella decided to die here
  409. This guys back-piece, just why?
  410. Mustache rides. [NSFW]
  411. Poke me one more time.
  412. Purchased an infant swing from Amazon & box arrived already open. I guess whoever ope
  413. Sailor tries to be funny by kissing metal propellor in the cold
  414. A man giving a chicken analingus
  415. Inmate gets owned
  416. Pussy Kayak
  417. Snowmobile obliterates baby deer
  418. This doesn't seem like an excellent idea
  419. My boyfriend walked into his uncle's room today to this
  420. Rwanda Rousey KO
  421. Anyone ever play this board game?
  422. Duck, duck, goose....NSFW
  423. Varicose veins
  424. UPDATE: roommates might secretly be on Reddit...out of the blue they cleaned it
  425. Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and . . . Babyland. The saddes
  426. Sick modding bro
  427. Spotted in the Boston Museum of Art
  428. Guys, I think he is serious now.
  429. Found when cleaning up after evicted tenant. Surprisingly it didn't smell!
  430. Angry neighbor left this note in our apartment complex
  431. Yeah... It is what you think it is...
  432. I know I'm not a Student of Art, and I know it's hack to make fun of this stuff. But
  433. Say what now!? Hicks scare me.
  434. Had to dodge flying organs on the way to the airport.
  435. The KKK left recruitment cards at my apartment complex last night
  436. Looks like my neighbor was working in the yard today...
  437. This tax ad wasn't well thought out...
  438. That car in that house
  439. Dinner's ready
  440. Motorcycle rider drives into a burning house to commit suicide
  441. Grilled venison anyone?
  442. I have so many questions...
  443. I'm taking my girl out today
  444. Beetle and its army of mites.
  445. Eyeball Jewelry
  446. Small town budgets
  447. Fucking gross.
  448. But.... Why?
  449. Found this Thong on Campus.
  450. Shitfaced
  451. My mouse broke soon after I got it (discharging batteries far too quickly). In order
  452. He never skips neck day
  453. Cockroach baked potato at a Wendy's in SC
  454. Yo owls... You creepy as fuck!
  455. Hauling giant steel beams is a game of inches.
  456. Hammering a nail into an ear
  457. How did you do in P.E. today?
  458. Talk about close call
  459. Ann Arbor never ceases to amaze me.
  460. A New Form of Mixed Martial Arts
  461. This is a game show...
  462. CT scan of a pregnant woman
  463. Pizza guy's worst nightmare.
  464. Since we're posting creepy ultrasound pictures, meet my daughter!
  465. Someone dropped their ass beads at my Home Depot today.
  466. We doing creepy ultra sound pics???
  467. So this happened at our work today
  468. So it snowed for the first time today in the NOVA
  469. This restaurant lets you rent wine lockers with your name on it.
  470. Skier Barely Gets Out Of An Avalanche.
  471. Spotted in Dubai.
  472. Guy with a Sharpie'd hairline on a NYC subway
  473. "look at our door emotionally"
  474. My finger on a cold day
  475. "Are you my mummy?"
  476. Got this in the mail...when you see it.
  477. His belly button game is on point
  478. Friendly reminder for anyone about to drive in the snow...
  479. casually driving home from work on the back roads then this guy decided to go for a s
  480. Sitting on a watermelon
  481. Hand hypermobility
  482. Train skiing
  483. Got hand foot an mouth disease as an adult, now I have to regrow all the skin on my h
  484. Water in Flint, MI.
  485. A dainty morsel.
  486. Wait for it....
  487. This is fake, right?
  488. The hands of someone with triphalangeal thumbs
  489. Guy in 7/11 wearing doggie bags on his robe.
  490. That's ketchup, right?
  491. Fried pigeon
  492. This guy really stuck his landing
  493. Found a on the wall at work. (Hat for scale)
  494. That's not going the right the way.
  495. I also have Raynaud's
  496. "Gellar field failure"
  497. This is why gas-pump trigger locks are a bad idea.
  498. Blowing a balloon inside his stomach
  499. My sister in law found a mop string in her McDonalds iced coffee
  500. The second sentence of this book.
  501. Found 20ish nude Polaroids under the spare tire of a customer while looking for a whe
  502. NBD, I just strap a 32" TV between the front seats of my minivan on road trips with t
  503. Partied too hard last night...
  504. This IHOP has issues.
  505. Slice of Nope pizza
  506. Don't drink and drive, douchebags. Somehow this dude managed about 7 miles down the r
  507. All I ask of my hotel rooms is a bible in the drawer and a cock ring behind the couch
  508. My buddy also drove drunk, fucking idiot. Yes that's a living room of a house.
  509. To the guys with 3 and 4 fingers, I have 5 ;)
  510. Why?
  511. This happened 20 metres from my house. Red roofed car flipped 180 and totalled two ot
  512. Saw this guy on my way home from work
  513. Haitian Sidewalk
  514. This was taken out of a man with a malignant nasal tumor.
  515. I know some people get creative with doorbells, butt...
  516. This is why I would never get myself a lion as a pet.
  517. I work for a Canadian cable provider and a customer brought in this remote today sayi
  518. Taxidermy artist makes some really weird things...
  519. Things are getting pretty bad out here
  520. My friend wasn't drunk, but the woman who cut her off was. Notice the 2x8 through the
  521. Jesus really..
  522. came home to this in my bathroom sink.
  523. Cute little teddybear
  524. Building demolition rollover
  525. Someone threw away a goose at the gas station I work at.
  526. Friend got this fortune from a Chinese restaurant.
  527. Pretty long tongue
  528. Our neighbors haven't quite figured out how to use their driveway.
  529. My friends neighbor decided it would be a good idea to use a propane torch to melt th
  530. My husband does maintenance for an apartment complex, he has to fix a water leak that
  531. Heard it was big, didn't expect it to be this big
  532. Truck driving the wrong way causes an accident
  533. The painters solution to heights at my house right now.
  534. Rare bald Baboon
  535. This house made the news in my town
  536. Spotted in my hometown
  537. Woman saves friend from attacking snakes.
  538. Mickey and Minnie, about to have a fun night
  539. Fashion
  540. This on the dessert page of my menu.
  541. Good thing I already graduated
  542. I always get these type of blisters on my feet when I play basketball.
  543. Competitive Shooter's Arm
  544. Happened to spot my neighbor this morning...
  545. Apparently Snoop doesn't care about blackface whatsoever
  546. Saw this on the highway the other day...is that duct tape?
  547. Two soccer fans have a disagreement.
  548. friend sent me this picture from a house he was working at
  549. Nailed it
  550. Scrolling through Instagram, when all of a sudden....!?
  551. A mutual friend. Has a community pocket pussy. Shared with 4 (girl-friendless) roomma
  552. Woman sets fire to her husbands hair during a night out at a bar
  553. Whoa.
  554. Underwater Nuke
  555. Brutal base jumping accident
  556. Unexpectedly unloading your truck using centrifugal force
  557. 71-S at 80+ mph
  558. Turns out they're even scarier at night.
  559. Ouuuuuccchhhh
  560. Saw this in my dorm bathroom this morning.
  561. [NSFW] Is this a grub worm?
  562. Looks like Vigo the Carpathian found his latest victim...
  563. Hope you have nice pics bro
  564. Now that's what you call class
  565. My sister made this model after my pet hairless rat
  566. I work at a grocery store. We got some giant ass mutant apples today. That there's 2
  567. Office bathroom had a rough morning
  568. Fuckers are everywhere round here....
  569. Sure
  570. Acorns in the attic
  571. In sauna with a horse
  572. When faceswaps go wrong.
  573. I guess bringing a folding lawn chair to the beach would have been ridiculous
  574. Pantyhose head Judo
  575. Result of a beef with a flock of birds....
  576. WTF Just Happened?
  577. A special kind of stupid
  578. Nice backflip..
  579. Inflating a coyote
  580. Perfect parking place.
  581. Tonight I discovered these penis shaped mushrooms that grew on my roommate's jerk off
  582. Shell-less egg found in the nesting box.
  583. My apt owner's car. Obnoxious as all hell.
  584. They only come out at night...
  585. You are the weakest link...
  586. Woman Eats Her Husband's Ashes
  587. "Heard a weird noise going down the road, pulled off my helmet..."
  588. Opened this morning, I don't think I'll be eating these...
  589. Woke up to the sounds of an explosion. Looked out the window and saw this
  590. Road accident in Kemerovo
  591. Sliding down a glass roof, what could go wrong?
  592. The Penis Fish, aka Spoon Worm
  593. 7th grade teacher is now running a business.
  594. Found a dead spider inside my orange
  595. A banner in India, Translation: "How long will you keep living the life of an animal?
  596. Best candidate for the don't use drugs commercials.
  597. Do you wanna know how bad is crime on Venezuela right now?
  598. Awesome way to start the day....
  599. Found this while cleaning out my mother in law's place.
  600. Child falls in street and no one seems to notice, including a car
  601. Pilot loses control and crashes helicopter into the ground. Helicopter then proceeds
  602. Disturbing
  603. Live 50 caliber round in a microwave
  604. Sneaky snake attack in Thailand
  605. Rally fans cheat death by inches.
  606. Up to 100'000 people were queuing today at Guangzhou train station to start their CNY
  607. Tree Man
  608. And I think we're good. We won't need a bigger boat after all.
  609. Landed ! ...kinda.
  610. I guess this means it's closed...
  611. Dude crashing on my couch left this in my bathroom
  612. Just... WHY?
  613. Amazonian River Monster
  614. He got hit by a soccer ball/football...
  615. Shark Attack Caught on Camera
  616. Had to do a double take at the thrift store today. I'm sorry, what are we fingering?
  617. Dropping in on the office ladies
  618. Tartar Removal: Before and After
  619. I'm a black FedEx driver and this was my last stop of the day. I dropped off the pack
  620. Santa. And his old lady?
  621. I don't know.
  622. Though I'd be smart and wear a suction cup massage device in the office to work on my
  623. You Can Shave Your Baby
  624. A friend passed this guy and posted a picture on Facebook. It was too WTF to pass up.
  625. I bet that's a party trick he doesn't get to show off often.
  626. Deer vs. car
  627. Can anyone tell me wtf this is
  628. Today is a holiday
  629. Japanese butt pudding
  630. Worlds highest neck to head ratio
  631. Moving day
  632. Who wouldn't tap that ass?
  633. Cubed Dogs in Japan
  634. Soccer 'supporters' from Ajax Amsterdam are annoyed their keeper went to play for the
  635. Just another day in LA
  636. My daughter's bedtime story caught me off guard.
  637. One very lucky guy
  638. Since we've got no place to go, let it snow
  639. Found a bag of bloody matter outside of work today.
  640. Miniatur Wunderland, a vast model train exhibit in Hamburg, Germany, includes a wealt
  641. Digging for gold
  642. This was in front of the local donut shop.
  643. Creepy Cat Gang next door
  644. A funeral parlor advertising that they do cremations 'Just Like David Bowie...'
  645. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, makes children and adults as fat as pigs.
  646. Two in the pink three in the stink.
  647. Can you touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?
  648. Indonesian crackers sold in a tin can that used to contain flammable chemicals
  649. Why internet? Why?
  650. Dreadlocks RJ45 standard
  651. He drives it like this everyday.
  652. Drone catches man sunbathing.... on a wind turbine.
  653. Maybe I'll take the stairs
  654. Was doing an inspection and found this room where the tenant kept their dog locked up
  655. Was replacing my toilet and found this underneath.
  656. Tig Ole Bitties
  657. The image that brought me to Reddit three years ago... And made me aware of trypophob
  658. A spider with hands
  659. Someone put a dead deer in a kids car at school
  660. Is homeless genocide the answer?
  661. A smooth lumpsucker
  662. This guy is way too calm
  663. She must be into metal [NSFW]
  664. The events that aligned to make this happen are uncanny
  665. Yes, those are horns on the front.
  666. This made me say WTF
  667. Found in local ice cream store
  668. Overconfident kid attacked by a crocodile [NSFW]
  669. "Mommy I wanna play horsey!"
  670. A fly flew at my eye this morning on my way to class, and I thought nothing of it. Wh
  671. Everyone should get sick
  672. Received this picture from a friend at a sow farm. Those are testicles.
  673. Make America Great Again...
  674. Somebody smeared poop all over the mirror
  675. Russian pinata [NSFW]
  676. This was on the side of the road in Florida.
  677. Who's job is it to perfect the flavor?
  678. Water bug with eggs
  679. Bus falling off a cliff in Bolivia
  680. An old guy came into our shop and handed us this pamphlet
  681. Don't let your dogs teeth get like this
  682. Did someone lose a part?
  683. Wtf is he trying to say I don't get it.
  684. I'm a bouncer at a dive bar, walked into the men's room after closing and saw this...
  685. Gas cylinder explosion in Bolivia.
  686. This looks like it's in a third-world country....nope, Independence, MO
  687. Don't tell me how to live my life
  688. I don't even...
  689. That way
  690. Get some now while supplies last!!
  691. Donkey's Milk
  692. Ghetto Rapunzel
  693. This popped out of my friend's horse's infected leg today.
  694. My friend, who is in the Middle East, sent me this... WTF
  695. This isn't how you're supposed to band birds.
  696. I guess this customer couldn't find a tissue.
  697. Baby shower cake
  698. Alabama Drinking Game
  699. Department store's Valentine's Day surprise
  700. Just another day in Australia...
  701. Seat at my local movies
  702. Friend's treatment bill
  703. A whale hitching a ride on the front of a large cargo ship
  704. Dukes of Hazzard style
  705. The ants in my house chewed the face off a fly.
  706. NYC Garbage Strike of 1968.
  707. It's all fun and games until a firework explodes in your anus.
  708. What's missing?
  709. Roommate's earbuds
  710. Don't go camping in Syria
  711. So close
  712. I would like to know what's going on here
  713. So there are people that call themselves "nullos"...
  714. Possibly the worst product name ever
  715. Went out to my shed to grab a basketball pump, quickly learned I didn't need a pump..
  716. I'm not sure how this is even legal
  717. Part of a balanced breakfast
  718. Cannot unsee... Cannot unsee...
  719. My friend just had his wisdom teeth out
  720. The effects of mutation
  721. Human teeth belong on people...
  722. Pretty sure I should not go outside.
  723. Not counting wind chill
  724. I need some snuggles
  725. This is why you don't leave your car while you pump your own gas.
  726. Minnesota Nice has balls.
  727. Dad came across this car at a Walmart in Robertsdale, Alabama....
  728. Not your typical...
  729. First weekend as an Uber driver
  730. This shelf gets knocked down several times a day. I think my co-workers are trying to
  731. This was on a phone I found last night
  732. The Valentine's Day card I got from my boyfriend.
  733. My father got an eye hemorrhage
  734. I was almost home when I heard a strange noise from a car.
  735. Rented a somewhat nice (125 a night) hotel room for Valentine's Day, this was the bla
  736. Found this in my hotel room this weekend
  737. Remember to leave out your butter tonight.
  738. Just...wtf!
  739. Are they using the right pan?
  740. 'Murica
  741. If neckbeards wrote tampon ads
  742. Flo Rida's Ear
  743. This can't be good for anyone.
  744. Wonder if its cold outside?
  745. Shoe with severed foot inside. This is the sixteenth shoe/foot combo to be found in t
  746. Another year stretching out in front of me...
  747. Just Why?
  748. The caterpillar of nightmares
  749. Good thing I was born in the 70's
  750. So this appeared outside my apartment this morning.
  751. London sewage worker known as the Flusher, 1950.
  752. Doesn't Even Come Close to Expressing This Campaign's WTFness
  753. [NSFW] This is my rifle, this is my gun... ouch.
  754. When people were killed or disappeared, Stalin just ordered his pictures to be revise
  755. For your pasta, would you prefer spaghetti, penne, or cockaballa?
  756. Saw this at my local walmart. I honestly didn't think it was a real product.
  757. Dangerous Cargo: Graboids
  758. Parking lot rage
  759. So I opened my bag of sour cream and onion lays, and I found this.
  760. Elephantitis of the boobs
  761. [NSFW] So many things wrong here
  762. A patient of my dads gave him a hoodoo doll today
  763. So I walked into a local Pet Shop today
  764. I found half of a rotting fish in my backyard this morning.
  765. That moment you are reading a bedtime story to your kids and you realise George is a
  766. A different kind of lunch box
  767. NFSW. Are you in yet?
  768. Nazi Shower
  769. Gonna eat you from the inside out!
  770. Penismanlizard!? WTF?
  771. [NSFW] Man is unaffected by what should be fatal impalings
  772. Always remember to check your shoes before wearing them
  773. NSFW Facial Massage
  774. Blue-ringed octopus (highly venomous) on hand.
  775. That is how you break it.
  776. Shit pants
  777. I was waiting for the subway train yesterday when I heard a rippling sound (OC)
  778. Pilot turned on expert mode on my flight yesterday
  779. Does anybody know anything about this? Found it in an ancient folder...
  780. Woman dancing with a blowup doll in a fountain
  781. When you realize that's not her pant leg
  782. All he wanted was a beer
  783. Shenzhen landslide
  784. Jogger vs. Mosquitos
  785. 19th century Russian bear hunting armor
  786. Better cross section of Kowloon Walled City
  787. "C-Section" Doll Birth
  788. Found this at ute lake. Trying to determine its species. My guess is a drowned and wa
  789. Oh no you didn't, bitch!
  790. Keep having to pull this stuff out of my nose, I can feel it as it resists coming out
  791. Tornado straight winds ripped through the area yesterday and took my chimney top off.
  792. Noot noot
  793. Found this on the underside of the desk of one of my coworkers who got fired.
  794. To the women who left this in our ladies room...Thanks a lot!
  795. Robots looking at a clown slapping two fish together
  796. Close call
  797. The things you find in a kindergarten activity book...
  798. Nice Merkin!
  799. don't forget to get a good seat when riding the train
  800. My friends sunburnt ass looks like a tub of neapolitan ice cream.
  801. Tired eyes
  802. Some Spongebob antics
  803. By this bus' exhaust it looks like it's a coal-powered locomotive
  804. Friend of a friend posted her dinner tonight. Looks like she's big on protein and eat
  805. Installing VLC
  806. Joined at the lips
  807. Oh, is it cold outside? This is where I work
  808. Relationship Goal
  809. Downhill couch race doesn't go as planned.
  810. Reasons for admitting women into an insane asylum, 1864 - 1889
  811. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe
  812. This guy just went to prison for insurance fraud. Here's a piece of artwork from his
  813. Dinner's Almost Ready
  814. Ate at a restaurant and came outside to find this on my windshield
  815. People are weird..
  816. I can't believe what I found in my Jack in the Box fries.
  817. got a call for a clogged sink today...
  818. Everything is bigger in Texas.
  819. Damage Caused by Fake Braces
  820. Made me say WTF
  821. The Titan Beetle aka The Nope Beetle
  822. Interesting bumper sticker
  823. Went to a party, these were the balloons.
  824. A weird part of me really wants to see the inside of this car owner's house.
  825. When your boss tells you to just do it
  826. It was saved as IraqiChildGame.JPG...
  827. Pulled up to this guy at a red light...
  828. This just came out my vagina.
  829. WTF is actually going on here?
  830. Someones locker at work
  831. Australian Goliath spider Aka whistling spider or Barking spider
  832. Ever drum so hard your eyeball falls out? NSFW
  833. Yulia Timoshenko, 56, ex-PM of Ukraine
  834. I was driving behind this guy this morning. Not sure what the purpose of that is?
  835. Yeah you're good don't worry the bungee cord is a few feet less than the drop.
  836. Found this at the restaurant I work at. I can almost taste the E. Coli.
  837. Sho Nuff
  838. If you do this, fuck you.
  839. "...and over here, under the angel, I'm going to put a carving of a cat cleaning it's
  840. Teeth.
  841. What is it now?
  842. Construction worker survives an accident in which a seven foot iron rod fell 4 floors
  843. Guess I'll need a sharper carving knife
  844. Atomic Tourism in Las Vegas.
  845. This Cockroach That Lost its Color
  846. Australian tumbleweeds
  847. I hope the hand brake is on!
  848. Stink Bait
  849. Got this from a gas station today. Someone is not happy with what they've heard throu
  850. Sign posted outside Cambodian coffee shop details tragic death of owners' dog. Spotte
  851. My bad, bro
  852. Hey look, I'm a spider
  853. BJPenn WTF
  854. Construction worker survives being impaled by a two-metre iron rod
  855. An anaconda trying to eat a HUGEEEEEEE anaconda (barely hugging it's tail)
  856. Buddy was wondering why his power had been flickering...
  857. They call them Buddha's hands and they smell incredible
  858. next time do not try to cut train line
  859. "Drunken" Monkey in Brazil was chasing people around with a knife
  860. House explosion in York, England this morning. There's nothing left but a pile of bri
  861. Apparently flattened pig head is an actual thing in China...
  862. Flexibility (nsfw)
  863. A sheeps head found in Bergen sentrum, Norway
  864. Not even close
  865. When you're absolutely out of things to blow money on, there's this
  866. I went in the bathroom right after she used it. She was sitting with a friend and did
  867. Found this in a wall on Monday morning. Took it home and made a mount for it: the lig
  868. My friend saw these bracelets for sale in Phuket (possibly nsfw)
  869. Just a little ashy
  870. How to cheat on an exam
  871. who is best?
  872. A restroom in China
  873. Birth control
  874. Thanks for the nightmares, Candy Crush. NSFW / NSFL
  875. Windy near my work today
  876. This stained glass window
  877. This statue.
  878. I don't think this is how you are supposed to use the heavy bag
  879. Parasitic flatworms that imitate maggots in the eyes of snails
  880. It's a bird, It's a nope.
  881. This guy has a gallows in his front yard.
  882. Jellyfish Sex Doll (SFW)
  883. Bed bugs are out of control at my apartment complex. (From Oklahoma)
  884. This is just one of those pictures that make you ask..why?
  885. Is this bumper sticker for real? Only in Oklahoma...
  886. I just don't have words to describe this
  887. The Bible says so
  888. I went to buy a motorcycle from a guy on Craigslist. I got him arrested.
  889. Unfortunate medical condition
  890. If you like nipples and lactose....
  891. Duck penis.
  892. As good a parking space as any
  893. This came from a set of babies bought at goodwill.
  894. I just.. Why?
  895. Playing the Timpani
  896. Whoops...
  897. Statue made out of broken baby dolls
  898. Ash and Pikachu twerking together
  899. My friend just gave me a box of Penis Pasta.
  900. What's going on here? Age, anorexia, drugs, or a mixture of all three?
  901. Spotted this gem at work today...
  902. Found this in an empty coffee cup in DC hotel
  903. What is the desirable outcome here?
  904. I just coughed this squishy blob up
  905. Romanian photographer Sorin Onisor tells a kid who just discovered a dead body to smi
  906. I found this in a Japanese elevator.
  907. Front wheel drive for the win
  908. So this just went down in my hometown...how do you even???
  909. What are thoseeeeee!!!
  910. Maybe I'm missing something, but WTF
  911. uh... thanks imgur
  912. No thanks, I don't want a ride.
  913. House shopping today and found the lightswitch mothership. This was the worst room, b
  914. Dog infected with mango worms
  915. A little context wouldn't hurt.
  916. How to carpool.
  917. Pets are delicious meat
  918. How to trampoline.
  919. Someone ripped the sink out of the wall at my work
  920. So I had some stomach issues and threw up alot. Because of the mass upthrowing some v
  921. Just got sent this over WhatsApp. No context. The man is my uncle.
  922. Snouty snacks
  923. Nice riding gear
  924. Redneck insulation.
  925. Guess he was just trying to phase through?
  926. The Electrical Bathtub of 1910.
  927. My mom met this dog at the vet.
  928. Family video sign in Iowa
  929. Urinal at restaurant in Nevada
  930. Pool trick gone wrong
  931. Why you shouldn't brake check a truck
  932. I'm pretty sure that's not legal.
  933. Just saw this on the freeway, she's watching Netflix...
  934. Opened my electric tooth brush head
  935. The whole inside of my pinky toe blistered on a ruck march.
  936. Girlfriend's grandmother bakes "prizes" into the cakes she makes. This was mine.
  937. I guess that isn't the worst thing to be living there...
  938. The sausage roll my friend got from work.
  939. Got mugged and stomped in the back by some goons in NYC 2 weeks ago. Swelling still h
  940. This baby shower cake
  941. Foot fetishes taking on a whole new meaning. May I present the "Vagankle"
  942. What he want from her lol
  943. Didn't You Forget Something?
  944. She's leaking everywhere
  945. I guess that's one way to protest airport security.
  946. This drove in front of me today.
  947. Is this HAES worthy?
  948. Grandpa?
  949. In a Japanese Car with Thai plates, very strange
  950. Hmm, I wonder why bison almost went extinct...
  951. Looking to make a couple bucks
  952. I'm pretty sure my work in directed by Quentin Tarantino
  953. Now seems like a good time for an interview.
  954. Street explodes and it is all caught on Dash Cam.
  955. That's a lot more powerful than I expected.
  956. RIP Grandpa
  957. Belgian guy drives his Range Rover in the underground train station
  958. Some random bathroom, in a randam bar in New Orleans...
  959. When you find a giant snake in your home and nearly lost an arm
  960. Was at the bar the other day and saw these urinal targets.
  961. Unhitched Trailer
  962. I bet she smells amazing
  963. Hey man, you got the time?
  964. People be lazy
  965. Dance Floor Split
  966. One of the weirdest car crashes I've ever seen.
  967. NSFL - How does this even happen...
  968. Cock a doodle shoe.
  969. White man can't jump
  970. Love knock off's
  971. A 56.5cm Gargantuan Stick Insect
  972. Yep, everything appears to be in order here.
  973. This was a prize the local butcher gave out a while ago.
  974. Hold my beer
  975. An... angel?
  976. This museum I visited today
  977. Not sure I'd like to eat here (sorry for potato quality)
  978. Religion can touch you in unexpected ways.
  979. A donkey giving a tiger a ride.
  980. Poor kid
  981. Baby is really good this time of year
  982. This is an actual product I found online...I hope it comes with a few gallons of lube
  983. Stunt jump failed
  984. Well I wasn't expecting this
  985. He's gotta be here to complain about his coverage.
  986. Rush Hour
  987. Found this in a parking garage San Diego
  988. bedworm
  989. His whole instagram account is just photos like this
  990. Went a few feet off-trail to pee when I stumbled across this.
  991. A little boy with Steven Johnson Syndrome. Details in comments
  992. Not sure if I should use this elevator..
  993. This was just posted in my neighborhood.
  994. Woman tries to rescue toddler from oncoming car, takes the brunt
  995. Found a used Bandaid in my box of Kodiak cake mix.
  996. Only in Thailand
  997. Smokin' earlobes
  998. The Chain Smoker, a device that allows for the smoking of 20 cigs at one time.
  999. He did stay between the lines
  1000. this guy