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  1. Went to lunch with my co-workers... got judged by the waitress.
  2. A friend of mine does tattoos. His kid wanted Incredible Hulk shoes. He grabbed an ai
  3. My girlfriend drags me to overpriced antique stores all the time but this is where I
  4. Angel's incredible recovery after deliberate starvation
  5. Humans for scale bottom left.
  6. Water puts out fire..... Right?
  7. Picture taken on the frontline by Ukrainian soldier
  8. A 1948 Norman Timbs Special.
  9. Sculpted from driftwood
  10. Airport ground crews de-icing a Frozen plane
  11. Nailed it, Walmart. Nailed it.
  12. A Redneck Nativity Scene
  13. My mom shares her digital painting commissions with me sometimes.
  14. It's been over three years to get to this point!
  15. Wookie the Pooh
  16. I built a machine to fling paint and capture the moment it leaves the paint brush. [O
  17. The dream of childrens
  18. Awesome View
  19. A woman was just handed this card while traveling on the London Underground train
  20. Movember is over. We have a winner
  21. What a beautiful chande... Agh! WHAT IN the FUC...
  22. Donnie
  23. It's too late to run
  24. Thought y'all needed this.
  25. Working in a hospital was my dream as a little girl, and today that dream came true :
  26. Gingerbread Firefly
  27. Sumac Trees In Fall
  28. Unsolvable riddle left on my coworker's doorstep
  29. Gentle eyes
  30. Still counts?
  31. My brother spent hours laying in the middle of a mountain road at night to capture th
  32. I'm embracing single-parenthood by getting the family pictures I always wanted.
  33. Food kept disappearing from the fridge at work, a lot of people left angry notes abou
  34. First day of Summer in Australia, and this guy visits
  35. The rooftop of a Costco at sunset. Looks like a Sci-fi picture.
  36. My dad loves star wars. Today is his birthday and this is the cake my mom made
  37. US Aircraft Over Burning Kuwaiti Oil Wells During the Gulf War, 1991.
  38. My hotel has the most passive-aggressive sign
  39. Reminder that at some point we were all cool.
  40. My brother-in-law did a thing with some old pallets. I was impressed. Thought I'd sha
  41. Erdogan hates this meme enough to jail a man over it! So, naturally, we should post i
  42. Old dog enjoying his last car trip, before being put down.
  43. A magical winter's night in Prague
  44. Not even the air is safe in Australia
  45. My friend hit the jackpot
  46. Just received a beginners oil painting set. Behold, my first painting.
  47. An ice racer's tire
  48. Nothing to see here, move along
  49. That time Jeep tried to make a smart car. (2003)
  50. A Factory Farm Cesspool
  51. Clouds that forgot how to cloud.. and the result is spectacular!
  52. This is how my cousin picked me up at the airport.
  53. Stormtroopers apparently need more bathroom breaks
  54. I cross-stitched Neptune
  55. 1,200 year old Viking belt buckle
  56. Meanwhile, in Egypt, Dr. Jone's expedition makes an unexpected discovery
  57. MRW a customer asks to speak to the manager, but I am the manager.
  58. They're among us!
  59. Erdogan wants his precious
  60. An example of shock diamonds in a supersonic Liquid Oxygen-Methane engine.
  61. Please
  62. This is Danish journalist Nagieb Khaja. He was on his way to Syria to cover the civil
  63. A dad in California received this text from his daughter at the scene of the shooting
  64. My boy is pretty excited for Christmas this year.
  65. My Dachshund smiling
  66. Disney princess challenge accepted
  67. Christmas decorations at the hospital
  68. If you don't finish your meal here,you get a spanking with a wooden paddle by a "nurs
  69. Scoliosis surgery never stopped me from getting in shape
  70. Cat .exe file system error
  71. As the only Jewish person in the office, I can appreciate my co-workers' effort.
  72. My mom stitched together tens of thousands of beads together to create this image
  73. My adorable friends live in San Francisco and have gotten used to living small, here'
  74. The worlds tallest man Sultan Kösen (8 feet 3 inches tall) get's dwarfed by Robert Wa
  75. A little confused by a 1st graders HW assignment
  76. Vietnam veteran just paid for our drinks and meal. I think he overheard me gloating a
  77. The Smallest Resistor I've Ever Soldered Onto A Board
  78. Albino tortoise
  79. M*A*S*H War is was, Hell is Hell
  80. I should probably stop using seeded soap in the shower
  81. A town near me just added this for Facebook and Craigslist sales
  82. Syrian child mistakes a photographers camera for a weapon and raises her hands to 'su
  83. I stepped on a well camouflaged dog turd for this photo.
  84. Mirror Ritual: "You are a strong, handsome Peacock. People respect you. You are an in
  85. Spotted this today in the highway in my city
  86. My parents think this sort of thing is acceptable to leave in the hallway when I'm ho
  87. These bullets hit each other
  88. A Unicow
  89. My cast comes off tomorrow, but I am almost sad to slough off my boyfriend's painting
  90. My friend came home to find a PS2 with a photo of this random girl on his doorstep
  91. Lizard on a wall of a house in Australia
  92. Boating on a british lake
  93. Car survives cat ride.
  94. Elephant with dwarfism, about 5ft tall and fully grown.
  95. My dad sent me this picture of a Bald Eagle this morning that he took near Lake Super
  96. A volcanic eruption at Mount Etna’s Voragine crater, Sicily, Italy.
  97. Amazing shot from Apollo 11. You can see the astronaut looking at the photographer
  98. Elinfantry
  99. My girlfriend flipped her car on her birthday. Made it out without a scratch! Happy B
  100. My favorite photo from the New Orleans aquarium.
  101. Titanium
  102. Bryce Canyon
  103. Fruit Cat
  104. A suspended resting field in Zagreb, Croatia
  105. Mayan Eagle Dancer
  106. Grandma, what are you doing? Nothing, just baking stuff
  107. Live dangerously
  108. Banksy, who else....?
  109. My ferret recently passed away at 7 years old, so heres one of my favorite pics of my
  110. Found out I had a new neighbor today
  111. Found a bag of money from the 70s in the vent at my house.
  112. Mall Santa goes the extra mile for boy with autism
  113. My friend was sent this as his new license plate and he wants to send it back. I say
  114. As a father I hope I'm this lucky.
  115. Bobcats in a tree in Big Bend national park
  116. Someone in my hood had a cat stolen from them, then they got this letter
  117. Crystal Skull facial reconstruction.....
  118. I am 60yrs old, never married, rent a small room and nothing brings me joy except my
  119. Found a man's home while working today.
  120. Anti-white racism in my city. Several cars were tagged like this.
  121. they say that you can get to the front page with cat or boobs.
  122. UPDATE: Found the dude that got the sleeping selfie with my husband.
  123. The Grand Canyon experienced a once-in-a-decade temperature inversion yesterday, fill
  124. RIP, Daniel Kaufman
  125. Pipe Cleaner Wolf....
  126. Have a Christmas.
  127. otterific!
  128. Repainted/reclothed dolls no longer look like sluts
  129. A chemis-tree!
  130. In the middle of a department store and my son yells out 'Look Mum, thunder thighs!'
  131. Swayze has the best poker face
  132. Bird
  133. How new Jeeps were shipped during WW2 (Album in comments)
  134. Gregynog, a large country house in Wales
  135. The Creation of Batman
  136. This powerful mountain goat.
  137. Bennetta Betbadal, 46, pictured here with her huband and three children. She moved to
  138. Girl from my hometown waited 3 hours to meet Paula Deen dressed like this... Paula: H
  139. Tunnel of Love
  140. The dining hall of an abandoned hotel
  141. What could possibly go wrong?
  142. Fire truck really sucks
  143. Little Wonders
  144. Cat.
  145. Cat attacked my dad. He's more concerned about how much he thinks he looks like Harri
  146. Buddhist lantern festival
  147. Heavenly hills
  148. Necessity is the mother of invention
  149. Other schools are dealing with mass shooting, my school has bigger issues.
  150. This life sized Optimus Prime statue is made from actual truck parts welded together.
  151. You shall not pass!
  152. So I was using the handicapped stall when this happened...
  153. Took the seed from inside a store bought mango and planted it about a year ago. This
  154. Over the course of a year, my arts teacher has worked on a mural for the music teache
  155. 16th Century gloves made from silk and metal thread
  156. Mt Fuji from the International Space Station
  157. This is Peter. He was born in Nazi Germany to a Jewish father, sent to England via ki
  158. A group of adorable meerkats have fun in a pile of autumnal leaves at Blair Drummond
  159. First painting since childhood!
  160. Choose your Chris Pratt
  161. Fox is helping check for dingle berries
  162. This do not enter sign.
  163. From a local art gallery
  164. Kamaehamae-HWAT
  165. Cop grieves over loss of his partner
  166. Just a pic. NYC
  167. Pretty mushroom in my yard
  168. Bleck.
  169. the things dads do for their kids
  170. Elf on a Shelf
  171. Actress Julie Newmar, now 82, best known as Catwoman on TVs Batman series, being esco
  172. It worries me that there are people paying $19.95 for this and we still allow them to
  173. The Student Christmas tree
  174. Looking up into the galaxy
  175. Man apologizes to elephant after disturbing them with motorbike
  176. Attached to the bar at my mother's house
  177. Long exposure of a rotating Christmas tree
  178. My daughter, so cute.
  179. Guy catches fish; finds whole duck in its throat.
  180. Dropped into Fable on our vacation.
  181. So I got my Xmas card photo taken with the famous facebook Santa
  182. Reindeer in Finland. They are testing new reflective paint to avoid collisions with t
  183. Mesmerizing staircase
  184. The indoor pool at Hearst Castle
  185. Man gives comfort to a Gorilla after his mum was killed by Poachers.
  186. Barge on Lake Minnewanka, Canada
  187. I found the lord of douche
  188. Friend made me a day calendar using his favorite quotes that I've said over the years
  189. My friend is a pet groomer and had a very angry customer.
  190. Would like to meet the badass who drives this van
  191. Elvish Doughnut
  192. Liquified Wool Carpet
  193. The bosses at our company wanted to out-do everyone at this years ugly sweater party
  194. Noooo
  195. Nobody Expects...
  196. While driving in California I stopped and took this on my phone camera. I'm not a pro
  197. Mt. Etna's eruption from a window seat
  198. Hey Reddit, I made a small metal grizzly bear with chainsaws arms for you guys a coup
  199. We've gone full circle
  200. My sisters dogs started barking and then her cat did this..
  201. A little Girl from Taiwan has an interesting idea to see the world
  202. Looking around the local craft fair ...well okay then.
  203. This guy does his wedding photography through the eyes of the spouse.
  204. Close to 17 years later, I still have this silly alarm clock
  205. Local Ohio business wishes people well in 2015
  206. Beautiful leopards
  207. Ordered sushi from a new delivery place for my university and this was in the bag...t
  208. A Christmas tree made out of sheets of lake ice.
  209. I pass through this underground walkway every morning, managed to get this cool pictu
  210. deviled egg!
  211. Progression of my nephew trying flaming hot cheetos.
  212. They are coming
  213. A Customer of ours gifted us Cookies with Jolly Rancher inlay
  214. Another badass welding hood my buddy made...Stormtrooper edition
  215. Double exposure goes deep into the meadow
  216. My first tree. It's little.. But it's ours.. Girlfriend for scale.
  217. My buddies movie collection
  218. Scenes like this make hours of decorating worth it.
  219. This asshole stood there and stared at us for like 5 minutes
  220. My hometown bridge
  221. My dad's Costanza's wallet. Complete with duct tape alterations.
  222. Lost my dad to cancer today. Thought I'd share this pic of him sleeping before coming
  223. Beautiful View
  224. I couldn't quite fit the tree inside so I made a few adjustments.
  225. Frank Lloyd Wright + Christmas
  226. Arnold Schwarzenegger with the ballet instructors who helped him with his body buildi
  227. 98 year old couple recreates 70 year of wedding photo
  228. Whitby, England
  229. I took a picture of a sunset with my phone and it turned out better than it should!
  230. Yes, but, No.
  231. The Milky Way as seen from Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  232. Portal tree
  233. Huge tree walkway
  234. 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg
  235. 20 years later I've still got this ornament - and he still plays music!
  236. Earmuffs
  237. Found this bad boy at my grandparent's house while going through boxes in the basemen
  238. Sheep Snow Trail
  239. John Boyega asks Harrison Ford to sign his Han Solo figure after filming "The Force A
  240. My daughter taking a flying leap into my arms! Yes I caught her!
  241. Speaking of cool underground walkways. . .
  242. This 3D drawing is bad ass.
  243. Got married yesterday in a pine forest. Here is a sneak peak from our photographer.
  244. Steven Tyler's other daughter is a plus-size model
  245. Even if he couldn't move his arms but he enjoyed his first time in the snow.
  246. Friend's mom was out camping and said she saw a man in a tent playing a fully upright
  247. Grad school
  248. This sign belongs in all stores
  249. Christmas in Philadelphia
  250. Our friends veiw from Carlisle, Cumbria.
  251. Took a picture of my friend while camping and we got a cool surprise when we develope
  252. The Story of Christmas
  253. One of many awesome sights up here in the winter
  254. 50+ year old condom; probably still usable right?
  255. Scrap Metal T-Rex
  256. Justice for taking up two parking spaces
  257. This is the best photo of a chicken I've ever taken
  258. My 17 year old cousin past away, the A&W where he worked did this. Made me cry.
  259. Moscow was looking really awesome while I was taking off
  260. Took him to the Christmas market, he was not amused.
  261. I found a dick pick. (SFW)
  262. Happy Hanukkah Reddit!
  263. "Your ride is ready Mr. Bond"
  264. If you do this you're a bad person and you should feel bad
  265. my GF is a silversmith and she made stackable pendants for Finnish Independence day
  266. My dad showed up to the neighborhood Christmas party in this...wearing this...
  267. Saw this patriot at the park yesterday.
  268. Gingerbread house
  269. Someone should call the fire department!
  270. Surface of a living human brain.
  271. This guy didn't miss a square inch on this tree
  272. Current view from my living room. Festive as fuck.
  273. My friend's parents kicked him out after high school, and he's he's been struggling w
  274. Baby fox playing with a leaf
  275. Ghost Ship
  276. Tulips make hope of life in deadly white sea
  277. When you take a girl home from the club but you're too drunk.
  278. December 7, 1941
  279. What a majestic creature
  280. School in Afghanistan
  281. Boy and Cat
  282. I found a heavy metal pimp a while back, I'm still speechless
  283. Daniel Craig's doppleganger is a set designer at a local theatre group in Kingston, O
  284. If I've got this Swedish translation right: "All posters except posters about posters
  285. Arnold Schwarzenegger today in Paris
  286. The Taj Mahal with people for scale
  287. At my local Starbucks.
  288. An 18-year-old Keshia Thomas throws herself onto a supposed Ku Klux Klan member to pr
  289. Lago di Braies, Italy
  290. Got this little action shot at a house fire the other day! Thought you guys might enj
  291. Before and After
  292. My brothers always made fun of me for choosing an inappropriate top for picture day,
  293. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice...
  294. Monday's don't just suck for adults
  295. Some of the best advice comes from signs outside a bar.
  296. Just a bit of heavy lifting
  297. Huge doors. Human for scale.
  298. Long Exposure of a Lighthouse
  299. The Tunnel
  300. This is how we do Christmas trees in Italy!
  301. To Remind You The World Is Wonderful
  302. Real photo looks like from GTA V game
  303. My step daughter didn't want presents for herself for her 6th birthday. Instead, she
  304. I became a licensed skydiver this weekend.
  305. Call me superficial but I still like the left one best
  306. Semi are you ok, are you ok, are you ok semi...?
  307. That's a weird thing to put your whisky in
  308. Along the Guoliang Tunnel road.
  309. What a majestic creature
  310. SeaGen, A tidal stream generator.
  311. Today is the burning of the devil celebration in my country.
  312. Roommate left the iron on...
  313. The tree has been up for ten minutes.
  314. What a majestic creature
  315. Gender Inequality
  316. How fucking hard?!
  317. My dinosaur bone/meteorite ring came!
  318. I caught the Washington Monument casting a shadow against the night sky
  319. I fixed a graffito in the park today
  320. My aunty with Cerebral Palsy going hard at the gym.
  321. Police Officer compares his gun to a bb gun recovered in a school fight.
  322. Till death do us part.
  323. Four Humans on a fallen Redwood root system
  324. Trunk on trunk
  325. U.S. Capitol Police ask Jon Stewart to leave as he lobbies lawmakers to approve the e
  326. Colossal effort went into this BodyPaint
  327. Awsome Pointer
  328. Family take shelter in a river as a bushfire rages across their farm
  329. A women arranges books on a shelf at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which opened on Tuesday
  330. Then sitting president George HW Bush goes for a sleigh ride with Arnold Schwarzenegg
  331. City uses giant chandelier to light an overpass.
  332. Handmade miniature tools
  333. I found the perfect Christmas gift!
  334. Clint Eastwood skateboarding.
  335. Christmas Market in Bremen, Germany
  336. The elegant Maned Wolf, sometimes referred to as a 'red fox on stilts'.
  337. Amazing Double Exposure of a Wolf
  338. Got my dad cushions with my face on them as a joke present, turned out creepier than
  339. Simpsons shoes I painted for a Christmas gift
  340. I am participating in a desk decorating contest at work and I think I might win.
  341. The raft that the Alcatraz prisoners used to escape from the island
  342. Look Guess who had me for reddit secret santa
  343. A protester is arrested
  344. Our landlord makes sandblasted bottles to give as Christmas presents [OC]
  345. I did a painting of my 3yo son.
  346. I fell for that portrait and wanted to share with you.
  347. My God, it’s full of Stars
  348. Inside the Red Pyramid in Egypt, my wife said she wanted to have a moment. So I went
  349. My aunt saw Bernie Sanders on the train this morning drinking some coffee that was to
  350. Jon Stewart and The First Responder Panel 2010 - 2015
  351. I got a "I started a rally on campus" text from my cousin today. Turned out pretty go
  352. I took a photo of the Father of our Host Family in Indonesia, my friend's height scar
  353. Frog skeleton at a gas station.
  354. The first photo of the USS Enterprise model and the men who built it.
  355. Time Changes Everything
  356. Transparent Padlock
  357. Always pay the landscaper
  358. Batman riding a small elephant.
  359. Logic I can get behind
  360. Apparently you can buy "Dr. Dre-dels"
  361. Nudes done right
  362. Custom Guitar
  363. I wonder what the flowers did...
  364. I rented a super telephoto lens (800mm) for an eagle photography contest. here's my e
  365. Tanzania's President biking home after leading street-cleaning exercise.
  366. I painted some Archer shoes
  367. Daesh Commander And His Young Wife
  368. Basically every protest
  369. This dog had an allergic reaction
  370. Grandma brought some pictures with her. It's been over 20 years and they still think
  371. Awesome Christmas yard decoration in Fort Smith, AR.
  372. I was trying to place Ted Cruz's smirk...
  373. In a perfect world
  374. Face of a 4mm crab spider
  375. Happy holidays
  376. I snapped a pretty cute picture of a mama cat carrying her baby around at work today
  377. I also captured a photo of a bald eagle; two of them actually, doin' it
  378. I got my van stuck a mile deep in the Bonneville salt flats in the middle of the nigh
  379. Rollerskating, 1940s.
  380. View from underneath a power line tower
  381. Reddit delivers again - little girl who survived a fatal fire who just wanted Christm
  382. I ran that cool train picture through googles deep dream software like 15 times. Love
  383. Kids and their phones nowadays
  384. A man reading a newspaper while riding a bicycle and holding a wooden tray on his hea
  385. Just want to remind everyone what registering non-Christians looks like
  386. Tonight's the night. Wish me luck.
  387. conversion chart I painted on a cupboard door...turned out better than I expected!
  388. My cute Canadian Nephew
  389. Fuck this city in particular
  390. Niagara Fall at night
  391. Follow this child into battle...
  392. Pure Awesomeness
  393. Hunting for a job, 1930s
  394. About 8 years of progress
  395. This hotel is very...accommodating
  396. My neighbours tree looked pretty nice in the snow
  397. I'm raising a wolf as an animal ambassador. He likes to smile for the camera.
  398. Met this top bloke today.
  399. Sixteen years and six million matches later....
  400. Before and after. 71 pounds lighter! Hard work and will power pay off.
  401. A mural of a mermaid with four hands riding a shark eating sushi.
  402. This is a fisher, a small carnivorous mammal native to North America
  403. Our Place in the Cosmos
  404. Yaks fighting for a mate in Nepal [OC]
  405. Patrick Stewart looks amazing at 75
  406. Police Officer Removing A Poster Of Trump
  407. The progression of my candy dish at my desk at work over a week
  408. Removing a 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit piece of Raku pottery from kiln.
  409. Just to remind you what laws of Islam looks like (Mods keep removing anything anti-IS
  410. Best bumper Super Sticker i have ever seen from long time
  411. On our hike this morning in San Francisco we found a Manta Ray egg, also called a Mer
  412. Man made forest - tree farm.
  413. Best parents of the year award...
  414. Epic Detention Doodle
  415. The Icelandic village of Flateyri has an 'avalanche dam' for protection
  416. My musical career be like
  417. Didnt know where else to put this, my dads just found this in a sock bought from Prim
  418. My wife REALLY likes cats...
  419. This pic came from a GoPro found in the surf of Hawaii. Reddit, can you help us find
  420. Someone fucked up...
  421. Believing
  422. Woman breaks ankle during high heel race.
  423. Here's a thing I drew.
  424. Someone didn't like a Trump campaign advertisement in Cody, Wyoming.
  425. Dad ordered a vintage, unused version of the same shaving brush he's been using for t
  426. A Ukrainian soldier who is trapped in his base in Crimea gets visited by his daughter
  427. This made me happy
  428. Who did this?!
  429. Local police posted this badass photo
  430. My buddy beat 50cent in Rock Paper Scissors
  431. My girlfriend is aspiring to be a professional artist. This is one of her newest pain
  432. Zooey Deschanel without eyebrows or teeth
  433. Mighty power of the power-washer
  434. I might not get much love for my pics but I still like them.
  435. Well-known onion
  436. No one at work got my Christmas party costume
  437. I was in my guest house last night, and when I came back from the bathroom there was
  438. Old School Catwoman cosplay
  439. Litter? Quoth the raven, Nevermore.
  440. Spider Portal
  441. A friend of mine got to meet Elizabeth Banks during the USO tour.
  442. Decided to teach myself how to drywall today- purchase came complete with little help
  443. Wow....from the mouths of babes...
  444. Zooey Deschanel without bangs, eyebrows, teeth, or a nose.
  445. Our slightly different Christmas tree...
  446. Almost everyone is welcome on the London Underground
  447. Vietnam dog tag memorial in Chicago.
  448. A church that looks like a confused chicken
  449. The dog helps his human in the garage
  450. Relaxing on the Golden Gate Bridge
  451. Volcano eruption, Chile
  452. Yesterday I saw someone worth asking for a selfie at the US Senate cafeteria.
  453. The UK's largest Onshore Wind Turbine making its way to site.
  454. There's a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree in a mall near my house. I tried to do
  455. I used to sleep on a perfect size bookshelf instead of my own bed.
  456. Teddy Roosevelt on immigration
  457. Amazing cloud cover. Snowbasin, Utah.
  458. Who drank that milk? Tell mi right meow!
  459. My husband coaches youth hockey. This is the tournament fee check the goalie's dad ga
  460. Lantern festival in Thailand
  461. Rainbow grapes
  462. Snowman, doing it right.
  463. My moms pet squirrel.
  464. New Volvo 800 looks like a transformer too lazy to hide
  465. Masterpiece
  466. Couldn't figure out why I wasn't receiving internet to my dorm room. Took a trip upst
  467. This guy was there for me the entire time while I got my haircut - couldn't have done
  468. This guy is so clever, it hertz.
  469. Central Park at dusk from a 57th street hotel
  470. Christmas Bling
  471. Why So Salty? [OC]
  472. Patagonia, Argentina
  473. I work at a movie theatre. This just came in.
  474. From 8 Weeks To 8 Months
  475. The plane my friend is about to get on
  476. One of the most beautiful reptiles ever. The panther chameleon.
  477. Since I started, I have had 100+ dads go through my class and that number is growing.
  478. My fourth cousin painted The world's largest and most historically accurate painting
  479. Just filled up my tank for $12.15
  480. This is why I love Reddit.
  481. Trying to find my Grandfather's friend who fought in Vietnam with him...
  482. Seoul at night time
  483. My late grandfather, grandmother, and my dad in their village in Greece. They were in
  484. Ireland as seen from ISS
  485. My buddy draws for Marvel and just released this Deadpool; Guardians of The Galaxy Co
  486. Early morning sled dog
  487. The baby cobra's skin is so translucent you can see it's veins and heart
  488. Mom's gonna be so proud!
  489. Hand-Carved .45 caliber Flintlock Banana.
  490. Up close, the ice crystals on this gate post look kinda like a field
  491. So I found this message on a car, thought Reddit might enjoy
  492. Weapons of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler
  493. Got bored and created this still life
  494. My buddy is a real trooper
  495. Bluebird
  496. A friend took this in the East Texas town I grew up in.
  497. Black Sabbath's got a sweet ride!
  498. I live near the Trump National Doral. This happened yesterday.
  499. Thank you anonymous redditor :)
  500. Ronda Rousey at Marine Corps Ball with Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert
  501. An owl in flight
  502. The knotted branches of a 'Spider's Web' tree (or a strangler fig) in a park in Nanni
  503. Rainforest in the Blue Mountains, Australia
  504. Found this grumpy guy in the aviary at London Zoo. I call him Nightwing.
  505. Nothing special ! but it's a nice starter home for a single 23 year old!
  506. This is how Trump was treated when he came to Scotland
  507. John Cena's number 1 fan (Paxton) wants to meet him on February 28th. Come on Reddit
  508. The Navy vs Army football feud is going too far
  509. Slice of Amethyst
  510. Graffiti in Moscow
  511. Shipping pallets made of compressed cocaine. Recently seized by authorities in Spain.
  512. Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree
  513. (Picture) Perfect Car for English Snow...
  514. The most german beer I've ever seen
  515. The Heart of Paris
  516. Worst terrorist attack in history
  517. Seems like a legit place for a fire, explosion pics to follow.
  518. Stormtrooper edition Charger
  519. A friend of a Facebook friend was doing "security" for Santa today. This is one of th
  520. Amazing water hole
  521. Mom sent me this photo of my step father's entry into an ugly sweater competition
  522. My Grandma took her first selfie today.
  523. My grandpa. 3rd German Reich.Wehrmacht-1940
  524. Driving through Colorado
  525. Nothing to see here
  526. Railway Snow Plow
  527. Back Tattoo
  528. this is child abuse
  529. A man used a fake Border Patrol SUV to smuggle 12 undocumented immigrants into the co
  530. Family poker night, my uncle Steve showed up with this gem.
  531. The definition of "lucky". (He suffered a "scratch" on the arm.)
  532. When you catch a liar in the act
  533. Son of Waterworld.
  534. Wintertime in Germany
  535. I *heart* yoga pants
  536. When you can't decide if you want a cat or a dog
  537. I'm gonna do the thing. Wish me luck
  538. As a former teddy bear, I can attest that the job is really like this
  539. My dad is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He sent me this.
  540. Parents are going vacation this week. They left me these rules.
  541. Don't like trucks?
  542. A Donald Trump supporter
  543. My ugly sister sweater and my ugly sister
  544. Beautiful
  545. Disney needs to calm the fuck down.
  546. Frozen water balloon and food coloring
  547. Hey fellas, got room for one more?
  548. My first production ; I opened a dance studio four months ago for kids that couldn't
  549. Trust me, I'm an engineer.
  550. Found some classic Nicktoons wrapping paper (:
  551. Dapper AF
  552. Practice and progress
  553. [OC] Dunkin' Donuts by my house doesn't open for 3 more days. The local cops have a g
  554. This wooden bench.
  555. Crossing Golden Bay
  556. As a photographer, my favorite gig is still capturing proposals. This is my good frie
  557. Last week my son did this to his little sister (top left). Yesterday ALL his sisters
  558. This explains how I've gotten this far in life.
  559. Cell phone pic while at work. Htc m9, in hdr mode. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I w
  560. Hey fellas, got room for one more?
  561. So awesome. Best gas station sighting ever.
  562. Christmas in New Orleans
  563. Some street art in London
  564. An active nuclear reactor.
  565. Disney needs to calm the fuck down
  566. Helped this guy at work today.
  567. Half a moon
  568. He wanted a picture at the peak
  569. Waterfall, Jamaica
  570. Did my friend piss his pants? Nope, it's just the reflection of the chairs in the roo
  571. Disney is still not calming the fuck down, mate.
  572. Murder Mittens
  573. My dad texts me and says my dog went missing, 20 minutes later he sends me this.
  574. Happy Holidays watering tree.
  575. My cat posed for a Christmas picture
  576. Islamaphobia 101
  577. 'One Mug to rule them all and with a dark ale bind them'
  578. Cat. Sunlight. Sunday. Wood. Plants.
  579. This guy in our town recreated the Christmas Vacation lights on his house. He even ha
  580. Red-tailed hawk
  581. Disney really is going too far...
  582. Pac Man Tree in Madrid
  583. Touché.
  584. Friends handmade ugly Christmas sweaters
  585. Disney has absolutely ZERO plans to calm the fuck down
  586. 'Stained wall' street art
  587. Note to self: be present
  588. Exceptionally small Japanese apartment
  589. Could I ask a few seconds of your time to make a young kid happy?
  590. Disney... Calm the fuck down
  591. When Worlds Collide?
  592. Hippo and Butterfly
  593. This is Gary. He doesn't belong to us. Gary doesn't give a fuck.
  594. Weird/Cool Spider Web
  595. My 13 year old brother drew this with a felt tip pen. So proud!
  596. Oranges? We Forget so Easily...
  597. This is what Conor McGreggor won in 13 seconds
  598. Mmm, tastes like regular
  599. Caught the sunset in Seattle today.
  600. Milky
  601. First picture ever taken of the cast of That 70s Show
  602. Reddit's server farm right now
  603. Church turned into a skate park.
  604. Giant Isopod (kitten for scale)
  605. Burn victim girl who asked the Internet for Christmas cards poses with her mountain o
  606. Russian Reddit, what is this hunk of metal I found and what does it say?
  607. I like to draw children's book animals. What do you guys think?
  608. Something I wasn't expecting to see on my way to work this morning.
  609. A not so common clear night/aurora combo on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
  610. Coming Home for Christmas...Perfectly Cozy Stone 1776 Georgian Colonial Farmhouse (De
  611. Do you want to build a death star?
  612. Layers of paint
  613. I think Saint Nicholas was a Klingon.....
  614. Awesome ship and moon
  615. Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, at 40 years old ...
  616. My wife submitted this to a "Holiday Bloopers" photo contest.
  617. This guy sold his trunk to pay for his kids' school. Years later, the grown kids mana
  618. Every time I sit down I have a visitor.
  619. This chicken isn't fucking around!
  620. Someone's declutter game is weak
  621. The Strahov Monastery Library
  622. Cleaning crew of the airport in Barcelona is on strike...
  623. An abandoned ferris wheel in Pripyat, Ukraine
  624. Antarctica as seen from unusual satellite orbit.
  625. Blue Bayou
  626. Lava croissant
  627. Discovering the under cover cops
  628. Good ol' red, white, and blue at work
  629. My mom has been struggling with depression for the past year. She's just started reso
  630. Independence day in Moscow
  631. Woke up to a tank outside my house.
  632. Roy
  633. Welcome sign at Marine Corps Air Station
  634. Photo was taken at the time when José Mujica was President of Uruguay, waiting his tu
  635. My family's Christmas photo this year
  636. Mick Foley's daughter Noelle
  637. A building shaped like crystals.
  638. A sign outside a church in Canada
  639. Tea Time
  640. This teacher was fired after students found racy pictures of her online.
  641. Mediterranean woman
  642. My dog found a bagel and now they're inseparable.
  643. A swirly rock.
  644. Recycling.
  645. We had two cans. Man, I'm glad my girlfriend is smart enough to label these.
  646. This is the Ambassador Wolf from last week. I wanted to show you what he looks like n
  647. I'll take the worst seat in the house.
  648. This is the saddest photo I've ever taken.
  649. OP Delivers
  650. A homeless man put up a Christmas tree.
  651. The Architect' by Erik Johansson really confuses my mind!
  652. This happens only in Israel
  653. Game of snowflakes
  654. A boy saving a baby deer from flood waters.
  655. My friend that lives part time in the Philippines took this and said this is "everyda
  656. Southwest flight skids off taxiway in Nashville
  657. Episode VII has really brought Mark Hamill's youthfulness back.
  658. I spent two nights in a 5 billion star hotel in Cordoba, Argentina.
  659. Owl be seeing you in Copenhagen.
  660. Now THAT'S a selfie
  661. A man sharing lunch with his canine.
  662. First attempt at wood burning, in progress
  663. This is Harley. We hunt together.
  664. The Grand Canyon currently has 6 inches of snow.
  665. A massive piece of Jade.
  666. Our dog Zoe died giving birth to her first litter as did most of her puppies :( . But
  667. 31 of us went dressed like this to the Star Wars midnight show. Here we are with Asia
  668. Couple married for nearly 65 years pass away on the same day, 6 hours apart, each wit
  669. An inspirational life transformation: this girl went from having an eating disorder t
  670. Time Flies
  671. Difference Between a Suit That Fits and One That Doesn't.
  672. How to tell if you are in the ghetto
  673. Gas station in the ghetto
  674. You know who else had 6 inches of Snow?
  675. Left my door open and fell asleep. This is what I woke up to. I don't own a cat.
  676. Am i doing r/foodporn right?
  677. "My dearest Gertrude, I pray this note finds thee well..."
  678. My wife is a Harry Potter freak, and her co-worker is an artist/Alan Rickman freak. T
  679. The downside of measuring twice, cutting once.
  680. Ouch. The side of divorce no one talks about.
  681. Tornado
  682. What it's like buying liquor in the ghetto
  683. I met a tiny baby elephant.
  684. Life size car "model" kit
  685. You can't beat this horse
  686. What it takes to be an undersea cable.
  687. Oh Nature
  688. Dandelion preserved in resin.
  689. This is my friend... she looks like Emma Watson
  690. Irish woman finds a complete stranger from Sweden who looks IDENTICAL
  691. ...
  692. This is the orchid mantis
  693. Albino water turtle
  694. Lion Sleeping On The Tree
  695. Budget Star Wars costumes me and my friends made and wore to the the force awakens sc
  696. Took a solo trip to the beach for the sunset. It did not disappoint.
  697. The "Dam busters". A group of pilots tasked with special missions, such as skipping b
  698. "Typical Morning in India" via my dad today
  699. The result of my town banning gasoline leaf blowers.
  700. Trees sprouted on top of abandoned chimneys
  701. Mother and Foal
  702. Karma's a bitch
  703. In honor of Star Wars coming out today, here is a picture of Carrie Fisher holding my
  704. Sleeping on top of a Defender... Travelling Solo in Iceland.
  705. A reptile education and rescue center shared this picture
  706. Millennium Falcon in house conditions
  707. Panoramic shot gone wrong
  708. Half Sheared Sheep
  709. Decided to pull over and take a long exposure in the middle of New Mexico the other n
  710. Fox News Homeless Man
  711. Must be a universal "i'm a rich dbag smile"
  712. Striped iceberg
  713. found vintage Pepsi advertising under my old grocery store
  714. We got married in Ireland - this is my favorite picture from the day.
  715. Caught this little guy staring me down...
  716. I'm the guy who's office decided to say 'fuck it' last year. We decided to do it agai
  717. Sword found on Oak Island suggests ancient mariners set foot on the New World before
  718. A villager from Transylvania.
  719. I painted a little Ewok with watercolors in celebration of tonight!
  720. The happiest moment of my life happened Christmas '96
  721. Landlords bought this dragon sculpture, it's in my front yard and that's my new view
  722. I took this photo back in the late 90's. Right after this pic was taken he wrote on a
  723. The Real hypocrisy and Irony on this subreddit.
  724. My mom made wine glasses to give to her friends for the holidays. Her spacing was a l
  725. My friends egg is reminding her she rocked the semester
  726. I love my secret Santa gift
  727. You never know what you'll come across at the art museum.
  728. A standee in the movie theater said to take a pic in Deadpool's lap...I took it a dif
  729. Stormtrooper waits to finish his shift as a Starbucks barista to go see the Star Wars
  730. Having just lost my best friend, I just want to remind pet owners
  731. Raspberries make grape beards
  732. Me and my cat's Christmas card was deemed "sacrilegious" by a few people. What do you
  733. Patrick Stewart at an event (by Michael Kovac)
  734. My flatmate made these chocolates, but is too shy to post. They are amazing!
  735. I see your cool business card and raise you mine
  736. Girlfriend and I went as Han and slave Leia for the premiere. I think we nailed it.
  737. I paint toilet seats for fun. I think this one of "Ice Cube" turned out pretty good.
  738. Christmas in Buffalo, NY, 1909. colorized by me
  739. My cat loves his new bed
  740. A co-worker of mine with down syndrome makes me a card every Christmas.
  741. I met an imperial tie fighter at the Force Awakens!
  742. Snow glasses
  743. Clearly defined job roles
  744. They normally try to act cool and as if they don't like each ....
  745. I made a pneumatic air gun
  746. Very photogenic pig
  747. This is Zaevion Dobson. He was killed during a gang shooting when he jumped on top of
  748. Someone over there just got Raptured
  749. A majestic herd of Musk ox.
  750. My local supermarket provides child parking.
  751. My sister got a new pup, he doesn't like to sleep at night and I got this at 3 AM a f
  752. Instead of a traditional gingerbread house, my wife and I made the cottage from The H
  753. Maths + Xmas =
  754. Over the past 2 years I've been collecting old surfboards and re-purposing them as ar
  755. Just moved into a new snooty neighborhood. This letter was in my mailbox when I came
  756. Darth Leia
  757. A woman with Piebaldism who passed the trait along to her daughter.
  758. "Does your hair feel like my hair?"
  759. Can I keep my head there?
  760. This Lamborghini.
  761. I guess the ice won today
  762. Julie is a bitch.
  763. Me in October 1977 and December 2015
  764. The best handwriting I've ever seen!
  765. John Mulaney Is Jealous of My Ride
  766. This was my little buddy who we lost after 11 years. I wanted to share his smile with
  767. Starting work early has its perks.
  768. Did a free 3D print give away for my local subreddit, this was the first print reques
  769. Vandalism in my small town
  770. Lindsey is also a bitch
  771. Adulthood. former student drew this / i got it as a 26th birthday gift.
  772. Officer Hippo Giving a Warning
  773. Help me understand what My secret Santa sent me!
  774. Ice covered lighthouse
  775. Aurora Borealis in the shape of a wolf. Taken in Pajala, Sweden
  776. 58,000 dog tags hanging in the Polk county National Veterans Art Museum.
  777. Christmas Tree ... Check!
  778. Party Hard
  779. Did someone say we were allowed a formulas sheet?
  780. New highway with water overpass in the Netherlands
  781. UPS gets really busy during the Holiday season apparently.
  782. After months of excitement I took my kids to see Star Wars. A few minutes into the fi
  783. The Christmas tree in downtown Syracuse, NY
  784. 50 Santa Claus stealthily dodge a live security team in the abandoned Concorde Engine
  785. The Force Awakens
  786. Neil Peart's drum set
  787. Ever since I left the North Pole YOU
  788. A cabin in the woods caked in snow
  789. This guy was straight up grading papers before Star Wars. I'm impressed.
  790. Oh Canada.
  791. Three in a Boot on a Tree
  792. I was born and raised in Ghana. The last time I literally saw my mother was 11 years
  793. Earthrise- New High-Resolution released by NASA
  794. Rudolph!?
  795. Rainbow hair
  796. My girlfriend had a portrait of my dog, Brewster, painted.
  797. Perfect time for a picture.
  798. Please make sure the paint on your C-3PO costume is dry before you sit down
  799. Cards Against Humanity is pretty fucking awesome
  800. Nobody would have believed me if I said "I saw a flying tyrannosaurus on the way home
  801. Casual Friday?
  802. My future* father-in-law's handmade* Christmas* card
  803. Fallout water
  804. Cher aged 26 in NYC - 1972 (Xpost r/OldSchoolCoolMusic)
  805. Aurora Borealis in the vague shape of the Bat Signal.
  806. Obama after retirement
  807. Malala
  808. Stopped into a Chinese restaurant to sit down for dinner and a little Chinese boy has
  809. I handed these out to my coworkers. Hope they like them.
  810. U.S Special Forces
  811. I thought I found a glitch in the Matrix today. Turned out to be a single spider thre
  812. Caught the Wongs at NASA today trying to catch a ride back to Mars
  813. So I made a gingerbread Millennium Falcon...
  814. Keeping Christmas Safe
  815. This guy sits at my gym playing chess, reminding people to not forget the most import
  816. Pallasite Meteorite.
  817. A photo I took on my phone in Zion National Park today.
  818. Definitely worth saving
  819. Ran into this fellow cook in NYC after a catering gig.
  820. A few months ago dad wanted to upload a YouTube video teaching the world how to chop
  821. So I noticed that Donald Trump was in Home Alone 2...
  822. His wife and son went into the theatre and sat in seats while he sat in the very back
  823. Are you sure about Cards Against Humanity?
  824. My Ugly Christmas Sweater Idea
  825. At my local cinema, possibly the saddest display for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  826. A day at the beach
  827. A bird, a lady
  828. Kurdish woman fighting ISIS
  829. Christmas came early for me today.
  830. This is a 3D painting via layers of resin.
  831. Looks like just another dead fish, until you realize those are grizzly bears standing
  832. They say that 90% of an iceberg is below the water's surface. So I guess you could sa
  833. Horse chandelier
  834. National Geographic escalator ad
  835. Socially awkward toilet paper
  836. My little town
  837. Someone got towed for parking illegally..
  838. These three owls in my front yard
  839. Current events lead me to posting one my childhood's greatest feats.
  840. I only have eyes for you...
  841. Amazing colored pencil chameleon
  842. Friends help
  843. Be careful what you wish for
  844. They told him not to blink.
  845. Einstein Mural in West Palm Beach
  846. Nice.
  847. Chillin'
  848. I think I gave some guy an aneurysm at the theater last night.
  849. Top of the 747 where the space shuttle is mounted.
  850. I got close and personal with some Chiang Mai elephants
  851. A few months ago dad wanted to make a YouTube video showing the world how he chops wo
  852. Found a picture in a scrap book of one of my school pictures that I took with a Spide
  853. This is how you dump tea at -40c
  854. Good Samaritan
  855. A message from the World's Greatest Postal Worker, on the last Saturday before Christ
  856. Someone puked in our apt lobby. My landlord had a practical solution.
  857. Hilary Trump
  858. From 85kg/187lbs Down to 61kg/135lbs in approx 1.4 Years. Feels good!
  859. My 94 year old grandpa
  860. The mojave high desert in all it's glory.
  861. My mom just sent me this picture of her Christmas cookies.....
  862. 4chan's /lit top 100 book list
  863. Who needs Drugs
  864. I decided to be my own awkward family
  865. My mom being a clown
  866. The card that Steve Harvey misread
  867. Pencil Drawing
  868. I took a picture of Jupiter. It's terrible, but it's mine.
  869. Bad Luck Brian came into my Chipotle today.
  870. No one wanted to see The Force Awakens in costume with me, so I dressed up Solo.
  871. The House That Passed On to me From My Ancestors.
  872. I'm Satan. Ask me anything
  873. Sign in a 7/11 owned by a Sikh man.
  874. New Artwork
  875. NYC at Night from the Air
  876. My majestic girlfriend poking a llama in front of a rainbow at Machu Picchu.
  877. My 2nd attempt at painting using Bob Ross's wet on wet technique
  878. A better threat than a fine
  879. Stuck to a urinal in a French bar
  880. This penny is 153 years old.
  881. Zoomed in on my tree, long exposure. I just wanted a tree with frickin' laser beams a
  882. This horse has beautiful hair
  883. Gingerbread Optimus Prime girl is back with her new creation!
  884. Massive sea turtle washed up on the beach of my hometown
  885. Octopus gate
  886. Stained glass R2 lampshade
  887. 3D printed Mercedes rim
  888. Ozzy Osbourne, 1974
  889. Newly printed copy of the Constitution of Ireland!
  890. Christmas decorations outside Australian Embassy in Washington DC
  891. Mt Fuji majestically carves through clouds
  892. Department store in Aarhus, Denmark
  893. My Second Edition Mini Museum arrived!
  894. Friends cat is ready for Star Wars.
  895. There are two kinds of people: those who play paintball for fun, and those who win
  896. What happens when you take the Ring Bearer's smoothie away (Credit to Ryan Brenizer)
  897. Made some Fifth Element stones as a Christmas gift.
  898. Miss Thailand's epic tuk-tuk dress
  899. A school of hungry koi
  900. Christmas card that was on Pan Am Flight 103, 27 years ago today. My parents received
  901. Behind A Frozen Waterfall
  902. No Need To Put A Star On The Top Of The Tree Now
  903. SpaceX just successfully landed a rocket booster!
  904. Wolfpack: The first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to entire pack so they
  905. Zoomed out on my tree while my daughter was decorating.
  906. Cockatoos mourn their deceased friend
  907. Today I hit the -45 lb. mark and found my wedding dress! (F/28/5'9, 228 > 183 = 45)
  908. I found a ripped up Christmas card on the train, so I put all the pieces back togethe
  909. My Cousins Made a Pretty Great Christmas Card this Year
  910. I went shopping during my lunch break. He went shopping after work.
  911. My grandfather was super proud to show me the Statue of Liberty he created.
  912. I made some Calvin and Hobbes Christmas presents.
  913. The Dragon Snake: One of the worlds rarest snakes
  914. New evidence shows small rodent like mammals not only thrived after the extinction of
  915. Desert living in the modern age.
  916. My veteran grandpa passed away last year and we have no clue what this patch is for.
  917. My first attempt at shooting the moon.
  918. I found a ripped up 3x5 card in my garbage, so I put all the pieces back together...
  919. Charmander birthday cake
  920. My parents collected sand in the places they went during the last 5 years, here's the
  921. It's so cold in China right now that a zoo in Chengdu had to supply the penguins with
  922. a truck spilled its load of carbon dioxid in my hometown
  923. Page 2 of 2. :|
  924. After one of my coworkers came out, this is how our boss decorated his cubicle for th
  925. This is one of the very first drawings of the Harry Potter characters made by JK Rowl
  926. Winter has come
  927. Full English
  928. The Strahov Monastery Library
  929. 'Stained wall' street art
  930. Are you serious?
  931. Wintertime in Germany
  932. This tattoo gives me a headache
  933. Close friends
  934. I have lived in North East England for 23 years. I have never seen even a hint of the
  935. Cool hat my uncle made out of wood
  936. I work for Starbucks and one of their benefits is free stock for their employees. Aft
  937. The cake is a lie
  938. Someone Took A Picture Inside A Glacier
  939. My son was REALLY excited to see Santa.
  940. creepily seductive christmas blow up
  941. I live in a very conservative hic town in the middle of Alberta. I could not have see
  942. Sometimes going for it doesn't pay off...
  943. He just needs to work on the beard.
  944. Thank god I read the allergy advice before making my sandwich
  945. A Very Amazon Christmas
  946. Couldn't find our new puppy...heard uncontrollable laughter from upstairs...found thi
  947. I made my boyfriend a lightsaber from scratch for Christmas!
  948. I had to silently walk up a scaffolding around a church at 4 AM to get this shot. The
  949. About a year ago after a bad breakup I moved out alone, when the neighbor girls heard
  950. Penguins are ... well from Hell I guess
  951. Vertigo-inducing tile floor
  952. this graffiti is relatable
  953. Earth is kinda beautiful.
  954. Looks like he had fun in the parking lot
  955. How the English language has evolved over the last 1000 years
  956. Gingerbread Iron Throne
  957. The Moment when you plan to wash your car before holidays and someone ruins it for yo
  958. Had some pizza delivered. They sent their cutest delivery guy.
  959. Roman Bath
  960. Frog finds a place to chill
  961. Perfect Smiling Face as it should be
  962. Luzon woman, Philippines (c. 1870-1914).
  963. If Asia had a Venice
  964. SnowWOman
  965. My friends parents force her and her siblings to have a picture with Santa every year
  966. My son was also REALLY happy to see Santa.
  967. I put my Goonies shirt over my kids head while he was wearing a skeleton hoodie. The
  968. Had to force feed my coworkers before they left today so I could finally start my sew
  969. I've found a new kind of stupid
  970. Winter wonderland.
  971. Snail Eating Strawberry
  972. Mother is an English teacher. Got this as a gift today from a student.
  973. Christmas pencil carvings
  974. I live next to Zoidberg
  975. Afghan refugee Iaiba Hazrat, aged 6, at a slum on the outskirts of Pakistan’s capital
  976. Rusted Wreck
  977. Missile Toe
  978. R.I.P. Batteries. Gone but not forgotten.
  979. I hand painted skull vodka for my employee's.
  980. As you may have heard, the west coast mountains have received a bit of snow. Here is
  981. Deforestation in the shape of a tree.
  982. Made from chicken wire
  983. So the CC was on for the fireplace channel....
  984. I'm obsessed with patterns and textiles. This our Christmas card this year
  985. My 6-year-old brought this home from school. I am impressed.
  986. Damn GMOs
  987. 4 year old cousin made a cookie "from that website I'm always on".
  988. My kitchen cupboard after my Asian GF moved in
  989. You're a monster, I'm never eating a green, unmarked candy cane again.
  990. Behold! I made a thing
  991. I'm a new dad. Am I doing this right?
  992. You know how some people carry around medical alert cards with their medical informat
  993. This is how I decorated my cubicle
  994. Every death in the Game of Thrones series, tabbed
  995. It's going to be a solid Christmas Eve
  996. Devil's Punchbowl Falls
  997. Amongst giants.
  998. Hawk brought down a drone
  999. Doing camo right
  1000. Metal to the end...